5 Things To Do Before Developing a Mobile App

Updated on Jan 23rd, 2024

5 Things To Do Before Developing a Mobile App

Smartphones are the most amazing thing that happened to us, don’t you agree? So now when we talk about mobile apps and especially those mobile applications that fully address the market needs? Or you want to develop the product but there’s one thing which is that stops you: when you have no clue how to change the idea into a functional tool. And wondering where to start and what steps to take to create the application in the most effective way.

Five Things to Do Before Developing a Mobile App

  1. Competitor Analysis
  2. Defining user personas
  3. Goal setting
  4. Development and Maintenance Plan for App
  5. Promotional Strategy for App

1. Competitor Analysis

Without doing any thorough research and analyzing solutions you can not go any further, but knowing the product concept would definitely a great place, to begin with. You could start with a well-known search engine, which is one of the most effective methods. Google is going to assist you with almost everything you’re searching for so far. Entering the right keywords would be helpful to you.Further, just go through the articles regarding similar apps, give a quick review to the comment section as well, and don’t forget to browse the ratings, user reviews, and comments as well. Pay attention to the things on which the user is pointing out the most. This will eventually help you to inform about the least and the most needed features regarding your product. And additionally, You will also have the knowledge of what all features currently existing in the software solutions lack. This analysis is a way in order to polish your business model and to understand the pros and cons of existing applications and the latest trends in the market.

2. Defining User Personas

User personas for your business are going to make it easier to determine the application features, and are going to help you in promoting them whenever they’re ready. It is basically a fictional representation of your ideal app users so, obviously, it should have a detailed description that majorly consists of demographic data, interests, goals, objectives, and challenges that would match a specific user. If you have a Knowledge of your potential customers and about their particular requirements, you can easily determine how your app can solve their problems.
For instance, meals have to be easy to prepare and the best scenario is when the user can prepare food for the whole week and easily reheat it in the microwave available in the office so, similarly, you can prepare several various scenarios, depends on the determined goals.

3. Goal Setting

You need to convey your necessary application features and define the purpose as well If you are contacting the software house. It will create an understanding of your product and the vision clear to make a product that fully meets your needs and requirements much easier for the product team. Are there any similar solutions existing in the market? That is actually better, you can show them to your team to make them realize how your product is different from your competitors. The more details, the better. This is going to help them understand the subject plan, the application development process and its scale.

4. Development and Maintenance Plan for App

The first step ever in the whole process is introducing a new product in the market, so its time to focus on implementing your strategy, measuring the effects, as well as learning, and quickly and effectively responding to the changing situation. You’ll need to constantly improve the product. So, it is wise to ask your computer software to help and turning the MVP into a final product. Moreover, a full-stack well-experienced team will know how to use reporting and analyzing tools to get the best results.

5. Promotional Strategy for App Development

If there would be no proper promotion even the best product would not succeed. So there should be proper knowledge about the target audience before implementing the app. First, create a website and define the USP (unique selling proposition)- it could explain what your app is and what bit stands for. Remember about the ASO (App Store Optimization), which is a process of improving the visibility of your app, and make it rank higher in an app store’s search results. At this point, it’s important to research your competition to get a picture of their activity, it will help you get noticed in the market also. It is very crucial to frame a step-by-step plan to have a ready to use the product before launching it in an app store. While some believe that the development costs should be comparable to the market expenditure. This is a major rule and also there’s a proverb that “you have to spend money in order to make more money.” moreover, the agencies that specialize in mobile app marketing should help you determine your budget.


How Can Matellio Help in App Development?

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