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Looking for a highly scalable distributed ledger technology suiting your organization’s needs? Avail our experienced Blockchain Development team for building seamless crypto applications with fantastic features.

What is Open chain?

OpenChain, an open-source distributed ledger technology, offers unified APIs for building secured crypto applications. This technology finely tunes with the companies wishing to manage digital assets in a robust, safe, and adaptable manner. All the transactions on a ledger are digitally signed, like with Bitcoin. And the ledger runs on a set of rules that are defined by admin.


Highly Scalable

Digitally Signed

Instant Confirmation

Open Chain Features & Functionality

The technology is powered with several robust features.

No Mining Fees

In an OpenChain network, all the transactions are validated in real-time by admin instead of miners, and hence no mining fee is involved at all.

Multiple Control levels

An OpenChain network solution offers no restrictions for opening a ledger, and the admin will approve the participants of a Close-loop ledger.

Digital Signatures

Digital Signatures are allocated to all the transactions for binding the digital data to the ledger, which in return, secures the OpenChain solutions.


OpenChain creates an immutable record of transactions, which means that no modification is permitted once the data has been added to the ledger.


OpenChain allows you to define complex hierarchies of accounts with different set permissions at various levels to fit your business needs.


OpenChain doesn’t have any central ledger. Instead, there are multiple specialized ledgers run by various companies, with a different set of rules.

What is the Open Chain Development Process at Matellio?



Matellio helps in estimating the potential of an OpenChain solution for your company. We will do the R&D, and prioritize the right toolkit for the solution.


We believe in delivering precise designs with seamless user experience. The design contains database designs, technical components definition, and user stories.


Our experts at Matellio are here to assist you in each and every stage of the OpenChain development journey and deliver the product meeting your expectations bar.


Have access to the platform at the right stage. Our OpenChain development team deploys the solution on-premise or on the cloud, depending upon requirements.


Matellio provides support and maintenance for the management of new OS releases. Also, our team is here to support you at any stage, whenever needed.


Matellio will help in the creation of a roadmap for testing, migration, and updation of the project development, as we don’t believe in any downtime.


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Frequently Asked Question

OpenChain does come under the Blockchain, but it’s not exactly similar. We can rather call it a close cousin of the Blockchain. OpenChain doesn’t have the concept of blocks like Blockchain. Instead, the transactions are directly chained with each other, and hence we can term it as a transaction chain.

Yes, multi-signature is supported in the OpenChain network. Permissions are expressed availing a number of signatures, and a list of public keys.

No, you don’t have to be. Our team is very well-versed in dealing with both tech and non-tech clients.

Before developing a project, we sign an NDA contract with our clients ensuring the confidentiality of a project idea.

Yes, we provide support post-launch of the project.

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