Cross-Platform App Development Services

Matellio is a leading cross-platform app development company offering scalable, intuitive, and secure apps for enterprises and startups. Reach a wider audience, gain maximum profits, and reduce your app development cost by using a single app for multiple platforms with our cross-platform app development services.

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    What is

    Get Cutting-edge Cross-Platform App Development Services Across All Platforms

    As a leading cross-platform app development company, we have expertise in delivering custom apps across various devices and platforms.
    Custom Android iOS Apps
    Mobile Apps for Android/iOS

    Wearable & Smart TV Apps

    Tablet Apps for Android/iOS

    PWA and Desktop Apps

    Get Custom Cross-platform Apps

    Our Cross-Platform App Development Services

    Whether you are a unicorn startup or a leading enterprise, our full-scale cross-platform app development services have got you covered!

    How Much Does Cross-Platform App Development Cost?

      What is

      Why Matellio for Cross-Platform App Development?

      Innovative Approach
      Innovative Approach

      Our talented R&D team always keeps up with the latest market trends to offer innovative cross-platform apps that stand out from the crowd.

      Flexible Hiring Models
      Flexible Hiring Models

      We offer a wide range of hiring models and needs-based scaling services to help our clients with cost-effective cross-platform app development.

      Decade long Experience
      Decade-long Experience

      Our dedicated app developers have years-long experience in developing and delivering some of the most complex mobile apps for different industry verticals.

      Developing Custom Cross-Platform Apps for Various Industries

      We have successfully delivered custom mobile apps to businesses of various sizes and domains.

      Our Success Stories

      Our talented developers have successfully delivered projects to businesses ranging from startups and enterprises to Fortune 500 companies.

      Next-Gen Tech for Cross-Platform App Development

      Integrate AI in your cross-platform apps to automate fraud detection, customer support, product recommendations, and store checkouts via our AI app development services.
      AI ML


      We build smart custom Android apps for fraud detection, smart recommendations, and automated customer support via AI app development services.



      Get connected IoT apps for various cross-platform devices to facilitate smart home automation, asset tracking, customer analytics, warehouse automation, etc.

      Cloud Computing

      Cloud Computing

      Host your business apps on the cloud & offer your end-users scalability, security & agility via our cloud computing services for custom cross-platform apps.

      Big Data

      Big Data

      Implement big data in your custom cross-platform apps & leverage advanced data analytics services to understand your users & adopt the latest market trends.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. How much does it cost to develop a cross-platform app?

      The actual price of your cross-platform app development can only be calculated after analyzing your business requirements. For instance, if you plan to launch an AI-based cross-platform app, it will cost you more than a normal app with a mix of basic and advanced features. Similarly, the number of resources working on your project, the engagement model selected by you, the testing approach, and the complexity of your project impact your app development cost. Hence, you can fill out our free consultation form to discuss your ideas and get a no-obligation quote matching your requirements.

      2. How can I hire developers from Matellio for cross-platform app development?

      Hiring developers from Matellio for your cross-platform app development project is easy. Here are a few steps you need to follow:    

      • Fill out our consultation form    
      • Discuss your requirements with our experts    
      • Choose your hiring model    
      • Select your development team    
      • Begin with your android app development project

      3. How do you ensure the confidentiality of my data?

      You can remain assured about the confidentiality of your ideas and business data. We strictly follow an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that legally binds our employees and us from sharing your data with third-party businesses.

      4. What other development services do you offer?

      Besides cross-platform app development, we offer a wide range of other services, including:    

      • Digital transformation consulting    
      • Web/app development    
      • Enterprise software development    
      • AI development services    
      • Cloud integration service    
      • Testing services    
      • IoT development services    
      • Staff Augmentation    
      • UI/UX and MVP development services

      5. How do you proceed with cross-platform app development?

      We follow the agile development methodology to proceed with your cross-platform app development. Here’s what our development process looks like:    

      • App discovery and business requirement analysis    
      • MVP development    
      • UI/UX design and app architecture design    
      • Custom app development    
      • Quality assurance and testing    
      • App deployment

      6. Which technologies and tools do you use to develop custom cross-platform apps?

      Our experts have access to the best tools and technologies for creating a visually-compelling and error-free cross-platform app tailored to your business needs. To name a few technologies, we have:   

      • React Native   
      • Flutter   
      • Kotlin   
      • Unity   
      • JavaScript   
      • Swift   
      • Titanium

      7. How can I get updates about my app development project?

      We follow the agile development methodology that breaks your project into multiple sprints. So, whenever a sprint gets released, you get a real-time status of your project. We also assign a dedicated project manager to your project who coordinates with you regarding your project on a timely basis as per your availability.

      8. Why should I go for cross-platform app development?

      There are multiple benefits of investing in cross-platform app development for your business. To name a few, we have:   

      • Cost reduction as you need one code for various platforms.    
      • You can reach a wider audience with a single cross-platform app.   
      • There is a single cross-platform app for all devices, including tablets, smart TV, watches, and applications.   
      • Faster time to market as only one app is required for multiple platforms.