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Matellio delivers end-to-end enterprise mobility services to help companies get mobile enterprise solutions with seamless UI/UX, powerful security, and smart features. Drive innovation and profitability into your business, enhance employee and customer satisfaction, and facilitate remote connectivity through multiple devices with our industry-specific enterprise mobility solutions and services.

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    What is

    Increase Efficiency and Profitability with Our Enterprise Mobility Solutions

    Digital Business Workflows
    Digital Business Workflows

    Whether data collection or complex data analysis, you can automate all your tedious business workflows through end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions.

    Reduced Operational Cost
    Reduced Operational Cost

    Enterprise apps facilitate quick business operations through a single-window operating platform that reduces the cost of data storage and processing.

    Better Customer Satisfaction
    Better Customer Satisfaction

    Custom enterprise mobility solutions offer scalability, customizations, and agility, contributing to better tracking and a higher customer experience.

    Our End-to-End Enterprise Mobility Services

    Drive your organization’s growth with our business-specific enterprise mobility services and solutions.

    Need Help with Your Enterprise Mobility Solution?

    We offer in-depth market and competitor analysis along with free consultation to help you succeed with your project.

      What is

      Enterprise Mobility Services for Various Industries

      Whatever your business needs, we can fulfill them with our industry-specific mobility solutions and services.

      Next-Gen Tech for Your Enterprise Mobility Solutions

      As a leading enterprise app development company, we know the best technologies for your enterprise mobility.

      Get AI-based mobility solutions to enhance data analytics process and automate fraud detection, customer support, product pricing, team management, and HR operations.

      Cloud Computing
      Cloud Computing

      Leverage cloud-based enterprise apps for secure & scalable operations. Resolve complex business challenges & process raw data to obtain meaningful insights.


      Collect meaningful business data from multiple end-points and use that to enhance your business policies and customer experience with IoT app development services.


      Offer unique & personalized experience to your target audience by offering AR/VR-based enterprise mobility solutions that seamlessly works on multiple devices.

      Want to Implement these Next-Gen Technologies into Your Enterprise App?

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. What are enterprise mobility solutions?

      Enterprise mobility solutions enable businesses to operate smoothly across connected devices, applications, people, and processes. It has been on the radar of organizations for some time now. Organizations worldwide are inclined to discover opportunities in enterprise mobility via mobile apps, device management, workforce mobility, agile transformations, or a combination of these.   

      At Matellio, we offer you an extensive range of enterprise mobility services, including mobility consulting, BYOD, EMM, app engineering, etc. Backed by strong domain and technical expertise, we help enterprises define their business processes and accelerate growth by designing best-in-class mobility solutions.

      2. How much does it cost to build an enterprise app?

      Typically, numerous factors impact the cost of enterprise mobility solutions. For instance, the number of resources you hire, engagement model, next-gen technologies, services rendered, and more. Hence, if you seek an accurate quote for your project, validating your ideas is the best option. You can fill out our form below to connect with our experts for a free consultation.

      3. What other services do you offer with enterprise app development?

      Our enterprise software development services include but are not limited to:  

      • Technology consultation  
      • Code review  
      • Platform and data migration  
      • MVP creation and UI/UX  
      • Testing
      • Web/app development
      • Third-party integration
      • Product enhancement
      • Maintenance and support

      4. Can you migrate my existing enterprise solutions to an enterprise mobility solution?

      We can help you convert your existing web application to a functional enterprise mobile app without performance issues. You can even launch a custom mobile app that matches your business goals and compliments your digital transformation journey. You can decide everything for your project, from features to the designs and development team.

      5. What are the platforms for which you can develop enterprise mobility solutions?

      We can develop Android apps, iOS apps, hybrid apps, PWAs, cross-platform apps, and even web apps for your business. You only need to mention your specifications, and we can suggest the best app development platforms for your project.

      6. How do you ensure the data security and integrity of enterprise apps?

      We follow the best security practices to safeguard your ideas and customer data from third-party business access. Besides that, we also follow a strict NDA (non-disclosure agreement) policy that binds our employees and us from sharing our ideas with other companies.

      7. How do you develop an enterprise mobility solution?

      Our development process is majorly divided into three stages. We follow the Agile development methodology to give you constant updates on your project after every development stage. Our development process includes:  

      • Requirement Analysis: In this stage, your ideas and requirements and analyzed by our experts. They then offer the best features, designs, and technologies based on market trends and competitor analysis. You can also create an MVP based on your chosen features to see your app’s appearance after the actual development.   
      • Product Development: Once the requirements are analyzed, you can select your app development team to begin with your enterprise mobility solution development. App development, API integration, testing, and deployment occur in this stage.
      • Maintenance and Support: After the final deployment, you can leverage our post-launch services if you feel your app needs more customizations or additions. The addition of features, technologies, UI/UX services, and testing occurs in this stage.

      8. Tell us about your post-launch services.

      We are known to offer cost-effective and reliable post-launch services to our clients ranging from data and platform migration to technology updates, features addition, UI/UX, maintenance, cloud migration, and technical support.

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