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Client's Profile

Poni is a banking product sponsored by 'Ictineo', a regulated Mexican financial institution, and managed by 'Poni Dinero al Instante, S.A. de C.V. (Poni Dinero)'. The Poni technology allows money receivers to make instant withdrawals from ATMs in Mexico funds which have been sent to them by money senders. This way, Poni allows people who don't have a bank account to pay for various repetitive expenses like, buying groceries or paying tuition or to respond in case of an emergency.

Technology Stack

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Industry Introduction

The backbone of every economy is its banking sector. The flow of cash between institutions and individuals, the perpetual process of making and receiving payments, is what keeps a country running. And with digitization coming in every sector, the banking sector has been taking prominent steps in this area as well. Now, we no longer have to depend on cash payments, expensive money transfer agencies, and slow bank transfers. We can make money transfers using numerous secure mobile and web apps, which handle the security of your private and banking details with great care. These online payment platforms install various security measures in their products which help them in storing your personal and transaction details in the most unbreachable manner possible. And as the technologies on which this new era of banking sector hinges sophisticate with time and we start creating better smartphones and find even more secure ways to store user data, the online-banking sector is sure to undergo many positive changes, as well.

Key Expectations

  • Create a user-friendly and easy to navigate UI
  • Develop Access Control module to add new users on various tiers of the in-office hierarchy
  • Create User Authentication module
  • Develop secure Poni cash card registration module
  • Develop a streamlined Inquiry module
  • Create a clean and sorted Report Generation module

Key Achievements

  • Developed a secure and user-friendly back-end environment for the Poni platform
  • Created neat ACL module which streamlines the user management process
  • Successful product delivery before the deadline
  • Continued maintenance & support services