About iLorry

GPS Tracking app
Logistic Solutions

iLorry is an emerging GPS-based logistics solutions provider that connects Indian shippers, fleet, and truck owners. This app can be used by shippers to book a goods carrying vehicle with a single tap. The booking request would go to fleet and truck owners in the vicinity for them to accept. The shippers, fleet and truck owners can further take advantage of all tracking features built into the app. After booking, the shippers can track the shipment and estimate the arrival time. Fleet and truck owners can also track the speed and path of the truck.

Industry Introduction

GPS systems have significantly transformed various facets of the transportation industry. Mobile app development realm enables some of the efficient businesses tools tailor-made to the user's need. They enable an extensive range of solutions that help you track and monitor fleet or crew on the go. These GPS-based solutions enable real-time vehicle tracking, schedule management, and also empower the travelers to plan their journey better.

Design a website

Technology Stack

Language: JavaScript + PHP (Web), Ionic ( iOS+Android )
Database: MySQL
Web Services: REST Api
Payment Gateway: ccAvenue
Server: Godaddy windows server
Others: Integration with Tracking Genie