Executive Training and Development

Healthcare, Multiple Sclerosis Care, Neuroscience 

Data Security, Training and Assessment, GDPR Compliance 

Project Introduction

The client provides services for improving skills to various fortune 500 companies. Using their services, enterprises can elevate the performance of their top leaders, teams, and high-performance groups. Our job as their development patterns was to audit and make their systems GDPR compliant.
With a tool having so much information compliance and data security are essential for a tool with so much information. We modified their systems to make them compliant and much more secure than before. We ensure every interaction within the apps is encrypted and that all the best practices are followed at all times.

Industry Brief

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Mobile and Web Development

Healthcare is the most important industry for us as humans. Optimal quality of life is a basic requirement, and we seek technology’s assistance. With apps like MS dialog, doctors can assist those in need much better than before. Implementing a neuroscience solution was difficult but was necessary, and we achieved a perfect application to treat MS patients at all stages of the disease.

  • Training Management System 
  • Compliance Audit 
  • Professional Training 
  • Training System 
  • LMS Development 

Technology Stack

From advanced to legacy software development tools, our experts pioneer in best of technology stack.

Highlights for The Services Offered by Matellio

Cookie Plugin

Added a cookie plugin to manage data collected through cookies.

GDPR Report

GDPR report inclusion for facilitating the same on the web app.

Privacy and Disclaimers

Added privacy policy and supporting documents for data collected.

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