10 Apps that are Changing Healthcare

Updated on Dec 8th, 2023

As the mobile health industry makes its move along the popularity, innovation in the realm is witnessing new dimensions. With more than 40, 000 health and wellness applications already on the market, mobile health revenue is expected to cross the mark of $31 billion by the end of 2020. 

The apps are tailored to satisfy diverse health requirements of the patients as well as doctors, and of course to make quality care accessible for everyone. Regardless, each of them is unique in its own way, making themselves fit for a certain category of audience. Let’s go through some of these apps that have been changing how the healthcare industry functions.

1. Doctor-on-demand


Doctor on demand is a simple yet intuitive application that lets you find expert medical consultations without even having to visit a physician in person. Once you are through with the easy sign up process, you can leverage the app to get in touch with one of the registered physicians and get your medical queries sorted via face-to-face doctor consultations. The app developers boast of connecting patients regardless of their insurance status, age group, expertise needed, with the right physician. It is available across iOS and Android devices.

Some of the features included in Doctor on Demand include:

  • Patient and doctor profiles
  • Search doctors
  • Video consultations
  • In-app chat and calling options
  • Reviews and ratings
  • GRS tracking
  • In-built payment options
  • Appointment bookings and scheduling
  • Push notifications

2. LiveHealth Online


LiveHealth connects you with the right practitioners in a few clicks. It’s easy to sign up and log in to the app and select the doctor you would like to book a consultation with. Once you have chosen the physician, the app’s secure interface launches a private video consultation interface within 10 minutes. The doctors registered on the app are experts at treating patients for flu, pink eye, sinus infection, and more. With the LiveHealth app, doctors can assess the conditions in real-time over the video call and offer treatment plans and even share prescriptions with the pharmacy store you selected, if the need be. The app is available across Google PlayStore and Apple App Store

Top Features of LiveHealth Online include:

  • Complete patient management
  • Hassle-free online payments
  • Automated communication
  • Appointments and home collection
  • Sample management
  • Reportings and analytics

3. PillPack


PillPack is a tailor-made iOS app that claims to deliver a better, simpler pharmacy experience to the patients. Users can access the app to sort and order medications for doorstep delivery in a few clicks. And that too, at absolutely no additional cost to you. Patients can enter the details about their medication in the app for the PillPack team to access. The team, once after receiving the order, ships a personalized roll of pre-sorted medications including prescriptions, vitamins, and OTCs. Another amazing part of the app is the fact that the app also managed your medication refill by proactively coordinating with the physicians and insurance providers. 

PillPack app features include:

  • Automatic medication list import
  • Context-aware reminders
  • Smart gestures for marking completion or medication reminders or rescheduling the alerts
  • Integration with Apple Watch

4. PingMD


MINGMD offers secure, compliant audio, video, survey, outcomes, and messaging communications between various healthcare service providers. These can include the providers and care team members or the providers and the patients. It aims to eliminate the non-compliant forms of communication and information exchange, including text messages and emails, by offering a comprehensive and secure encrypted platform. It, thus, makes it easier for various nodes of care services to exchange patient information, medical details, feedback, authorization, med orders, approvals, etc.

Top features of PINGMD include:

  • Scalable, open referral network, linking people, and data around patients
  • Billable eVisits and eConsults
  • Video, audio, image and digital note-taking to assist diagnosis and treatment
  • Secure, cloud-based architecture that works perfectly everywhere, on any device
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • Immediately and easily adoptable by teams and patients, with complete satisfaction.

5. Text4Baby


If you mom-to-be or already a  new mom, this app is probably what you will love. Regardless of the queries you have or the information you need, or a specific problem that you would want to discuss, Text4Baby’s features have got you covered. The app boasts of being a doctor-recommended service that has already helped almost 1 million mothers, making their pregnancy a little easier. One can download the app from Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore for tips and resources to keep you and the baby healthy. 

Features that make Text4Baby great include:

  • Pregnancy and new baby photos to help you to track how baby is developing every week of your pregnancy and baby’s first year
  • Personalized calendar to keep track of your prenatal and well-baby visits
  • Vaccination tracker to help you stay on top of baby’s life-saving vaccinations
  • Checklists and visit guides so you know what to expect when you go to the doctor
  • Appointment reminders so you don’t forget your next doctor visit
  • Resources on pregnancy and parenting, including free hotlines you can call any time

6. Insight Optics

Insight Optics enables primary care providers to record, store, and forward retinal exams to locally available eye care specialists. Available across iOS, it also features dedicated screening portals, review exam videos and generate detailed findings and follow-up reports. The app is device-agnostic which means that it can be seamlessly used with any smartphone-enabled ophthalmoscope.  

Features of InsightOptics include:

  • Record raw HD video of retinal examinations
  • Store unlimited patient information and exam data
  • Send exam videos to local eye care specialists in the InsightOptics network
  • Access and generate PDF reports for reimbursement

7. Bluestar

BlueStar (available on Android and iOS), is a digital health solution tailored for people above the age of 18 and suffer from type 1 or type 2 diabetes. a digital health solution for people aged 18 years and older who have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, provides tailored guidance driven by artificial intelligence. Without waiting for a phone call or message from a privately employed coach, users get discrete, 24/7 coaching and support.

  • Sync with fitness trackers, pharmacy, lab, and patient portal
  • New integrations with more meters, blood pressure cuffs, and weight scales
  • Healthy recipes, meal plans, lifestyle tips, and more
  • Prompts about what to do next to stay on track
  • Real-time coaching as you enter blood glucose results
  • Organize all your medications and set reminders, so you never miss a dose
  • Pair your meter to wirelessly transfer blood glucose results
  • Share progress with your care team by sending a SMART Visit Report with the click of a button
  • Precise, AI-driven feedback messages
  • Custom reports and insights highlight what’s working and what to change
  • Personalized education in short, easy-to-read lessons
  • Ask diabetes questions and get answers from Certified Diabetes Educators

8. Digital Pharmacist

The PocketRx app (by Digital Pharmacist) enables you and your family members to use a secure medium to get in touch with more than 2,500 independent pharmacies across the nation. One can easily upload the prescriptions to the app and share with the pharmacies in a single click. Not just this, but can also get prescription refills, refill reminders, and more, using the app. You can also get great deals and discounts with the registered pharmacies using this app. 

App Features:

  • HIPAA secure
  • Easily refill your prescriptions at your local independent pharmacy
  • Access a history of your medications and Rx numbers
  • Set reminders when to refill your medications
  • Set reminders when to take your medications
  • Save up to $450 on top brand medications with co-pay coupons
  • 20,000 pharmacist written pages on conditions and medications
  • 7,500 pharmacist videos about medications and side effects

9. Gauss Pixel App

Gauss Pixel App aims to provide doctors and nurses with a way to accurately measure the amount of blood loss in surgical procedures. After taking a picture of surgical sponges used during a procedure with either an iPad or iPhone, the app computes the amount of blood loss in real-time.

As it stands today, retrieving surgical sponges and assessing the blood loss in patients is something that is estimated typically by nurses, with no accurate way to retrieve the sort of information the Gauss Surgical app would provide.

10. ResolutionMD

ResolutionMD (available on Android and iOS) is a medical viewing product that provides instant access to radiology diagnostic images and reports from mobile devices.  The app streams data from a variety of imaging modalities, with off-site servers preparing it for rapid visualization on a smartphone or tablet. Since most processing is done outside the mobile device, no sensitive patient information seems to be transmitted, making it a fundamentally secure process.

So there you have our recommendations for the most useful, not to mention coolest, FDA approved health apps on the market for physicians.

Signing Off

And that’s it for the list of apps that are changing . However, that’s not the end to it. 

With the innovation at its peak, the world is going crazy creating custom healthcare applications, each one with another amazing concept. If you are looking forward to entering the realm, Matellio’s expert healthcare app development team is right here to help you. Meanwhile, which app intrigued you? Do let us know.

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