A Complete Guide on Female Health Tracking App Development

Updated on Mar 18th, 2024

A Complete Guide on Female Health Tracking App Development

Stella started using an intuitive app for tracking her health metrics. One beautiful day when she woke up, an interactive cartoon cloud told her she might be pregnant. The cloud drifted off the screen after some time. The countdown started after that where the app reminded her about 8, 9, 10… days delay in her periods. It was then she conducted a tested and confirmed the news.

When the things sorted out, and she was back to normal, she started logging her period again to stay updated. Stells love it. There’s a friend who reminds her to take care of her health and makes sure she knows about her Fertility phase of the cycle to opt for safe intercourse.

Just like Stella, many other women have been using the female health tracking app to stay informed about her health. Probably that’s why similar apps have been receiving attention not only from the worldwide female community but also from investors and innovators.

If you are one from the latter categories, here’s something in for you- A Complete Guide on Female Health Tracking App Development.

Let’s walk through it and answer any question that you may have.

What is Female Technology Industry? 

Female technology

Tech industry has synonymized male fraternity for a long time now. But not anymore. Females are jumping to the bandwagon and one such result in the rise of new industry known as FemTech.

The term was coined by the CEO of Clue (a period-tracking app). It refers to any technology that aims to improve women’s lives. It includes:

  • Period tracking apps like Clue
  • Pelvic floor exercises like Yarlap
  • Birth control apps like Nurx
  • And a lot more.

What’s in for Investors in Femtech Industry?

In the past three years, an estimated amount of $1 billion has been invested in the Femtech already. And the market is predicted to hit $50 billion by 2025. In the health category, these apps are reportedly the fourth most popular among the adults and second popular among adolescent women.

Clearly, as women gear up to take control of their health, and men start staying abreast of their beloved’s health conditions, the industry is only going to rise in the upcoming years.

What Benefits does Female Health Tracking Apps offer to the Users?

1. Women can take control of their health and lives

Femtech aims to give women command over their health, happiness, and future. They have better insights into their body conditions, thereby able to make an informed decision, if the need be. Additionally, it fosters scientific knowledge about our bodies. The companies receive a vast amount of data that would cost a leg and an arm otherwise. It paves ways for better understanding of female bodies, hormones, etc.

2. Timely diagnosis and treatment of health problems

Besides helping women to understand their bodies and adding vast scientific knowledge, FemTech, in turn, helps them diagnose and treat the health problems well-in-time. For example, endometriosis takes over a decade to diagnose. However, if periods are regularly tracked, irregular periods are identified well-in-time indicating the user to head straight to the doctor.

3. Takes men a little close to understand their women’s body

FemTech helps men understand women’s health better. Girls can share insights with their other half or make use of the “partner-synch” feature that tells their partner where they are on their cycle. Simply making the men informed changing the scenario where they are viewing their mood swings mysteriously.

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What are the popular female health tracking apps on the market?


1. Clue

Clue is the top-rated period tracker and ovulation app helping you discover unique menstrual cycle patterns. It is capable of predicting your periods, PMS, as well as tell you about your fertile and infertile days to avoid unwanted pregnancies. This feature-packed app enables you to track all the menstrual cycle changes in a period calendar, including ovulation, fertility, cravings, moods, and inform how each phase is related to your health. Clue’s mantra is simple. It learns from the data you put in to provide spot-on accurate data based on scientific analysis. It is straightforward: no pink, no butterflies- just facts about your cycle and insights into your unique self.


Clue offers features like:

  • Period tracking
  • PMS tracking
  • Period and ovulation calendar
  • Period predictions and reminders
  • Lifestyle and mood tracker
  • Fertility and ovulation tracker
  • Plan pregnancy or birth control

2. Nurx


Well, if you live in contraceptive deserts, Nurx is there to help you out. It offers the most convenient and affordable way enabling women to take care of everyday healthcare needs. They home a medical team that prescribes birth control (50+ brands), PrEP for HIV prevention (along with on-door testing), emergency contraception, and home HPV testing- safely, securely, and on your schedule.

Nurx takes data from you, which is delivered directly to the medical team. The team reviews and prescribes the appropriate medication services.

3. Flo


Women across 30 countries use Flo is an AI-based period tracker, ovulation, and fertility calendar. It boasts of offering a smart and simple female period tracker, helpful pregnancy week by week app, accurate ovulation, and fertility calendar and PMS symptoms tracker for the users. It is famous as a precise period tracker, reliable pregnancy calculator, ovulation calendar, and much more.

4. Breast Cancer: Beyond The Shock 

Breast Cancer

Beyond the shock is a comprehensive online guide to understanding breast cancer.  It provides a resource for the suffering women and her family to gain a better understanding of the disease. Along with this, doctors can use it as a tool to share information. It is created by the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. (NBCF) and receives support from the finest medical experts, doctors, and researchers.

5. Maven Clinic

Maven Clinic

Birth control, anxiety, breastfeeding struggles, or anything that you may count, on-demand healthcare app, Maven Clinic has got you covered. It allows you to video chat with over 1,000 women and family health relationship experts anytime, right from your smartphones. It synonymizes a digital clinic where you can get expert help at the fingertips. It homes every single node of the female health clinic, including nurses, OB-GYNs, mental health specialists, pediatricians, nutritionists, sex coaches, midwives, and more.

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What are the must-have features to include in the female health tracking app?

Here are some of the features you can consider if you want to build a female health tracking app.

1. Registration/ Sign Up

Of course, get the users onboard and ensure to make it hassle-free for them. You can either use traditional email and password approach to get user signed up to the app or opt for social media integration.

2. Detailed health profile

Make sure you garner the required details from the user. It may include:

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Ailments (if any)
  • Allergies
  • Period date (for the first time)
  • Period date (for the first time)

3. Period tracker

Ensure to provide a great interface for the users to track their periods and view insights into crucial details. You can include the following options here:

  • Track cycle, period and PMS
  • Log the start date, the end date of menstruation and fertile days
  • Follow days favorable for conception in the fertility calendar
  • Get predictions for upcoming periods, ovulation and fertility
  • Log more symptoms to get improved predictions if you have irregular periods

4. Pregnancy calculator/ calendar and tracker

  • See a countdown to the birth of the baby
  • Track the week of pregnancy

5. Graphical view of insights

  • Graphical view of cycle, ovulation, fertility, and symptoms history
  • Analyze cycle and period duration, weight changes, and activity during the cycle
  • Graphical view of BBT and ovulation

6. Medical and scientific information sharing

This feature will enable users to:

  • Explore more about their body, cycle, ovulation, and fertility
  • Receive daily health insights based on your data
  • Import data from the other devices like Fitbit or Health App

7. Personalized features

  • Personalized insights based on user’s symptoms and cycle phase
  • Detection of physical and emotional patterns
  • Health report generation for doctor

8. Partner-Synch

This feature will enable users to sync data with their partners so that their other half is well-aware of their health conditions.

9. In-app forum

If users may have any questions, they will be able to discuss with the community of fellow users here. Additionally, this will enable users to share their knowledge.

10. Notifications

A notification reminding users of their upcoming cycle or period delay helps them stay abreast and make an informed decision about their day.

11. Refer and earn

This feature will enable you to expand your user base as well as help user to relish perks in return of helping you out.

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