Mobile app development | Things to consider when developing mobile apps

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Said Jeff Rich once.

While starting work on an app we wish to make great, fun filled & superbly usable apps. But while starting work on an app do we plan to make great, fun filled & superbly usable apps? If we do, we can try and improve and share our knowledge but if we don’t already we really need to start the planning, and to plan we need to consider a few things.

Secure Coding: A Must for App Development

In the current era of mobility, Mobile Applications have grown into a powerful platform of productivity and fun. Mobile apps have turned into incredibly amazing tool for users , for everything including shopping , entertainment , education and healthcare too. It is making our lives a lot easier, is not it?

But to achieve all this, apps rely on user’s data which can be personal like contacts and photos and also can be risky to share like financial or payment information. And that creates the flip side of the story – on one hand where Mobile apps are offering the convenience to us , they are becoming the potential target for hacking. Hackers and crackers are working hard daily to use these apps for phishing the user data or for installing the malwares.

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