Top 15 Technology Trends for 2020

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1960 TV shows like The Jtsons predicted that the 21st century would be full of airborne robots, flying cars, and whatnot!  On 21st October 2015, Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox, in Back to the Future Part 2) traveled to a future which captured the imagination of millions. But, now we live in the era of live streaming, social channels, smartphone, but not flying cars! Within the short span of 10 years or maybe less, service apps like Lyft, Uber, DoorDash, and Airbnb can be found on almost everybody’s device. The talking machines like Alexa, Siri have become part of our daily routines, and it would be naive for anybody to claim that we haven’t changed in a decade. But it doesn’t end here. 

The technology is roaring loud now!

At the beginning of the millennium, IT was primarily concerned about Y2K – Oh no, the clocks and zeroes!  When the clocking was striking 12 in 2000, we were totally unaware of Twitter, iPhone, 4k, 5G, Facebook, and all other fun things. 

So, how do we know what this new decade holds in its womb?

Today, in this article, we are going to walk you through some of the most amazing technology trends that are or will be making their stronghold in the upcoming times. Intrigued? Come on, let’s dive in together!


1. Green Innovations would no longer be a Hype! 

In this era, people will no longer be satisfied with the empty words or drop-in-the bucket or greenwashing. By using the combinations of IoT, AI, and big data for measuring consumption, and maintaining revenue streams while reducing carbon footprints would be the go-to-approach. The telco industry will be the foundation of the future of the economy and shall drive real changes across various sectors of society. Companies, especially in Europe, would be moving towards sourcing 100% renewable electricity, which lays the ground for climatic neutral business operations. In the tech space, we shall witness more generous private and public funding in the eco-friendly startups.

2. Tech Marriages- Arranged or Love?

The collaboration of IoT, AI, and AI will create world-changing platforms. A widespread launch of 5G technology is one thing that is a sure shot gift of the year 2020. Mobile service providers are going to keep the capacity and speed at the center, but the real magic would come up from behind the curtains. 

The beautiful combination of these cutting edge technologies would result in amazing innovations like Network Slicing and Network Function Virtualization. The rising number of IoT devices will enable more advanced emergency services and remote investigations.

3. eSIMs are taking off! 

e-SIM technology shall be a new common in both the company related IoT and consumer electronics. Consumers can easily activate and change subscriptions without having to pick it up from a store or waiting for it to arrive by mail. Though the digital subscriptions are available today, the commercial launch of e-sim quickens the transition from physical retail to the digital one. In the upcoming time, we can expect numerous eSIM services in the market. 

4. Quantum Computing is commercialized 

Popularly known as the quantum computing era, it shall target the significant problems in the industry like energy and healthcare. The ability to handle big data would be very much required in nuclear energy control, DNA analysis, and cancer treatment. Corporations like Google, IBM, Microsoft, Alibaba have all moved to quantum computing.

5. Digital Twinning is actually the digital winning

Not confined to 2020, digital twinning would go mainstream in the upcoming years. Digital twins, is nothing but a required toolkit for planning, developing, operating, and monitoring infrastructures and assets. They are the replica of a specific physical entity like a building, city, road, or simply a car. The twin is continually modified with the real-time data and is dependent upon the widespread adoption of sensors and other tools. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are utilized for predicting and prescribing actions that can be implemented on the physical twin.

6. Second-hand is our new “smart” 

These days many people have grown concerned about the uncontrolled costs of a new high-end smart device and the climatic impact of making a new device. Metal extraction for making smartphones has a significant effect on the carbon footprint. Although there isn’t a lot of influence on the environment due to smartphone production, but the UN claims that there is 80% of a smartphone’s carbon footprint, 16% from lifetime usage, and 4% from transportation. Considering the climatic factors, people are likely to use their existing smartphones or buy a slightly used one, which shall keep on growing.

7. Democratization of Technology

Democratization is just like its divisor- Democracy. In it, everyone has equal rights and responsibilities. This implies everybody can easily access the technical domain regardless of their place and profession. There are four critical aspects required for the democratization of technology trends- 

The finest example of this advancement can be credited to developers who would be able to create data models without having to acquire the skills of a data scientist. 

However, the future of this IT trend is still uncertain. People can easily exploit these easy-to-use tools, which may prove to be threatening for society.

8. The age of DARQ is here

DARQ- an abbreviated form for Distributed Ledger Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Extended Reality (which includes VR and AR), and Quantum Computing is one trend that deserves emphasis here. Whatever, as an organization, you are approaching, be it training, hiring, retention- must take DARQ into account. For instance, Volkswagen is already cashing out one of the major tech trends of this year. It utilized Quantum Computing for testing traffic flow optimization and accelerating battery development. The organization is also examining distributed ledgers for creating tamper-proof odometers, providing automatic payments at gas stations, and protecting cars from hackers. Similarly, it also utilizes AR instructions to assist the service employees in repairing vehicles. 

Hence, integrate DAR Q into your business operations as its existence is for sure beyond 2020.

9. Relevance of Personal Profiling 

Digitization is so deeply integrated into people’s lives that the result- data analytics has gathered so much information for analysis that we can’t even imagine. Every business has made consumer analytics a top priority for which they are profiling consumers by analyzing the manner the consumers interact with the technology in hand. To examine the spending patterns, the following questions can be asked:

  • How do they curate their social profiles?
  • Which social media channels they use the most?
  • What places do they check on social media?
  • What kind of pictures do they post?

The whole point is for businesses to adapt to the individual’s behaviors into the latest technology. Gillette is one such company that has partnered with the Formlabs, a 3D printing startup for offering customized razor designs. Despite having a bright future, the personal profiling trend poses a blazing question- where is the consent of the consumer in designing a personal profile, and where is the line of acceptance?

The answer is yet unknown. Wait for it to get deployed everywhere, and see what it results in!

10. Time is of Momentary Market

The real-time opportunity of capturing momentary markets will transform the face of advertising and customer analytics in ways that would be hard to imagine. As digitization gets more narrow down towards an exclusive reality of every passing moment, the trends shall align more towards the on-demand and customized experience for fulfilling customer requirements. 

For this, companies will have to combine real-time analytics skills with the robust back-end system for capturing the continually altering users’ needs. Coupling this with the continually updating digital demographics for businesses to discover the unmet customer requirements. 

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11. Driverless Driving- this is no wonder!  

You all must have heard of big names like Alphabet, Tesla, and Waymo. The one thing that is similar to in all of them is their goal of crafting impeccable autonomous vehicles. The idea of driverless cars is fascinating. The chief of Tesla Elon Musk has the designs of autonomous vehicles for the future and targets to go high in the market. Automated braking, lane changing, and other such functions are on the way of being streamlined with the guidance of data analytics. However, as per Mike Ramsey (Grtner analyst) said, “The idea of having a vehicle that can make complex decisions for full self-driving is just not feasible at this point.”

Still, there is time for the laws modulation supporting autonomous driving. In addition to that, major changes are required in the existing laws, infrastructure, social attitudes, and laws before autonomous vehicles would be embraced. But all these factors can’t single out the possibility of the driverless vehicles shortly.

12. Digitized Payments- We already use this one 

Libra, Facebook’s cryptocurrency project is expected to be wholly fished out and in synchronization with the government regulations by this year. As cryptocurrencies gain better credibility and digitized payment systems like Amazon Pay and Google Pay grow in usability, traditional banking may lose its ground by a significant proportion. Traditional banking is essential, but the companies would have to carve out an adoption strategy for raising the digital transaction sources. After all, it is no coincidence that the Banks like Bank of America are acquiring blockchain patents!

13. The Empowered Edge 

Edge computing is an infrastructure in which information processing, content gathering, and delivery are placed closer to the repositories of the information. It keeps the traffic local for reducing latency, exploiting the abilities of edge, and enabling greater autonomy at the edge. The edge computing shall be the most dominant determinant across all the industries. Complex edge devices like drones, robots, and operational systems will be accelerating this shift massively. But technology trends for 2020 is not just a bed of flowers! There is another side of the coin as well-

14. Should you or should you not trust?

Many people have now started realizing the fact that free social media services and searches are not free. They are going to doubt everything online, and these trust issues are only going to intensify in upcoming years. Social media companies are now under constant scrutiny. Trust is the core of any relationship. Most of the users share so much of their info that they don’t even do with their doctors. The majority of the people in markets as diverse as India, Norway, Ireland still believe that these online services are free. Instead, they don’t realize that these popular channels are trading their data for tailored advertisements. 

In the near future, we believe that the customers would only keep their trust in the hands of companies who have an independent line of revenue from our personal data.

15. Dirty Data or Fake News? 

This term, Dirty Data would be used to question the credibility of AI predictions. With a huge amount of data and advanced analytics, machines can easily make decisions. But what if this data or the derived conclusions are inaccurate or compromised? Perhaps, then these derived decisions would be termed as illegal or flawed. 

Soon, “Dirty Data” may also be known as the “Fake News.” The decisions from AI and Ml algorithms will be questionable by the public. The data science community is very well aware of this challenge and are working hard to ensure the quality of data. But the main question comes up in between all this is- Whether the practitioners would be able to maintain pace as the new data is generated at a higher speed, or not?


2020 doesn’t End here!

Blockchain, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, are no longer the words of the future. Instead, they are very much present in our tech-inclined world. Today, in this read, we have gone a step beyond (the regular IT trends) and listed the impact these technologies are going to have and what all innovations may we get to witness in the upcoming days. The list doesn’t end here; there is a lot more that this IT world has to offer! It’s high time for companies to embrace these changes with open arms, else in this ever-changing world- there would be left nothing but their traces.

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