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Matellio offers cloud integration services and solutions that facilitate round-the-clock accessibility, scalability, and security across your organization. Integrate mission-critical applications, processes, and databases, and succeed with your digital transformation strategy by building faster and better with enterprise-grade cloud integration services.

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    What is

    Promote Business Agility with Our Cloud Integration Services

    As a leading cloud solution and service provider, Matellio helps enterprises, SMEs, and startups minimize operational costs and reduce provisioning time. With our cloud integration services, you can secure your critical business data and facilitate a smooth digital transformation. Create boundaryless business by integrating on-premise applications, social media services, and third-party gateways that drive business performance. Get better data security and visibility into your business operations, and standardize your processes with our cloud integration services.
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    Customer Relationship Development
    Data Security

    With our cloud integration services, you can secure your critical business information from online thefts and frauds.

    Cloud Cost Reduction
    Cost Reduction

    By storing a vast amount of data in a secure cloud platform, you can exponentially reduce your data management cost.

    Cloud Automated Operations
    Automated Operations

    You can easily integrate next-gen technologies into cloud-based enterprise solutions to facilitate process automation.

    Cloud Enhanced Productivity
    Enhanced Productivity

    Cloud solutions offer you deeper business insights that help you make data-backed business decisions.

    Our Cloud Integration Capabilities

    Explore cutting-edge services provided by Matellio for your enterprise solutions and applications.

    Need a Cloud-based Enterprise Solution for your Business?

    Connect with our experts over a free consultation call and validate your ideas for a successful cloud solution development.

      What is

      Types of Deployment We Offer

      Discover a wide range of cloud deployment models that helps us to enhance your business operations and organizational workflows.
      Public Cloud
      Public Cloud

      Get cloud computing capabilities to accelerate your business processes and deploy various applications over the shared cloud platform.

      Private Cloud
      Private Cloud

      Get flexibility, scalability, provisioning, and automation capabilities for your organization with greater control over data through a private cloud platform.

      Hybrid Cloud
      Hybrid Cloud

      Move your data between the private and public clouds while overcoming the barrier set by the provider with our hybrid cloud integration services.

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      Our Success Stories


      A cloud-based funeral management system to assist and streamline the tasks like resource optimization, inventory management, team management, etc.
      multiple languages
      Multi-language Support

      The users and admins can communicate easily with other users in multiple languages.

      secured access and easy scalability
      Secured Access

      All the data is stored in the cloud for secured access and easy scalability.

      centralized dashboard
      Centralized Dashboard

      Admin can control business operations and get KPIs through a centralized dashboard.


      A cloud-based property management solution is used for calculating the property's different costs and the exact ROI.
      informed decision
      Informed Decision

      The users can store & evaluate costs for multiple properties & make an informed decision.

      Cost Calculations

      Realtors or investors can get various costs like renovation, refurbishing, selling, etc.

      property calculator
      Property Calculator

      The property calculator can be accessed from anywhere and via any device through cloud-based functionalities.


      An online cloud-based directory system to help Siemens employees locate a skilled partner matching their requirements.
      search filters
      Search Filters

      Users get search filters, including region, country & vertical, for locating a suitable partner.

      Centralized Database

      The data is stored on the cloud for easy information access from a centralized platform.

      Data Encryption

      All the data is encrypted, so no leaks and frauds affect the brand's reputation.

      Get Industry-specific Cloud Integration Services and Solutions

      As a leading cloud integration service provider, we offer services and solutions meeting your industry requirements.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Why choose Matellio for cloud integration services?

      You can get endless benefits by choosing us as your cloud integration service provider. To name a few, we have:  

      • Experienced cloud experts  
      • 24/7 technical support  
      • A wide range of cloud services  
      • No hidden cost  
      • Custom cloud solutions
      • Strict NDA policy
      • Smooth cloud migration

      2. What other services do you offer for cloud-based solutions?

      At Matellio, we are not limited to cloud integration. You can access various other cloud-based services, including security testing, platform migration, cloud consulting services, data migration to the cloud platform, etc. We deliver custom services tailored to meet your business requirements. You can fill out our consultation form to explore the best cloud services for your organization.

      3. How much does cloud integration cost?

      Cloud integration costs depend on your on-premise applications, services, and business infrastructure. For instance, the size of your enterprise applications, number of solutions to be migrated to the cloud, any new cloud-based solution development, amount of data, etc. You can fill out our consultation form to discuss your requirements and get an accurate quote for the cloud integration services.

      4. Can you help me create a cloud-based enterprise application?

      We can help you create a custom cloud-based enterprise application with your choice of features and designs at the best price possible. You can even choose the APIs that need to be integrated into your enterprise app for better performance.

      5. I have an existing enterprise solution. Can you migrate it to the cloud?

      Indeed. We can migrate your data or existing legacy system to the cloud. You can even consult with our experts to kickstart your cloud-based enterprise software development with next-gen tech and the best competitive features. Simply fill out our form below to get started!

      6. What is cloud strategy consulting?

      Cloud consulting is creating a strategy through which you can implement cloud services directly into your business. We provide cloud consulting services that ensure you can make the most of your investment in cloud services while retaining your way of business.

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