About Tennis PCC

Tennis training
training tracking tool

Tennis PPC is a platform that caters to the diverse sports-specific demands of tennis players with excellent efficiency. It is a training-tracking tool that facilitates the online player-coach interaction, in turn, providing them a management tool for the smooth process of development. The web application offers two types of profile creation categories for the interested athletes, namely, Coach and Player. With inbuilt analytics and tools, it fosters a development process that is centered around systematic approach and includes the notable features such as goal setting, training plans, lesson logs, besides many other visual tools. This process-oriented analytical data paves ways for more robust coaching experience and serves as a competent aid for the players and the coaches.

Industry Introduction

Tennis as a sport involves several aspects of performance such as strength, power, endurance, agility, speed, and coordination. The game requires a high level of mental, physical and technical training. A balanced tennis training program can help players prevent injury. The success of a player begins with the coach, as they emphasize not just on the matches played but also highlight foundational characteristics like work ethics, commitment to a training plan, personal accountability and goal setting.

Technology Stack

Language... PHP, Jquery, HTML 5, CSS, JS, PayPal
Framework... Cakephp
Database... MySQL