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We have years of experience designing bespoke Education & eLearning solutions for the various needs of the learning and development (L&D) industry. With cutting-edge technologies like AI, IoT, AR, VR, etc., and a client-centric development approach, we deliver custom solutions that make learning more engaging and emphasize personalized learning for every industry.
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    What is

    We Make eLearning Software for a Variety of Industries

    EdTech & eLearning Companies

    We provide next-gen tech expertise to EdTech & eLearning companies looking to revolutionize L&D industry.

    Schools and Universities

    We help education institutions become streamlined, efficient, and focus on making learning more engaging.

    Corporate Training & Learning

    We help companies train their employees with eLearning solutions that emphasize personalized learning.

    Fuel your Business Growth with Custom eLearning Solutions

    Get a wide range of custom eLearning solutions from our dedicated experts to satisfy your business needs.
    Learning Management System
    Learning Management System

    A powerful software application to manage and organize documents and admin tasks, and to deliver educational courses and training programs efficiently.

    Virtual Classroom Software

    A user-friendly software solution that helps students access live video lectures, learning material in various formats, etc., and makes remote learning more streamlined.

    Custom ERP Software

    ERP solutions make educational institutes more efficient and streamlined. On top of automating day-to-day tasks, it takes care of teacher schedules, payroll management, etc.

    eLearning App

    AI-based learning apps offer students customized learning experiences according to their learning habits and speed. Every lesson is offered in a form that users find most engaging, thus elevating their learning.

    Content Authoring Software
    Content Authoring Software

    Enterprises often struggle to gather up learning material. Mostly, they just buy pre-made learning material online. But content authoring software use AI to scour the internet for information and create learning content itself.

    Student Information System
    Student Information System

    A robust platform that stores and manages information of all the students. From grades to birthdays and attendance records, a student information system provides one-point management to education institutes.

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    eLearning Software Development Services We Offer

    We Help You Mold the Minds of Tomorrow with an Assortment of Next-Gen Technologies

    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence can help you give every learner a customized learning experience. Based on their learning habits, AI can create a customized lesson plan that can guarantee best results. As the learning progresses, AI improves its plan further based on the newly accumulated data.

    Predictive Learning Analytics

    PLA helps achieve better completion rates and engagement by reducing scrap learning. Using historical data, PLA predicts which lessons are going to engage the learners in the future. This way, corporations don’t waste their time and money on courses that would be not benefit their employees.

    Cloud Services

    Cloud services make your eLearning solutions more accessible. Due to the recent pandemic, this has become a necessity for every learning-oriented app. As more and more people switch to remote learning, your eLearning platform must run on cloud services to achieve its full potential


    AR/VR can make learning more engaging and stimulating. Some students respond better to interactive videos, live visualizations and other alternative ways of learning. AR/VR can also be incredibly beneficial for differently-abled students or students with learning disabilities.

    Our Success Stories

    For every real-world problem, we have delivered software solutions that reflect our expertise in diverse verticals.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the more common ones.

    1. What is an eLearning software?

    eLearning software is a digital solution that offers the training and learning functionalities to the users. Whether it be the tutors, management, or even learners, anybody can make use of a robust custom eLearning solutions to get streamlines eLearning services. eLearning solutions also makes it possible for the users to conduct online trainings, exams, assessments, and even offer instant results to their audience.

    2. How much does it cost to develop an eLearning app?

    The cost of developing a custom eLearning solution depends majorly on your requirements and ideas. Whether it be the features, tech stack, design, or number of resources; there are many factors that impacts your overall eLearning software development cost. Hence, the best way to get an exact quote for your project is through our free expert consultation. You can book a free 30-minuite consultation with us by filling our form below!

    3. How do I create an online learning app with Matellio?

    You can easily create a custom eLearning solution catering to your business needs with our experts. Right from UI/UX services to next-gen app development, you get everything to make your brand a top-notch in your niche. You only need to fill our form and our experts will handle everything from there.

    4. Which type of education and e-learning apps do you deal in?

    Matellio deals in all sorts of education and e-learning apps ranging from learning management system, ERP, CRM, interactive VR classroom, to book reading, and fun learning etc.

    5. How to hire the a eLearning development team for development?

    You can easily hire the best developers from Matellio by following some easy steps to satisfy all your eLearning software development needs easily: 

    • Fill our consultation form
    • Discuss your ideas and requirements with our experts
    • Choose the perfect eLearning development team
    • Select a suitable hiring model
    • Start your eLearning software development

    6. Do you build startup-friendly apps?

    Yes, we are an education & eLearning app development company offering custom eLearning app development solutions to startups and SMEs. We have worked with hundreds of startups and have offered them personalized eLearning solutions matching their budget and specifications. 

    7. Do you offer system documentation?

    Yes, we do provide the SRS documentation on every project of our clients. It is a self-explanatory and comprehensive document with the comment facility on the codes.

    8. What other services do you offer with eLearning software development?

    We offer a wide range of professional services to make your custom eLearning software development a hit. Our services include but are not limited to: 

    • Idea validation 
    • MVP creation 
    • UI/UX services 
    • App/web development 
    • Testing and QA
    • Maintenance
    • Data migration
    • Platform migration
    • Features addition 

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