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Matellio has over a decade of experience in mobile app development with frameworks like React Native. Our React Native developers also have expertise in building a variety of mobile applications for businesses from various verticals. Our experience for using React Native framework to create robust, interactive, reliable, and highly secure mobile apps has helped us earn high industry standards. To achieve this level of perfectionism, we vet our React Native developers on their programming skills so they can deliver even on the most complex requirements. We also train them in integrating a wide range of third-party APIs and SDKs in order to scalable solutions in React Native.

We develop affordable mobile apps with native functionalities using the rich toolkit of React Native framework.

easy development
Quick Development Lifecycle

Get your apps developed quickly with minimal coding for multiple platforms and re-utilization of components and modules.

Smooth Performance

We build highly immersive React Native apps through native code compilation that offers a smooth and responsive user experience.

Native Features

Get apps that make use of native features of both mobile platforms by hiring our dedicated React Native developers.

React Native App Development Services We Offer

Explore our extensive range of services for your diverse development needs.

React Native App Development

We provide comprehensive React Native app development services to help you create intuitive, responsive, engaging, and high-performing apps for iOS and Android.

Intuitive UI UX

React Native UI/UX Design

Our React Native UI/UX designers have a keen understanding of the platform’s capabilities which enables them to design for a wide range of mobile devices.


App Migration & Upgradation

We will migrate your existing mobile app to the React Native platform while ensuring seamless performance and upgrading it to support the latest features and functions.


React Native App Maintenance

We will help you maintain your React Native mobile apps to offer effective bug fixes, feature updates, and general improvements to ensure optimal performance and security.


MVP Development

Get the core features of your native app developed quickly to reduce the time to market and have scalable functionalities with MVP development services.

Cross platform App Development

Cross-platform App Development

Provide a rich and consistent user experience of your app across multiple platforms by leveraging our React Native app developers' expertise in building cross-platform apps.

React Native Testing

React Native Testing

Get dedicated services for unit testing of your app to ensure smooth functionality. We also offer integration, functional, and stress testing for React Native apps.

hybrid app development

Hybrid App Development

Our expert React Native developers utilize the virtual DOM architecture of the platform to build high-performance and cost-efficient hybrid apps for various platforms.

Looking for React Native Mobile App Development?

    What is

    Why Matellio for React Native Development?

    quality centric
    Quality-centric Approach

    Our quality-centric approach ensures that you get world-class digital solutions tailored to your business needs.

    Agile Development
    Agile-based Development

    We use Agile for product life cycle management to rapidly develop, deploy, and scale products to market.

    transparent procedure
    Fully Transparent Procedure

    We ensure that the client has full control over the software and its code to protect their IP rights.

    What Makes React Native Best for Mobile App?

    With code reusability and UI-centric modular approach, React Native is the ideal framework for mobile app development.
    High-performance Apps

    The platform enables the use of native APIs and components, resulting in a great performance.

    cross platform
    Cross Platform Development

    By reusing a single codebase for both platforms, the framework reduces development time.

    easy deployment
    Swift Deployment

    Through OTA updates, React Native facilitates live updates and deployment for apps.

    react native benefits
    Third-party Plugins

    React Native has a large support for pre-built plugins that can be easily integrated into the app.

    ui centric approach
    UI-centric Approach

    The React JavaScript library helps in building UI components for a visually appealing interface.

    hot reloading
    Hot Reloading

    React Native offers hot reloading that enables developers to see the results from code to interface.

    Our Global Clients

    Clients across the globe trust us with their digital transformation and software development needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can React Native be used for both web and mobile?

    Yes, React Native can be used to build web applications. React Native for Web provides a way to convert custom React Native APIs like View and Text to their HTML5 counterparts like div, allowing developers to use the same codebase for web applications that they use to develop Android and iOS mobile apps.

    2. How much does it cost to develop a react native application?

    The cost of developing a react native application can range from something as little as USD 20,000 to up to USD 300,000 and more. This variation in price comes from the different factors that affect the cost of developing a React Native app. Some of these factors are the complexity of the app, its feature list, total hours of coding required, the hourly rate of developers in the given location, integration required, and deployment platforms. 

    3. How long does it take to build a react native app?

    For a simple app with minimal functionalities, it typically takes 3 to 4 months from engineering to public release. This timeframe does not take into account the product definition or design stages of constructing the React Native app. This timeframe can also extend to several months if the requirements are complex and extensive. 

    4. How to select the best React Native app development company?

    Selecting a React Native company for your project requirement should be treated as a comprehensive task with a sophisticated approach. You should start by shortlisting the react native app development companies that meet your constraints, like the location and the engagement models you require. Thereafter, you should research the company’s portfolio to check its development expertise. Then you can book a consultation call with them to see whether developing an app with your requirement will be feasible for them at all within the budget and time constraints you may have. Then you can weigh the pros and cons of the companies on factors like development cost, skills, and turnaround time. 

    5. How is React Native different from ReactJS?

    React Native is a framework for building native mobile apps using JavaScript. On the other hand, ReactJS is a JavaScript library used for building user interfaces for web apps. React Native allows developers to create mobile applications that are nearly indistinguishable from apps built with Objective-C or Java. The framework also offers a number of components and APIs that are not available in ReactJS, such as the ability to access device hardware, push notifications, and integration with other native applications. However, if you want to hire a React JS developer for your web application, you can do that to too with Matellio. 

    6. Are you a react native app development company in USA?

    Yes, Matellio is a React Native App Development Company based in the USA, headquartered in San-Jose. We offer a wide range of services, including mobile application development, web development, and custom software development. We specialize in React Native applications and have over half a decade worth of experience in developing native and cross-platform apps for clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. 

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