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Matellio is a leading wearable devices app development company offering customized apps for bands, trackers, smartwatches, smart glasses, and more. Expand your business, generate new revenue models, and win more customers via wearable app development.

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    Get Cutting-edge Wearable App Development Services Across All Platforms

    As a leading wearable devices app development company, we have expertise in delivering custom apps across various devices and platforms.
    Fitness Trackers app development
    Fitness Trackers

    mart watches app development

    Head Mounted Display app development
    HMD Devices

    Eye Wares app development
    Eye Wares

    Get Custom Wearable Apps

    Our Wearable App Development Services

    Whether you are a unicorn startup or a leading enterprise, our full-scale wearable app development services have got you covered!

    How Much Does Wearable App Development Cost?

      What is

      Why Matellio for Wearable App Development?

      Industry-wide Experience

      Working with various businesses across the globe, we know perfectly the needs and trends of every industry resulting in a successful wearable app.

      Innovative Approach
      Innovative Approach

      Our talented R&D team and wearable app developers keep up with the latest market trends to offer innovative apps that stand out from the crowd.

      Flexible Hiring Models
      Flexible Pricing Plans

      Right from startups to enterprises and Fortune 500 companies, our flexible pricing plans match the needs of every business across the globe.

      Developing Custom Wearable Apps for Various Industries

      Our wearable app developers have successfully delivered custom apps to businesses of various sizes and domains regardless of the complexities.

      Our Success Stories

      Our talented developers have successfully delivered projects to businesses ranging from startups and enterprises to Fortune 500 companies.

      Next-Gen Tech for Wearable App Development

      Integrate AI in your cross-platform apps to automate fraud detection, customer support, product recommendations, and store checkouts via our AI app development services.
      AI ML


      Equip your wearable app with voice commands & self-learning algorithms that enhance your user experience across devices via AI-based app development.



      Improve the performance of your wearable apps by collecting and analyzing data from various touchpoints through sensors and IoT app development services.

      Cloud Computing

      Cloud Computing

      Deliver a more precise and powerful wearable app to your users and gain maximum IoT advantage by storing and analyzing data on the cloud with cloud computing services.

      Big Data

      Big Data

      Take maximum advantage of your data to extract meaningful insights for better patient care, optimized processes, and market opportunities via data analytics services.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. How much does it cost to develop a wearable app?

      The cost of developing a custom wearable app varies widely depending on several factors, including the features and complexity of the app, the platform it’s being designed for, the development team’s experience and location, and the type of wearable device it will run on. Moreover, your ideas and business requirements also impact the wearable app development cost. Hence, it’s best to discuss your specific requirements with our experts to get a more accurate quote. You can fill out our form to book a free 30-minute consultation!

      2. How does wearable technology work?

      Wearable technology typically refers to electronic devices worn on the body as accessories, like a watch or fitness tracker. These devices usually collect data through sensors and transmit it to a connected device such as a smartphone, where the data can be analyzed and displayed in a user-friendly format. Some wearable devices also have processing capabilities and can perform certain actions, such as vibrating to alert the user or controlling other connected devices.

      3. How do you proceed with wearable app development?

      As a professional wearable devices app development company, we follow the best practices to offer a secure and functional wearable app across all devices. Our app development process includes the following:  

      • Understanding your business requirements  
      • Creating a concept based on your ideas  
      • Creating wireframes and prototypes  
      • Offering MVP development services  
      • Developing your app  
      • Testing and deploying your wearable application

      4. What technologies do you use for wearable app development?

      There are several technologies that we use for wearable app development. They typically include Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective C, Xcode, JavaScript, Tizen SDK, Android Studio, etc.

      5. How do you ensure the confidentiality of my ideas?

      We sign an NDA before each project starts, legally binding our employees and us from sharing your data and ideas with other third-party companies. Hence, you can remain assured about the confidentiality of your concept.

      6. What other services do you offer for my app development?

      Apart from wearable devices app development, we offer a wide range of other development services, including (but not limited to):  

      • DevOps consulting  
      • Digital transformation consulting  
      • Product development  
      • System Integration  
      • Enterprise application development  
      • Web/app development  
      • Staff Augmentation  
      • Next-gen tech solutions

      7. How can I track the progress of my wearable app development?

      As a leading wearable devices app development company, we offer a dedicated project manager to help you throughout your wearable app development project. You can schedule a weekly or bi-weekly call with your development team and manager to know the status of your project. Moreover, we also follow the agile development methodology to provide project updates after every development stage.

      8. Which industries can benefit from wearable app development?

      Our talented wearable app developers can deliver interactive and user-friendly applications for several industries, including healthcare, fitness, navigation, entertainment, finance, insurance, banking, etc. Whatever your business needs, we can resolve them through our wearable app development services.

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