Smart Contract Development
Matellio is a leading Blockchain Development Company with a pool of skilled developers holding expertise in developing Smart Contract solutions. Whether you need a cryptocurrency or your own decentralized network-managed system, Matellio is your best go-to-partner for Blockchain-based Software Development.

What is a Smart Contract?

The Smart Contract is a virtual contract between buyer and seller possessing the terms of an agreement. It is built by availing a blockchain platform for security and immutability purposes. This contract can be signed (between two parties) without the 3rd-party involvement. The terms and conditions of the contract are drawn as per the authority. Once the terms are met, the funds are promptly transferred to the concerned party. The data of a smart contract are stored in the ledger which helps in enhancing the security. Smart Contract stands out because of its privacy methods and is the smart choice in the era of change.

Virtual Contract

No 3rd-party

Fund Transfer

Highly Secure

Smart Contract Development Services

Smart Contract Development

Smart Contracts are powerful and Matellio is very well aware of it. We have a team of Blockchain developers who can provide Smart Contract solutions availing major platforms like EOS and Ethereum.

Audit Smart

Auditing involves the analysis of the code which underwrites the terms of a Smart Contract. Our skilled audit team checks for the security vulnerabilities in the contract using automated auditing tests.

Optimize Smart Contract

Smart Contract Deployment incurs some cost due to gas problems. Our team optimize the contract which solves the gas issue, reduce network congestion and ultimately deduce unnecessary expense.


A Smart Contract specifies the logic of the complete DApp. Our team provides solutions that ensure better performance, and quality, plus responsiveness of the Decentralized application.

Smart Contract for DEX

Our services at Development Exchange platforms covers business logic, the privacy of end-user data, data maintenance, for assuring the safety at the decentralized exchange platforms.

Digital Wallets

Matellio’s skilled blockchain development team holds proficiency in developing digital wallets which can securely save the digital assets in addition to transactions via a smart contract.

Smart Contract Development Process

Requirements Gathering

Initially, our analysts will analyze your end-goal, which totally depends on your business requirements. A blueprint of the design will be created and shared with you.


After the blueprint approval, our skilled and experienced team at Matellio will take the process to the development phase by writing an optimal and secure code.


Post Development, our team of QA experts will test your smart contract solution by using rigorous testing methods to ensure a 100 percent bug-free solution.

Public Testnet Deployment

Once the solution is tested, then is the time to deploy the software on a public testnet like Kovan, Ethereum, Ropsten, etc before deploying it to the production.

Deployment in Production

Lastly, the solution is deployed to the live Blockchain which means no further changes can be made in the contract. We ensure complete auditing before taking this step.


Benefits of Smart Contract Development

No Middleman

Various industries like real estate, insurance, and banking need a middleman to communicate with their customers, a smart contract eliminates the need of the same.

Automated Operations

Record flow, cash keeping, and other such tasks can be easily managed under one platform using smart Contract which in return maximize the efficiency of business processes.

Secured Data

Smart contract development involves a high level of data encryption ( similar to what modern cryptocurrencies use) which makes it the most secure item on the world wide web.


Owing to the transparency of Blockchain solutions, customers and companies can ensure that their agreements and transactions are verifiable which makes it quite trustworthy.


As the blockchain smart contract development is based on software codes, it involves a lack of manual intervention and fewer auxiliary steps, resulting in lower costs.


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Frequently Asked Question

The most important thing you need to know is what exactly you want to accomplish. Have a clear vision in your mind about the solution. You don’t want to spend months wondering what is to be done. If you still have doubts, feel free to reach out . Our team would be happy to help.

Commenting on the public instances is a good habit, but follow it whenever needed. We don’t believe in commenting where the method name is explanatory enough, so as to make the code readable for our users.

Yes, we provide an SRS for the easy explanation of the project. Our documents are quite comprehensible and detailed.

There are multiple advantages of hiring Matellio for Smart Contract Blockchain solutions development:
  • In-Depth Evolution
  • Transparency & Traceability
  • Highly Secured
  • Optimized Codes
  • Improved Mechanism
  • Cost-Effective Solutions

Yes, we do provide post-launch support, as the core target of Matellio is to keep its clients happy.

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