Why Your Business Needs IoT Development Solutions?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of interconnected physical devices. These devices facilitate seamless data exchange and offer data for analytics. IoT's key business benefits have attracted attention from businesses of various sizes, regardless of their industry. IoT development helps enterprises drive business benefits such as business process monitoring, higher CX, higher efficiency, and improved strategic decision-making. This ultimately affects the company's bottom line positively, increasing RoI.


of organizations believe IoT has improved process efficiency.



of the early adopters admit IoT is critical to competitive advantage.



of 56Bn connected devices worldwide will be connected to an IoT platform



of organizations that invested in IoT believe that they will receive expected financial return in three years.


Custom IoT Development Services

We offer an extensive range of services for enterprises to keep pace with changing markets & bring out full value from their investment.

Which IoT Development Service Are You Looking for?

We are sure we have you covered with our rich technical skills and broad experience in IoT application development.
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IoT Development Tools and Frameworks

Our certified, experienced engineers pioneer in the advanced technology stack that enables you to deploy best-in-class IoT products for your business.
Big Data Analysis
and ML

  • Grafana
  • PyTorch
  • Python
  • SciPy
  • Spark ML

Big Data Collection
and Processing

  • Apache Hadoop
  • Apache Kafka
  • Elasticsearch
  • OpenTSDB

Hardware Programming

  • C/C++
  • C#
  • Golang
  • Scala


  • Arduino
  • BeagleBone
  • CHIP
  • Raspberry Pi

Industry-based IoT Development Services

We offer an extensive range of IoT development services like middleware engineering, web and mobile app development for diverse industry verticals.

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    What is

    Why Matellio for IoT Development?

    Quicker Turnaround

    Launch your proof of concept or minimum viable products with our time-efficient IoT development services.

    Uncompromised Security

    We use advanced security protocols and tools to ensure secure data collection and management.

    Complete Lifecycle Support

    Our IoT development services are tailored to offer you a full-fledged development experience.

    Our Portfolio

    A few of our clients we previously worked with, along with their projects we worked upon.
    Future Aerial

    A Web App Solution to Manage the Drones.


    A Location-Based Content Delivery Platform.


    Online Directory System to Locate Skilled Partners for Siemens Employees.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What factors impact the IoT development cost?

    We, at Matellio, consider the following factors to analyze the cost of custom IoT development:

    • Type of IoT solution 
    • Number of users/ devices 
    • Functionalities and their complexities 
    • The scale of deployment 
    • Team size and resource expertise 

    As an initial step of your association with our team, we provide a FREE consultation to help you analyze your requirements in detail. Once we have a clearer picture of what your requirements are and how we can help you with custom IoT development, we will share the estimate with you.

    2. What factors impact the IoT development time?

    The main factor that impacts the time to build an IoT solution is the level of IoT functionalities. For instance, if you want to develop the device and application from scratch, it’ll take more time than the one where the only application is developed. At the same time, if the features are more complex, the development will take more time. Accurate estimation is only possible once we consider all your requirements in detail. 

    3. How do IoT consulting services at Matellio work?

    Our IoT consultants understand your project requirements and introduce IoT technology to you in a better way. They analyze all your requirements and pinpoint the gaps that you can fill with our IoT experts. We also help you build a roadmap for project implementation, how you can unleash its full potential, optimize the process further, and improve products and services.  

    4. What are the most common IoT use cases that Matellio can implement?

    We are experts in creating IoT applications for diverse industry verticals, addressing specific business problems. Some of them include the top industry use cases such as: 

    • Remote asset monitoring and control 
    • IoT-based process automation 
    • Vehicle fleet management 
    • Location tracking 
    • IoT for asset/ plant performance optimization 
    • IoT-based quality control and management 
    • IoT-based goods condition monitoring in transit 
    • Predictive maintenance 
    • On-site track and trace. 

    However, our expertise doesn’t end here. We take pride in rich experience and technical skills that enable us to develop custom IoT solutions that match the demands of our clients. 

    5. How can I hire IoT developers from Matellio?

    We follow a four-step process in the hiring projects: 

    • Define the project’s scope with our business consultants. 
    • Select candidates for the screening process. 
    • Schedule an interview with the selected candidates from our team 
    • Initiate project onboarding 

    6. Do you sign NDA for custom IoT development projects?

    The first step of your association with us begins with NDA signing. Our business consultants and team ensure the safety of your product and idea at every level of custom IoT app development. 

    7. Do you also offer hardware development for IoT?

    Yes. We offer a wide range of hardware development services such as design and prototyping, embedded development, data storage solutions, and more. If you have any specific requirements in this area, you can contact our team to discuss them further.  

    8. Does Matellio offer post-launch support and maintenance for IoT development projects?

    Yes. Matellio offers post-launch support for the IoT projects. While it is complimentary for the first month, you can always hire the team for support and maintenance tasks at a mutually agreed hourly rate.  

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