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Swype Jobs is the Mobile App that re-defines the idea of job hunting by a less tedious and more profitable experience to the job seekers and the providers. It's is a job hunting and mobile employment application that runs on the iOS platform. This platform bridges the gap between the users and perfect jobs, and between recruiters and recruits. Job seekers can upload their requirements directly without disclosing their current job. Swype Jobs allows aspirants to Swype for jobs to indicate their interest and speak to providers directly through the in-app chat feature on receiving a positive response. The app allows the employers and employee with matched profiles to interact via online chat. The app allows 5 jobs posting per month to free members. The app uses in-app purchases for employers to sign up for a premium subscription with added advantages like visible contact details, free chat, and unlimited job posting.

Industry Introduction

The popularity of online job sites has revolutionized the recruitment scenario for both employers and job seekers today. Posting jobs on various portals and social networking sites bring in professional mobility as it helps employers reach out to a wide range of job seekers. It saves the connection times and increases efficiency for hiring decisions to take place. It allows people to search and apply for jobs at any time of the day. Many mobile apps also offer quick access to various vacancies by adding search filters like industry, experience, education, and city.

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Technology Stack

Language... Objective C
Development Tools... X Code