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#StayAlertStaySafe: We would like to clarify that Matellio Inc. doesn’t ask job seekers to take expensive paid courses with the promise of a job and neither do we have any such training programs in place. Learn more on how to beware of these scams here.

Perks of Working with Matellio

We provide our team members with a work environment that nurtures talent, provides exciting learning opportunities and exposure, and offers a healthy work-life balance.

Employee Benefits

  • Exciting  projects 
  • 5 Day work culture
  • Hybrid and remote working
Family Benefits
  • Mediclaim benefits
  • Term insurance
  • Paternity & Maternity leaves
Personal Growth
  • Corporate training programs
  • Performance-based incentives
  • Awards and recognitions
Other Benefits
  • Employee referral bonus
  • Work-life balance
  • Recreational area

Our Departments

Technology and Development

From data scientists to AI experts, developers, and UI/UX designers, we are looking for people who excel at finding innovative solutions to complex business problems.

Talent Team and HR

If you are passionate about talent scouting and acquisition, office management, and maintaining company policies, then our talent acquisition and HR team awaits you!

Digital Marketing

We are actively looking for digital marketing experts, designers, and writers who know how to tell engaging stories in a visually stunning, and thought-provoking manner.

Sales and Client Services

If you are a people person and know how to turn leads into sales, you will have ample opportunities to put those skills to use with our Sales and Client Services team.

Quality Assurance

Our QA team allows us to make high quality deliveries. We are actively hiring detail-oriented QA engineers with a knack for picking out the most minute of problems.

Admin and Finance

We seek people with interest in IT infrastructure management, accounting, and office management to ensure maximum operational efficiency.

Accelerate Your Career Growth With Matellio

We are looking for tech wizards, creative designers, storytellers, and digital marketing maestros!

Life @ Matellio

Life at Matellio is not only full of amazing career and learning opportunities but also exciting cultural, sports, and technical events. We offer a culturally diverse working environment where ideas and innovation are valued and rewarded. We are a close-knit group of dreamers who never miss an opportunity to celebrate and party together. For us, fun and work go hand in hand. And throughout the year, we get together for many festivals, celebrations, events, and formal meets to instill a feeling of camaraderie among our team members.

Life @ Matellio

Life at Matellio is not only full of amazing career and learning opportunities but also exciting cultural, sports, and technical events. We offer a culturally diverse working environment where ideas and innovation are valued and rewarded.

What Matellio'ites Say

``I think what makes Matellio a perfect company to work with is the fact that here, above all else, we love technology. There is a genuine willingness to build better digital solutions and work on the latest technology in the team. And for anyone who wishes to get hands-on experience with the technologies of tomorrow, there can be no better place to work. Our global clients hail from a swath of different industries, and that gives our engineers and designers the opportunity to work on different kinds of projects. This breaks the monotony of work also and challenges our team members, and inspires them to learn new skills.``
Ankit Kapoor Manager- Delivery
''Matellio is the perfect place for engineers who are looking to learn and grow. Not only do you get a chance to hone your skills, but you are always encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and explore new technologies. Great ideas and problem-solving skills are always rewarded with newer and more complex, and interesting projects. The company also knows how to balance work and fun. From cultural events to tech events like Hackathons to promote next-gen tech, Matellio does it all. And since I’m crazy for cricket, it’s especially awesome for me that cricket and table tennis tournaments are yearly activities here! ''
Kuldeep Rajpurohit Senior Developer
''Matellio truly cares for its employees. Apart from amazing work and personal growth opportunities, the company also provides perks like mediclaim, term insurance, maternity and paternity leaves, etc., to all its employees. The work-life balance here is perfect. Your skills will be challenged, but you will never be overwhelmed. It is a fine line to walk on, and Matellio does it perfectly. Truly a great place to work!''
Punit Acharya Project Manager
''I joined Matellio as a fresher, and so far, I’ve not felt the need to make a switch. The reason is simple— there is a perfect effort-reward system here which keeps bringing in newer and more exciting work and learning opportunities. As a part of the lead generation team, I get to work on SEO and content projects for clients from various industries. It is one of the most dynamic teams where collaboration is valued. I have learned so much simply from our brainstorming sessions. Working side by side with so many talented people, I feel more confident in my skills as a writer than ever before!''
Sourabh Sharma Technical Content Writer

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