About Nack

Elastic Bean Stalk

Nack is an instant dose of happiness functioning as a part of the food and beverage industry. It offers services in two categories. One can select any contact from his/her list accompanied by a few words of kindness and images via the app to send a cup of coffee to a friend. The recipient will also be encouraged to pay-it-forward to another friend. It also allows users to leave suspended coffees for complete strangers along with some happy thoughts and pictures. What is unique about this app is, one need not have a login id to explore it. One will only need it to redeem the coffee. The app is partnered with Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, and Brewed Awakenings Coffee House. Users can claim their gifts from any of these coffee outlets. The mobile app is available in both Objective C and Swift versions for iOS users.

Industry Introduction

Our morning cup of brewing coffee is the gateway to instant happiness. Caffeine has the power to stimulate the CNS which is linked to our creativity and impulsivity trait. The Internet has made the concept of spreading happiness with coffee all the more interesting. We can send the cup of coffee that we owe a colleague for getting work done, or order a surprise cup to help a friend get through a rough patch or simply to a stranger to bring a smile on his face with a quick tap on our smartphone.

App creator in USA

Technology Stack

Language... PHP, Objective C, Swift, Java
Framework... CakePHP
Database... MySQL
Development tools... XCode