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Matellio is your trusted eCommerce development company that has a team skilled in developing state-of-the-art online store solutions. We have expertise in developing B2C, B2B, multi-vendor, auction, and booking websites, instated with avant-garde technologies
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    eCommerce Development Services

    Matellio develops powerful eCommerce solutions to keep you ahead of the curve. We are experts in creating feature-rich eCommerce solutions, configured with reliable payment channels, integrated support solutions, neat catalogs and category management platforms. To make them more robust, we also equip them with analytics-powered dashboard and conversion-optimized shopping carts. Our client-centric approach also enables us to customize the eCommerce solutions to meet our clients’ business model and goals more efficiently. As such every eCommerce development project, we undertake, is known to create a distinct success story of its own.
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    Web & Mobility Solutions

    Get web & mobile eCommerce solutions customized specifically for your business goals to acquire, engage & convert more customers.

    Conversion Optimization

    We excel at optimizing the rate of conversion with next-gen tech like recommendation engines, live chatbots, and AR shopping.

    Automate Back-Office Tasks

    Streamline back-office operations like warehouse management, packaging and shipping optimization with integration.

    Quality Assurance Testing

    Get your eCommerce tested for data leaks, functional blockages, and counter-intuitive features to improve customer engagement.

    Rich Features of a Custom eCommerce Website

    Explore the features for an eCommerce website that can enhance your CX and improve conversions.
    Easy Checkout

    We’ll make the journey from finding a product to checking out extremely easy and engaging for your customers with personalization elements to improve conversion rates.

    Order Management

    The solution the functionalities to simplify order management for you. From order fulfillment to customizing details, the platform will have all the features to quicken the workflow.

    Customer Management

    The eCommerce platform will enable you to manage your customer relationships easily. You will easily solve post and pre-sales issues and generate customized promotional offers.

    Category Management
    Category Management

    Get the most intuitive interface to organize categories in the back and front end. Users will be able to navigate instinctively, and admin can manage categories effortlessly.

    Shipping Tracking

    The customers will have the option to track the status of their order and then get live shipping updates on the platform, as we embed it with 3PL APIs.

    Invoice Management

    The web application will automatically generate invoice whenever a customer checks out. I will include all the elements like discount, taxes, credit, etc., for easy organization.

    Secure Environment
    Secure Environment

    To make your ecommerce platform reliable, we use updated technologies and embed it with stringent security measures like SSL certificate, 2FA, firewall, and secure payment channels.

    Admin Dashboard

    The eCommerce solution will have a BI-powered admin dashboard, with control functionalities over product inclusion, review and ratings visibility, category and product insights, etc.

    Personalized Recommendation

    Make your eCommerce solution a product of next generation by empowering it with personalization UI tools and recommendation engines to offer ideal customer experience.

    Need More Exclusive Features for Your eCommerce Website?

    Connect with our experts over a free consultation to get the best features, tech stack and designs for your e-commerce website.
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    eCommerce Platforms We Develop

    Dedicated eCommerce platforms that suit your business needs

    Advanced eCommerce Solutions with Next-Gen Technologies

    AR/VR Solutions

    Engage your customers with the most immersive experience of your products by employing cutting-edge augmented and virtual reality solutions. Our AR/VR experts will create bespoke virtual try-ons, placement previews, interactive user manuals, and social media filters for your brand to give a full-sensory experience to your customers.

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    AI/ML Applications

    Simplify the shopping experience for your customers by investing in breakthrough AI/ML. Developers at Matellio are experienced in creating AI-powered eCommerce solutions like smart search facilities, visual product discovery tools, NLP-enabled voice-controlled shopping assistants, and personalized recommendation engines.

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    Big Data Services

    Leverage data you collect from your customers and target audience to create fulfilling customer journeys. Our experts will help you in creating meaningful data models, extract, transform, and load relevant data, and generate real-time insights from the same for better targeting, forecasting, and optimizing sales and marketing operations.

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    Other Retail and Ecommerce Solutions that We Can Build for You

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Which payment gateways will you integrate with my eCommerce website?

    In order to make your eCommerce store more likable, we integrate it with all the popular payment gateway channels including, but not limited to – 

    • Stripe
    • PayPal
    • Amazon Pay
    • 2Checkout, etc. 

    In general, when it comes to integrating payment services to an eCommerce store, we find no limitations. Whichever payment solution you want for your eCommerce website, we will integrate that with it. 

    2. Can you optimize my eCommerce for performance and conversion?

    At Matellio, we use the best development practices to ensure that even the simplest of the online stores we develop, perform with absolute efficiency. We work with latest technological advancements to keep our clients ahead of the competition. This means when it comes to optimization services, we use high-end technologies like AR/VR, and AI/ML to offer ideal shopping journey to your customers. 

    3. Will I be able to integrate 3rd party APIs with my online store?

    Matellio excels in developing scalable eCommerce solutions. This means, whenever you want your eCommerce platforms services to extend, you will be able to integrate it with bespoke micro-services, built in-house or taken from a third-party service provider. 

    4. Do you build eCommerce website that can handle heavy traffic?

    Yes, we develop eCommerce websites with cloud solutions that will help you manage the traffic spikes as and when needed. Generally, the traffic maintenance and expectations are discussed beforehand, so our experts can create the most viable project plan for you. If your website is expected to receive abundant traffic from start, we will configure its cloud to handle that. However, in case you are not expecting too much traffic all the time and want to scale your website’s traffic more cost-effectively during spike seasons, we can handle that for you too. 

    5. Do you offer post-launch services?

    Yes, once we have developed and deployed your eCommerce platform, we will offer you maintenance and optimization services as and when required by you. We also offer documentation and training services so that when you shift your business to a newly built eCommerce platform, your team remains equipped with all the knowledge necessary to smooth the transition.

    6. What next-gen solutions do you offer with eCommerce development ?

    Matellio,  as a leading ecommerce development company, works with all the latest technologies considered responsible for an advanced customer experience. Some of the advanced tech solutions we offer as part of our eCommerce development services are- 

    • AI-powered recommendation engine
    • NLP-based voice search
    • AI/ML solution for UI personalization
    • Smart live chatbots
    • IoT-enabled offline shopping
    • Augmented reality shopping experience
    • Virtual reality etc. 

    7. What different engagement models does Matellio offer?

    Matellio offers four different engagement models, and you can pick anyone at your convenience. 

    • Dedicated developer model   
    • Turnkey model 
    • Time and material-based hiring model 
    • Custom hiring model 

    8. How much does it cost to develop eCommerce with Matellio?

    Matellio offers some of the most cost-effective eCommerce development services. That being said, the exact cost of an eCommerce project cannot be known unless we know the features, functionalities, and platforms it is supposed to work on. This is why we suggest you book a free consultation call with our experts and share your requirements with them. They will be then in a better position to analyze your project details and create a complete plan for it. They will then share the project timeline and a free quote with you. 

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