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Matellio offer custom software development services to help you scale and improve your retail business operations. Matellio, as a leading retail software development company, also offers integration, process optimization and data migration services to improve your digitization journey.
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    What is

    Optimize Operations and Increase Your Revenues with Retail Software Development

    Conversion Optimization

    Are you looking to digitalize your retail business and optimize the sales with improved customer engagement?

    Big Data
    Data Integration

    Want to automate the normalization of your inventory data for quicker processing and reliable insights?

    Workflow optimization
    Workflow Bottlenecks

    Looking to mitigate workflow blockages and streamline operations with improved productivity and accuracy?

    Software Development for Retail Management

    Meet all your retail business needs by investing in integrated retail management software development services.

    Manage the Inventory

    Reinvent your inventory management processes with next-gen technologies, so you can deliver the best customer experience and simultaneously minimize the overheads for your team by automating order placement, storage, and sales of raw material, processed items, and finished products respectively.
    • Product Tracking
    • Delivery Management
    • Suppliers Data Management
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    Automate Warehouse Operations

    Transform your warehouse with bespoke automation technologies that will streamline your operations for improved efficiency. From intra-logistics optimization to automated packaging and storage solutions, the tailored WMS software will upgrade and improve your Warehouse Operations effortlessly.
    • Stock maintenance 
    • Labor Management 
    • Dock Scheduler 
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    Streamline Order Fulfillment

    An Order management Solution will enable your team to manage sales and purchase orders, optimize packaging and deliveries, and offer real-time updates to customers and inventory team through integrated logistics applications.
    • Order Orchestration 
    • Returns Management 
    • Credit & Discount Management 
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    Optimize Supply Chain

    Streamline supply chain processes of your retail business by automating material acquisition, supplier management, storage optimization, and order management through IoT-enabled sales forecasting solutions. The integrated solution will also help in financial budgeting across all the supply chain channels.
    • Material Planning 
    • Fleet Management 
    • Demand Forecasting 
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    Looking to Develop Retail Management Software?

    Consult with our experts to start the digitalization journey of your retail business, today!
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    Custom Retail Software Development

    Upgrade the workflows of your retail business with dedicated software solutions.
    Point of Sale Solutions

    CRM Software for Retail

    Retail Accounting Software

    Rewards and Loyalty Software

    Want to Give Omnichannel Experience to Your Customers?

    With Matellio, embrace the power of technology and introduce omnichannel retail solutions in your business.
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    Solutions for Online Retail Businesses

    Bespoke development and integration services for your online retail business to strengthen your brand’s presence and customer experience.
    eCommerce Website

    eCommerce App

    eCommerce Integrations

    Mobile wallet development

    Retail chatbot development

    Marketplace development

    Retail Solutions for Better Customer Experience

    Enhance customer experience with next-gen technologies
    AI-Based Retail Solutions

    With AI, your business can make better decisions based on customer personas and keep them engaged with your business via offers, product recommendations and personalized CX across channels.

    IoT Connectivity
    IoT-based Retail Solutions

    IoT based retail solutions are capable of gathering, processing and optimizing customer interactions via intelligently placed IoT sensors to enable business to make smart decisions.

    AR/ VR-based Retail Apps

    The AR and VR enabled retail mobile and web apps will offer functionalities like virtual fitting rooms and try-on features so you can offer a more immersive brand experience to your customers.

    Omnichannel Retail Solutions

    Customizing every touchpoint of your brand, be it mobile app, eCommerce website, or self-service offline store will improve the customer experience with a seamless omnichannel approach.

    Looking to Implement these solutions into your Retail Business?

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    Our Success Stories

    For every real-world problem, we have delivered software solutions that reflect our expertise in diverse verticals.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How can you help me in digitalizing my retail business?

    For retail business digitalization, we offer consultation, development, integration, migration, and optimization services. We have specialized teams for quality assurance, custom module development, full-featured software development, third party API integration experts, UI/UX developers, cloud specialists, etc., to help you with every stage of digitalization process of your retail enterprise. 

    2. How much time does a retail software development process take?

    The time it takes to develop a full-featured retail software depends on variety of factors. Features and functionalities of the software, number of users and roles, amount of data the software has to processed, integration required, UI/UX of the software etc., all play crucial role in deciding the timeline of a retail software project. Therefore, there is no one answer to how long it takes to develop a retail software solution, it all depends on your business requirements. 

    3. How do I manage the retail software development team with Matellio?

    When you partner with Matellio for your retail software project, you get the convenience of choosing the engagement model that suits your business workflows and preferences the best. The different hiring models Matellio offers are- 

    • Dedicated developer model   
    • Turnkey model 
    • Time and material-based hiring model 
    • Custom hiring model  

    4. Do you make custom retail software?

    Yes, we at Matellio specializes in building customized solutions for all different niches. In retail, we have experience in creating custom solutions for both online as well as offline stores. To know more about the different retail software projects we have worked on, you can explore our portfolio and case studies. 

    5. Do you have any experience in developing retail software?

    Yes, Matellio has ample experience in creating IT solutions for leading enterprises in retail industry. We have helped many retail companies in their digitalization journey by developing feature-rich solutions like mobile POS, CRM, inventory management, warehouse management, and order management software. We have also helped retail businesses in establishing their brand on the internet with eCommerce development and integration services.  

    6. What software solutions can help my offline retail business?

    At Matellio, we develop software solutions for retail business that can streamline and automate many of its back-office processes. Some of the many dedicated solutions we develop for offline retail stores and franchises are- 

    • Point-of-sale Software 
    • CRM Solutions 
    • Order Management Software 
    • Warehouse Management Software 
    • ERP Solutions 
    • Inventory Management Software 

    7. What retail software development solutions do you offer?

    We offer multiple retail software solutions that help businesses both online and offline in streamlining their workflows for improved productivity, and enhanced customer experience. We have expertise in building the following software solutions for retail businesses- 

    • Inventory management software 
    • Warehouse management software 
    • Store management applications 
    • Order management software 
    • Rewards and loyalty software 
    • ERP software 
    • Point-of-sale solutions 
    • eCommerce stores 
    • AI Solutions for Retail 
    • Mobile wallets 
    • Multivendor marketplace, etc. 

    8. How much does it cost to develop a retail business software solution?

    The cost of developing a dedicated or an integrated retail software solution is calculated on the basis of many considerations. Foremost, the functionalities of the software and the platform it runs on contributes the most in deciding the development cost. As this one factor alone can decide the number of resources required, technology stack, and timeline of the project, all of which are the biggest contributors for any project. Other than functionalities, the mode of features, data processing needs, integration solutions, and UI/UX customization all can bring huge variations in the final cost of development. Therefore, if you want to know the exact development price for your retail software project, we suggest you book a free consultation with our experts to get a precise quote. 

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