10 Best App Ideas for Startups in 2020 [Updated]

Updated on Jan 18th, 2022

10 App Ideas for Startups in 2020

Everything big starts with an idea with a great vision. In this digital world, your business idea should be backed up with tools that help you get recognition in order to grow. Developing a robust mobile app for your business or startup can be extremely fruitful in the long run. Your mobile app should reflect the value of your business and should deliver a seamless performance to the users. When your app offers what the market is looking for, it has a high probability of success. So, what are some cool app ideas for beginners? The question is very much popular in entrepreneurs’ minds. It is the major obstacle one has to overcome.  

In this blog, we will list ten cool mobile app ideas for your startup that are trending 

  • The Book Sharing App allows the reader to share books and forge a healthy relationship with other users. 
  • Public transport apps have gained massive popularity in the market in recent years. 
  • Booking appointments, accessing doctor’s profiles, selecting services, video consultation, Prescriptions, online chatting, and making payments are some of the regular features of Telemedicine app. 
  • An online dating app filled with basic criteria and functionalities is excellent for a start-up business. 

List of Unique Mobile Ideas 

Share a Book App

Share a Book App

The first cool idea in this list is our personal favorite- “Share a Book App,”; and why wouldn’t it be? After all, it’s a dream of every book lover to be part of that platform that allows them to get lost in the world of words!! 

The Book Sharing App allows the reader to share books and forge a healthy relationship with other users. Readers can chat, conduct meets, and discuss their love for books through this portal. The app would prove to be an online repository of e-books, through which the participants can easily exchange printed materials. 

Travel Planning App

Travelling Mobile App

Who doesn’t like traveling? 

An exquisite location, dusk time, bottle of beer, and the hand of your lover- a perfect scene, no? As much as it sounds luring, the task involves a lot of planning and money. Many people usually drop their plans due to the lack of either or both. 

Consider developing an app that takes every travel necessity of the user in the loop while maintaining the budget factor in check. The app must include favorite destinations, attractive offers, wishlists, travel blogs, chatbots at the bare minimum. Once the app launches in the market, and gains some popularity, integrate advanced functionalities like real-time experience, etc.

Criminal Alert Apps

Criminal Alert Apps

The crime rate is increasing day after day. News of burglaries, rapes, shootings, have become our daily dose of consumption. To make the world a bit safer, we recommend developing a crime alert app—the solution that informs users about the presence of already registered offenders. As per the New York Times, some solutions have already been contributed by the software world in this arena. But the market is not yet saturated as with other solution categories. 

People would always prefer to know in advance about the people with a criminal history; this app would deliver that.

Transportation App

Suggest Transportation App

Are you traveling to a new place or maybe exploring the new corners of your city? 

The primary issue people face is unaware of which conveyance (or say bus) to take to reach a particular destination. This is where the “suggest transportation app” would come into play. The solution would come up with all public transportation and the routes for traversing from one place to another within the city. Make it run offline with the help of a custom software development company so that people can use it with or without the internet.

Prevent Food Wastage App

Food Wastage App

Improper distribution of food is seen everywhere. Some are dying of hunger, and others seem to throw away leftovers. At times, after events or parties, a massive amount of untouched food is dumped in dustbins. The “Prevent Food Wastage” App comes in very handy in this situation. The app will inform the orphanage, and other such needy institutions, or roadside beggars about the food abundance, so they collect it for betterment.

Telemedicine app

Medicine Mobile App

Telemedicine application provides a common platform to meet doctors and patients. During the times of covid, this facility comes especially handy. Booking appointments, accessing doctor’s profiles, selecting services, video consultation, Prescriptions, online chatting, and making payments are some of the regular features of this application. By integrating it with Pharmacy stores, the app will be able to do home delivery of medicines and take the whole medical experience on another level.

Location Tracking App

Vechile Tracking Mobile App

A location tracking app helps in knowing the users about their loved one’s whereabouts. By turning on the device’s Bluetooth, users can trace their contacts within a limit that has this app-enabled in their device. Keeping track of user visits, location sharing, Google Services integration, and in-app messaging are some of the features to be integrated into this application. 

Meditation & Yoga App

Meditation & Yoga App

During these covid times, when going out and being part of any public place is not a very intelligent approach, a yoga and meditation app can be a big help. For people who are looking to start their online yoga classes or learners who wish to practice poses in the presence of instructors, the application could be their go-to solution.  

If you’re looking for a startup idea, then this could be the solution that might open the doors of wealth and success for you. 

eLearning App

eLearning App

This one is no surprise! eLearning platforms have been there for years, and especially during times of covid, these apps have gained massive popularity. Whether you’re a startup that wishes to deliver online education or an organization that wants to take its business online, the eLearning app is a perfect solution.  

Need some help? Hire our expert mobile app developers and have a tailor-made eLearning solution for your business growth! 

Online Dating App

Dating App

Though there are many dating apps available in the market already, you can carve a unique one with a unique idea by analyzing the market trends. The times of Covid have also given a boost to the development of online dating apps, as people are bored and have started using these apps more than ever. An online dating app filled with basic criteria and functionalities is excellent for a startup business. 

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Wrapping Up!

If you want to make the most of the global market, your business should have a mobile app. Around 3.8 billion people use smartphones, which makes this a flourishing industry. So investing in the same is not a very bad idea! As an entrepreneur, if you wish to have a profitable venture, picking the best app idea is very important. In case you are unfamiliar with the field of mobile app development, it is recommended to take the help of a full-fledged mobile app development company like Matellio. 

We have been developing flawlessly engineered mobile apps for more than a decade. Our team of expert developers have diversified experience and a wide array of skills to develop a perfect mobile app for your business. Being a reliable mobile app development company, we understand your needs better than anyone; our flexible hiring models help in keeping your budget in the decided limit. Book a 30-min free consultation call today with our experts for more information. 

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