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Matellio develops innovative and state-of-the-art healthcare software solutions that let you modernize your organization and make it more efficient. Offer remote care, improve patient experience, and automate your everyday clinical workflows with HIPAA-compliant healthcare solutions.
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    What is

    Resolve Your Modern-day Challenges with Custom Healthcare Solutions

    Digital Healthcare Services

    Do you want to develop mHealth, telemedicine, and other solutions to expand your services while relieving physicians?

    Asset Security
    Personalized Patient Experience

    Are you planning to provide personalized care to your patients by tracking their concerns and securing their healthcare data?

    Workflow optimization
    Automated Clinical Workflows

    Do you want to automate your clinical workflows, including billing, revenue management, appointment booking, prescription management, etc.?

    Custom Healthcare Solutions that We Can Build for You

    Our experts deliver unique and tailor-made healthcare software solutions that meet the dynamic industry requirements.
    Telemedicine Application

    We can build a custom mHealth/telemedicine app that promotes remote patient care functionalities and digitize your care services.

    Healthcare CRM Software

    Automate the patient entry tasks, gather useful insights about their healthcare issues, and provide them the best care services via custom healthcare CRM software.

    e-Prescription Software

    Share prescriptions with the patients and pharmacists online thus eliminating medication errors, and ensuring proper care services with an ePrescription software.

    Pharmacy Management Software

    Manage your pharmacy better while keeping up with the past records and billing cycle with an easy-to-use pharmacy management software solution.

    Electronic Health Record Software

    Foster personalized patient care while facilitating patient privacy, and streamlining your billing and invoicing details with a custom HIPAA-compliant EHR software.

    RCM Software
    RCM Software

    Tracks patient journey from appointments to payments. Integrate the EGHR process and online payment applications to streamline your billing cycles.

    Healthcare Mobile App

    Take your healthcare services to the next level and offer remote patient care functionality with dedicated mHealth apps that enable robust patient care, better reach, and outstanding revenues.

    hospital management software
    Hospital Management Software

    Adopt smart hospital management system that facilitates automated clinical workflows, improves your healthcare delivery to patients, and combine the corporate work of medical specialists.

    IOT Apps for Healthcare

    We offer connected IoT solutions and app development services to help you get real-time data of your patients, hospital staff, clinical workflows and other hospital management operations.

    Need a Custom Healthcare Solution for Your Organization?

    Discuss your ideas with our experts and begin your business-specific healthcare software development right away!
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    Our Healthcare Software Development Services

    As an experienced healthcare software development company, we offer a broad range of services that promotes growth and innovation.

    Looking to Design a Software System for Your Healthcare Facility?

    Get end-to-end solutions for a wide range of medical processes, such as Electronic Medical Record, Electronic Billing, pharmacies management and others.

      What is

      Strengthen Your Healthcare Software Development with Next-Gen Tech

      With vast experience in healthcare software development, we know how to handle your business challenges with cutting-edge technology.
      AI & ML

      Using AI/ML, you can easily offer personalized services to your patients. Promote drug discovery for new diseases, predict the actual needs of your patients, and offer them the best healthcare service with our AI-based healthcare software.

      IoT Connectivity

      You can easily capture real-time data to generate valuable insights for your organization. From tracking your healthcare devices to monitoring the health status of remote patients, IoT solutions can be helpful in many ways.


      Manage medical supply chain, handle your transactions, and ensure a secure transfer of your healthcare record with Blockchain services. You can even carry out your clinical trials with blockchain-based solutions.

      Voice Recognition
      Voice-Assisted Apps

      Allow your patients to book appointments, access their medical records, explore their prescriptions with voice commands. Help them understand the hospital policies and post-discharge instruction through voice-enabled healthcare solutions.

      Looking to Implement these Next-Gen Technologies to Your Healthcare Software Solution? 

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      Our Success Stories

      For every real-world problem, we have delivered software solutions that reflect our expertise in diverse verticals.

      Why Matellio for Healthcare Software Development?

      As a leading healthcare software development company, Matellio promises to offer you next-gen services and resources for your custom solutions. By employing the combination of the latest technologies our dedicated developers offer the best custom healthcare solutions that effectively satisfy your business needs and deliver an exceptional patient experience.
      Whether it be a custom EHR, remote patient monitoring software, telemedicine app, or even pharmacy management software, we develop various healthcare solutions for clinics and hospitals. From AI and ML to IoT, Blockchain, and even Big Data, we have comprehensive knowledge of various next-gen technologies that ensure success for your healthcare software development.
      Free Market Research
      Cost Effective Solutions
      No-Obligation Quote
      Next Gen Development
      Next-Gen Development
      Agile Development Methodology
      Automated Testing Services
      100% Customizable Solution

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. How do you proceed with healthcare software development?

      After carefully validating your needs and compliances, and examining the market trends, we follow an agile methodology for your custom healthcare software development. Our general development method include: 

      • Requirement gathering 
      • Investigation and scope freezing 
      • Wireframing/ prototyping 
      • UI structure 
      • Development 
      • QA and testing

      2. What are the beneficial features that ensures a successful healthcare app development?

      The features of a mobile app usually depend on its function. But some features need to be present in all healthcare mobile apps. 

      • Access electronic medical records 
      • View doctor’s profile & other credentials 
      • View & schedule the doctor’s appointment 
      • Book, modify & cancel appointments 
      • On-time appointment notifications/reminders 
      • Access to lab test reports 
      • Get prescription details & alerts 
      • Prescription refill options 
      • Get emergency doctor’s aid  

      3. What are the different types of healthcare software that you can develop?

      Right from EHR, and billing management software, to remote patient monitoring system, veterinary system, telehealth apps, pharmacy systems, and even ePrescription software, we can help you develop any sort of custom healthcare solutions as per your needs and budget.  

      4. What are the benefits of using custom healthcare solutions?

      A custom healthcare solution can be used to automate your healthcare and management processes while enhancing patient care and experience efficiently. Depending on the type and working of a custom healthcare solution, you can automate various aspects of your organization including remote patient monitoring, real-time health tracking, billing and revenue cycles, appointments and scheduling functionalities, and so on.  

      5. What services do you offer with custom healthcare software development?

      Idea consultation, MVP creation, market analysis, dedicated developers, UI/UX services, app/web development, testing, maintenance, data migration, platform updates, technology updates, features additions, and more, you can get a wide range of professional services for your custom healthcare software with us! 

      6. Can you help me with chatbot development for my custom healthcare solution?

      Definitely, we can help you develop a chatbot for your custom healthcare solution matching your requirements. You only need to fill our consultation form below and our experts will manage everything after that. 

      7. How can I hire dedicated healthcare developers from Matellio?

      You can follow these simple steps to hire the best developers from Matellio for your custom healthcare software development: 

      • Fill our consultation form 
      • Discuss your needs and ideas with our experts 
      • Hire a dedicated team of developers 
      • Choose a suitable engagement model 
      • Start your Project 

      8. How does agile improve software development for healthcare?

      With agile development methodology, you can reduce the risks associated with your healthcare software development. Besides that, developing user-centric solutions with your expectations and on a minimal budget is also possible using agile methodology. You get every detail of your development process, and that, in turn, reduces the testing and customization time for your project.

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