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We create advanced fintech software to help wealth managers, banks, and insurance agencies become flexible, innovative, and competitive. Redefine your financial capabilities, secure payments, and get smart business analytics with our bespoke fintech software development services.
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    What is

    Drive Innovation and Profitability with Advanced Fintech Solutions

    Digital Adoption

    Are you struggling to adopt digital solutions or insufficient to offer a mobile-first experience to your users?

    Security Breaches

    Is your legacy system not able to protect sensitive business information from third-party access?

    Customer Retention

    Are you unable to engage your customers by offering them personal and meaningful digital experiences?

    Custom Fintech Solutions that We Can Build for You

    As a leading fintech software development company, we can deliver tailor-made solutions meeting the industry requirements.
    Accounting Software Development
    Accounting Software

    Automate various finance department operations of your banks and accounting firms while eliminating tedious paperwork via custom accounting software development.

    Billing And Payment
    Billing and Payment Software

    Send automated invoices to your users, and receive payments from different sources directly to your account with our custom Billing and Payment software development.

    Banking CRM Software Development
    Banking CRM Software

    Forge strong relationships with your customers by delivering personalized services matching your customer’s needs with a custom Banking CRM software development.

    Financial Planning Software Development
    Financial Planning Software

    Plan your budgets and track your expenses, taxes, and flow of money through a powerful custom financial planning software equipped with smart AI and ML algorithms.

    eWallet App

    Expand the reach of your digital payment services by launching a secure and encrypted eWallet app that supports mobile payments, transfers, and rewards for your users.

    Loan Lending App

    Expand your money lending business, reach new prospects, and offer secure lending platforms to your borrowers/lenders with a dedicated loan lending app.

    Portfolio Management
    Portfolio Management

    Accurately track your assets and discover the risks and expected returns on your investments with a feature-rich and ML-based Portfolio management software development.

    Insurance Software
    Insurance Software

    Leverage our expertise to develop an automated Insurance management software that automates your workflow and manages your critical insurance operation on one go.

    Payroll Software
    Payroll Software

    Simplify your HR operations, ease your tax management and employee reimbursement work, and stay in compliance with custom payroll software developed by our experts.

    Want to Launch a Custom Fintech Solution?

    Discuss your requirements with our experts over a free consultation and get a custom solution matching your needs.

    Our Fintech Software Development Services

    Explore our wide range of services that promote growth and innovation for your finance business.

    Fintech Software Development

    Leveraging our expert enterprise software development services, you can easily launch a custom fintech software matching your business requirements. You get every essential service with us, from technology consulting to software re-engineering and code review.
    • Software Development
    • Technology Consulting
    • Automated Testing and UI/UX
    • MVP Creation and Code Review

    Fintech App Development

    We could be your technology partner for launching a next-gen Fintech app that runs smoothly on multiple platforms. Whether developing custom APIs or optimizing your app submission process, our cutting-edge app development services cater to all your needs.
    • App Development Consulting
    • API Development and Integration
    • Banking and P2P Payment App Development
    • Maintenance and Support

    Trading Platform Development

    Resolve your online trading and securities issues by launching a financial trading platform with Matellio. Get cutting-edge services to help you launch solutions ranging from forex software to brokerage solutions and trading systems.
    • Personal Investing Software Development
    • Data Analytics Solutions
    • Securities Testing Services
    • Cloud Integration Services

    Legacy System Modernization

    Whether you need to migrate to a secure cloud platform or you need to integrate next-gen tech in your existing fintech software, we can do all of that easily. You can hire us as your fintech software development partner to streamline your digital transformation journey.
    • Cloud-based Software Development
    • Platform and Data Migration
    • Software Enhancement Services
    • Feature and Technology Updates

    Next-Gen Tech for Your Fintech Software

    As a leading fintech software development company, we know how to address your business challenges with cutting-edge tech.
    AI & ML

    AI/ML technology could automate your tedious back-office operations. Apart from that, if you want to incorporate personalized customer service and intelligent chat interfaces, AI/ML could also be your perfect fit. If fed with a vast amount of data, an automated machine learning system can detect anomalies in transactions while eliminating financial frauds.

    Cloud Services

    You could easily offer various financial services to your customers across multiple devices and platforms with cloud solutions. Plus, the need to physically access the data for doing business is also eliminated with cloud computing in fintech. Data security, 5G network usage, and self-service kiosk are other benefits of adopting cloud integration services.


    Blockchain technology can be of great help in securing your transactions and promoting a safe data exchange process. Using blockchain solutions, you can share financial data across multiple platforms over a distributed network to various users. Apart from that, digital wallets, NFTs, and decentralized assets are also the major perks of integrating blockchain technology.

    Looking to Implement these Next-Gen Technologies in Your Fintech Software?

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    How Much Does It Cost to Get a Fintech Software Developed?

      What is

      Why Matellio for Fintech Software Development?

      20+ Years' Experience

      We have years-long experience in delivering quality services to startups and Fortune 500 companies.

      Reliable Support

      You get 24*7 technical support and software consulting services for your custom services.

      Strong R&D Expertise

      With our strong R&D department, development teams are always on the lookout for advancements.

      Our Success Stories

      For every real-world problem, we have delivered software solutions that reflect our expertise in diverse verticals.

      Frequently asked questions

      We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

      1. What is Fintech software?

      Fintech software is an enterprise solution that overcomes all the barriers and facilitates the growth of finance and banking businesses. Fintech is a combination of finance technologies that deal with the creation of digitally advanced banking and finance solutions catering to modern user needs. You can easily leverage our cost-effective and legally-compliant fintech software development services to make your brand advanced and accessible for your users.

      2. How much does it cost to build finance software?

      The cost of building a finance software usually depends on some critical aspects like the platform selected, the technology used, the features included, etc. You can send us your ideas to get an accurate estimation of your product pricing.

      3. How do you proceed with fintech app development?

      We follow the agile development methodology to develop a custom fintech solution tailored to your business needs. With our development process, you get updates on your project after every sprint release, saving your testing cost and time. Here’s how we work:  

      • Validate your ideas over a free consultation call  
      • Offer you the best features, designs, and tech stack for your project  
      • Create an MVP (minimum viable product) based on your ideas  
      • Offer you a dedicated development team for your product creation  
      • Test your fintech app  
      • Deploy on your choice of platforms 

      4. What technologies are used in Fintech software development?

      We, at Matellio, make use of the best next-gen technologies that can offer you long-term benefits without any issue. Some of the technologies that our dedicated fintech software developer use is: 

      • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)
      • Big Data and Data Analytics
      • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
      • Blockchain
      • Robo-Advisors

      5. What does a fintech software developer do?

      Our fintech software developers are capable of resolving all your baking and finance-related tasks using disruptive tools and technologies. From CRM and mobile banking to insurance solutions and even portfolio management, we have decade-long expertise to deliver efficient and feature-rich fintech solutions for all your business needs.    

      6. How much time is required to create a custom fintech solution?

      Once you discuss your requirements with our experts, you can choose a specific development team for your custom fintech software development. After that, you need to sign a few legal papers, including a non-disclosure agreement that will safeguard all your ideas and data from third-party access. After that, our developers will begin with your custom fintech software development. The overall time can be easily evaluated by leveraging our consultation service. Just fill out our form below to get started!   

      7. We are just starting up. Isn’t finance and accounting software overkill?

      It is possible to manage your accounts using spreadsheets and papers. However, accounting software will make your work efficient when you start handling more transactions. And when you use software from day one, it automatically becomes much easier to handle that thing.  

      8. What other solutions do you offer at Matellio?

      From healthcare and fintech to retail, entertainment, transportation, and even the travel industry, we offer robust solutions to businesses of diverse verticals at a cost-effective price. You can validate all your ideas and turn them into a reality with our enterprise software development services. Whatever be your needs, we have the best industry experts that can fulfill them most effectively. Visit us to know more about our offerings.   

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