About Birth Dayte

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Birthdayte is an incredible app for those seeking universally compatible people. It acts as an instant connection medium between individuals who are most compatible according to their zodiac signs. With Birthdayte, a user receives a list of well-matched individuals as suggestions. They can filter their search through parameters such as age, gender, signs, etc. Not only this, it has a nearby functionality that enables you to discover the matches within a particular location. A built-in chat system of this app enables the users to connect with the each other to form a long-lasting relationship.

Industry Introduction

Dating has come a long way from merely being a blind date affair to finding a compatible match online. There are dating applications that enable users to find matches based on horoscope, geographical areas, likes/ dislikes, and lot more. It can be something casual or a real relationship that you are looking for, there is an app that makes the search easier for you by bringing almost every single person at your fingertips.

Design a website

Technology Stack

Language: JavaScript + Ionic ( iOS+Android )
Framework: AngularJS, Ionic 1
Database: MySQL
Development Tool: Visual Studio Code