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CS Loyalty is a reward-based shopping application that enables customers to make a purchase through Carmen Steffens eStore. The application benefits users by facilitating an easy reward points management and redeem them while making the next purchase. The excellent push notification feature of this app helps the shoppers to stay updated with upcoming offers and discounts. By maintaining a history of loyalty point redemption, the app is a comprehensive reward-tracking tool that offers prime user experience.

Industry Introduction

In the current device-driven age of texts, instant messengers, and social media, catching hold of user's attention can be a tricky task. Brands looking for establishing excellent customer loyalty are now moving towards mobile app strategies. Enabling great contextual data and personal connections, mobile apps offer a great way to reach the potential audience. They, thus, provide you with the capability to boost sales significantly while making ways for innovative methods to drive in more loyal customers.

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Technology Stack

Language: TypeScript + Ionic ( iOS+Android )
Framework: AngularJS, Ionic 3
Database: MySQL
Development Tool: Visual Studio Code
Web Services: REST API