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Conference Whiz is a conference listing and reviewing website also available on the Android and iOS platform. Users can sign up or log in using Facebook or LinkedIn to use the app/website. While LinkedIn users require to choose the Primary and Secondary industry the conference fall into, Facebook users need to update the industry manually. After login, users are directed to the Search Conference page where they can search the conferences they wish to attend. The filter feature enables the user to search for the conference according to keywords and industry. They can also add conferences by pasting its URL into the app. However, it needs to be approved by the admin panel. All related details are then generated and pre-filled on the Add Conference page. Other details like Location, Date, Time and Duration need to be manually filled by the user.

Industry Introduction

Conferences offer people a platform for social learning. It helps them pursue practical knowledge to solve professional problems and increase their effectiveness in their respective fields. It offers businesses the right time to bond and provides opportunities to make them grow. There are several websites available on the internet that act as one-stop-view for users to get notified and review about a various conference happening around the world.

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Technology Stack

Language... Swift, Java
Development Tools... Android Studio, X Code
Framework... CakePHP
Server... Amazon, EC2