Embedded Software Development Services

As a leading embedded software development company, we utilize our in-depth hardware knowledge and software development expertise to create codes for embedded apps, firmware, middleware, device drivers, human-machine interfaces (HMIs), and enterprise-grade IoT solutions. Our partnerships with various vendors and the deep knowledge of our embedded software developers help us support your vision and extract meaningful values from your device.
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What Is Embedded Software, and Why Do You Need It?

Embedded software refers to computer software designed to run on specialized hardware devices, such as microcontrollers or system-on-chip (SoC) devices, control the behavior of the hardware device, and interact with the outside world. Industries, including telecom, manufacturing energy, transportation, etc., can leverage embedded solutions for improved performance, lower power consumption, and better reliability. Matellio is a one-stop destination for embedded software development for start-ups and enterprises. Our business-focused embedded software development services help you smoothly trace the route from ideation to product launch.
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Industry-wide Use

Industries like electronics, transportation, etc., can leverage embedded systems for improved performance, lower power consumption & better reliability.

Faster Results

Since embedded software runs on specific hardware, it can be optimized to take advantage of the hardware’s capabilities & provide efficient processing.

Reduced operational costs

Embedded software is typically designed to run on specialized hardware, often less expensive than general-purpose computing hardware.


Embedded software can be designed to include security features like data encryption and access controls to protect against cyber-attacks & data breaches.

Embedded Software Development for Different Platforms

Get turn-key embedded software development services to create solutions for different platforms and architectures.
IoT Apps

Embedded PCB
Embedded PCB

Embedded OS
Embedded OS

Apps for Android or iOS
Embedded Apps

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Embedded Software Development Services We Offer

Explore end-to-end services offered by Matellio to fulfill your embedded software development requirements.

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    What is

    Why Matellio for Embedded Software Development?

    Competitive Edge
    Competitive Edge:

    Our experts are always updated on the current industry trends to deliver services that keep you ahead.

    Enhanced Security
    Enhanced Security:

    We leverage ultra-modern security tools and follow the best security guidelines to ensure data security.

    Industry wide Experience
    Industry-wide Experience:

    We have experience working with startups, SMEs, and enterprises across the EU and the US.

    Strong R&D
    Strong R&D Expertise:

    With our strong R&D department, development teams are always on the lookout for advancements.

    How We Proceed with Embedded Software Development?

    Our innovative, agile approach for embedded software development helps you get to market faster and achieve scale with speed.
    • 1

      Our skilled engineers and consultants evaluate your business needs and help you brainstorm and formulate the best test plan to reflect excellence through the end product.

    • 2
      Software Designing

      After analysis, our designers and project managers create prototypes of your embedded solution and test them under different conditions to pick the best version.

    • 3
      Development & Testing

      We bring you an A-class embedded engineering experience for software development that unifies data engineering, UI/UX, and testing services to ensure you relish the best quality.

    • 4
      Continuous Support

      We formulate the best policies that cater to feature enhancement, bug fixing and correction, regression testing, and maintenance releases to help you make a long-term impact on the industry.

    Tools and Technologies We Use

    Embedded Linux  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What other embedded software development services do you offer?

    As a leading embedded software development company, we offer you a wide range of services, including consulting, architecture review and designing, UI/UX, BSP/driver customization, HMI solution development, firmware update, OS migration, OTA, M2M communication, etc. Besides that, we also offer end-to-end development of IoT applications, accelerators, embedded solutions for web and desktop, debugging services, edge AI, and more for your business.

    2. Which industries can benefit from your embedded software development services?

    Companies of any size and domain can benefit from our embedded software development services. To name a few industries, we have:  

    • Telecom  
    • Manufacturing  
    • Healthcare  
    • Wearable tech  
    • Electronics  
    • Scientific equipment

    3. Do you offer post-launch support services?

    Yes, we offer a wide range of support and maintenance services, from tech support and feature upgrades to testing, UI/UX, architecture re-engineering, data migration, and platform porting, to help you leverage the latest trends in maximizing your RoI.

    4. What other services do you offer for my business?

    Apart from embedded software development services, we offer several other services for your business, including (but not limited to):  

    • DevOps consulting  
    • Digital transformation services  
    • Web/app development  
    • Product prototyping and development  
    • Enterprise solutions development  
    • Cloud migration services  
    • Business and technology consulting  
    • System integration service

    5. How much does embedded software development cost?

    The cost of embedded software development can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the software, the expertise and experience of the development team, the tools and technologies required, and the timeline for the project. Additionally, the cost can be affected by the type of hardware platform for which the software is being developed, the level of customization required, the need for testing and debugging, and any external factors like regulatory requirements or certifications. Hence, you can fill out our free consultation form to discuss your ideas and requirements with our experts and get a no-obligation quote for your project!

    6. What platforms are covered in your embedded software development services?

    Our talented embedded software developers work with a wide range of platforms. Here’s a list of some of the most common ones we use for embedded software development:  

    • x86/x86-64  
    • ARM  
    • FPGA  
    • CPLD  
    • PowerPC  
    • MIPS  
    • AVR  
    • MSP430  
    • PIC/PIC24/PIC32/dsPIC  
    • DSP

    7. How can I get started with Matellio for embedded software development?

    Connecting with us for your embedded software development is easy. You only need to follow some simple steps:  

    • Fill out our consultation form  
    • Discuss your ideas and business requirements over a free 30-minute consultation call  
    • Get recommendations on technology, development approach, and resources  
    • Choose a suitable engagement model  
    • Begin your embedded software development

    8. What OS do you use for embedded software development?

    To deliver flawless embedded software development services, we use the following operating systems:  

    • Embedded Linux  
    • Windows/Windows CE  
    • Android  
    • RTOS  
    • ROS