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Client's Profile

Matellio created TennisPPC as a platform to cater to all sports-specific demands of tennis players. The website uses process-oriented analytical data to offer strong coaching experience to the players by experienced coaches. Its core functional characteristics like goal setting, training plans, lesson logs, and other visual tools keep players organized and motivated during the game.

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Technology Stack

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Industry Introduction

Tennis as a sport involves several aspects of performance such as strength, power, endurance, agility, speed and coordination. The game requires high level of mental, physical and technical training. A balanced tennis training program can help players prevent injury. The success of a player begins with the coach, as they emphasize not just on the matches played but also highlight foundational characteristics like work ethics, commitment to a training plan, personal accountability and goal setting.

Key Expectations

  • Options to recognize and reward players with highest Growth Potential Rating (GPR)
  • Options for coaches to analyze players' score and rating and review performance
  • Offer coaching experience using process-oriented analytical data
  • Options to add/view training log and search for new coach
  • Use of PayPal as secure payment gateway

Key Achievements

  • Excellent website development within constraint timeframe
  • Successful user interface and positive feedback from the client
  • Seamless quality of user engagement
  • Continued support and expansion of the project