A Comprehensive Guide to Corporate Wellness Software Development

Recent years have influenced people to come to terms with their health. The dramatic rise of the COVID-19 pandemic made people turn into health fanatics as a result of which more and more sign-ups for health and wellness apps and subscriptions were noted.

These challenging times make it even more essential for an organization to keep the work environment safe and sound. The rage about wellness is sprinting out of homes and can be witnessed across workplaces. This movement in work culture has introduced corporate wellness software.

The corporate wellness software market is booming as employers are becoming more mindful of supporting the well-being of their employees. This tremendous shift in the workspace culture is inspiring more and more organizations to take the route of corporate wellness solutions.

The value of the corporate wellness software market is expected to stand by $66.2 billion by 2027. Besides, 60% of employers opt for mobile apps. This data represents the aggressive demand for corporate wellness solutions. And well, we can easily find a whole world of these solutions available with a single tap.

So if you are planning to participate in the betterment of your workspace and develop a corporate wellness software to support your idea, then this guide will help you make notes on what’s necessary in the entire process. Let us learn everything about employee wellness apps and how they are developed.

  • Corporate wellness apps help employers streamline several programs for employees’ mental and physical well-being.
  • A number of established organizations use employee wellness software to promote healthy work culture across the workspace.
  • A corporate wellness software features options like mental health counseling, health metrics, tracking and monitoring along with gamified elements.
  • The corporate wellness software market is anticipated to reach $66.2 billion by 2027.

What is an Employee Wellness App?

Employee wellness app or corporate wellness app refers to a mobile app that enables the option for employees to track and take care of their well-being. This app educates users on various dimensions of wellness and paves a way for them to keep a watch on their activities which may include physical movements, sleep routine, exercise regime, etc.

The on-demand healthcare apps are unraveling not only the solutions surrounding physical health but also one’s mental health. Such apps give a hand in the betterment of employees’ overall wellness by introducing interactive options like games, meditation and rewards. The highest idea is to promote mental stability, fitness and the spark of motivation in the green.

Corporate wellness apps are garnering the attention of many companies today. Thanks to the abundance of wellness apps and the job they do, the idea of corporate wellness solutions has become a thing in today’s work culture.

But what exactly reasons this exhilarating shift? How well does a corporate wellness factor the well-being of employees? Let us move on to our discussion on the benefits of employee wellness apps.

Benefits of Corporate Wellness Apps

Corporate wellness programs have accentuated positive impact on the physical health and headspace of employees. Here are some benefits of corporate health and wellness solutions:


1. Improved Health

The predominant idea behind devising a corporate wellness app is to promote health and mental wellness across the workspace. Good health is equivalent to more productivity, motivation, less absenteeism and efficiency.

2. Track of Everything

Health has its seat reserved in the front row. Especially nowadays, when keeping a track of everything has become feasible. Using corporate wellness solutions helps employees keep tabs on their daily activities and understand how they are contributing to employees’ health.

3. Reduced Cost

Corporate wellness software encourages the idea of a healthy lifestyle and productivity across the workplace. Using these apps result in increased wellness which means that there will be less obligations in terms of healthcare costs.

4. Health Risk Assessment

Health Risk Assessment (HRA) acts integrally in an employee wellness program. Wellness apps provide important information on various aspects of health and wellness which prevails education and awareness across the organization. To implement this, health assessments prove to be extremely useful as.

Corporate wellness apps can be an incredible way to lead wellness and an active environment across the workplace as they are there for 24/7 assistance. It means that employees can keep tabs on their activities, check progress and stay motivated throughout the day. These are some of the major benefits of employee wellness apps that echo why developing an app like this is a great idea.

Must-Have Features of Corporate Wellness Software

Understanding what all elements come together to create an ideal on-demand healthcare or employee wellness app is imperative. Let us now take a walk down the list of must-have features of an employee wellness software.


1. Mental Health

A feature dedicated to mental well-being offers help surrounding mental health therapy or counseling. It also serves as a platform where individuals can catch up on educational and informative content. You can consider incorporating services like mindfulness guidance, stress management, sleep routine and more in this segment.

2. Wellness

In this feature, the app provides solutions like monitoring and tracking. Wellness options are helpful to employees in keeping an eye on their lifestyle choices. Using this feature, employees will be able to track their sleep, exercise routine, steps, and more. Besides, you can also add an option where employees can enjoy wellness tips – preferably in video format.

3. Health Metrics

Corporate health and wellness solutions are designed and devised to accommodate employees with a healthy headspace which has a lot to do with health. In this feature, employees will be able to check up on health metrics. By adding this solution to your corporate wellness software, you will be offering your employees an easy way to set a health and wellness checklist and not to forget – keep track.

4. Financial Health

There is arguing the fact that an individual’s wellness is significantly linked with their financial standing. Many companies provide sessions on financial management to their employees. This feature in the app helps make sure that employees are able to access education on many aspects of strengthening their life financially. It consists of options like savings, debt management etc.

5. Integrations

Little do we realize but the presence of wearables in the functionality of a wellness app is one of the best tactics to promote employees’ well-being. It is easy and effective. Integrations in your app creates a room for employees to track their sleep, steps and more. You can also consider integrating social media platforms where employees can share their progress and even enhance interaction.

6. Gamification

Competition can breathe life into tedious office routines – if, of course, done right. So, you can bring it to your employee wellness app development checklist and work toward offering rewards to inspire your employees.


User Experience

A corporate wellness app is nothing without an interactive and seamless UI. It improves adaptability and also helps make sure that users are checking in. While you are on your way to develop a corporate wellness app, keeping technical strength of the app on priority is non-negotiable.

Reports and Analytics

Another crucial feature to add to your corporate wellness app development to-do. Reports and analytics are essential for employees to track their work performance as well as participation in challenging tasks. This ensures that employees who are acing their role are rewarded. This feature is also important for employers to analyze employee engagement and performance, track ROI, collect absenteeism data etc.

Push notification
Push Notifications

Corporate health and wellness solutions must have a feature for push notifications. This feature can prove to be the game-changer as it keeps employees in loop with every practice conducted within a corporate wellness program. From mediation to meal, push notifications help users keep a check on their tasks and wellness practices and also enhance engagement.


Privacy is the most important concern in a corporate wellness software or any software for that matter. Safeguarding the user's personal information comes on the top of everything and also establishes credibility. The corporate wellness solutions have employee data that go through Health Risk Appraisals and collect data on health and lifestyle. Thus, a privacy feature is a must-have to solidify the protection of the employee’s data.

How to Develop Employee Wellness App?

You have a lane of stages to map in order to develop corporate wellness software. Let us look at the crucial steps to create an employee wellness app that demonstrates every aspect of the development process:


1. Understand Your Project

While you do know that you are going to develop a corporate wellness program software, that is not enough for you to mobilize the work. Developing any project demands that you understand your product and the offerings it may or may not have for you in the future. At this stage, your corporate wellness app development company should be able to determine the scope of your project and all that it requires from you such as resources and the budget. 

2. Specify Designs and Functions

As you move on to building a corporate wellness software, you will need clarity with the functional nature of your project. In this stage, you must specify the app operationally, define the prototype and plan UI/UX. This step, in itself, is a time-consuming process as it constitutes the idea of your final product.

3. Tech Stack

Reflecting on the technical requirements for your project is the next important step to developing an impeccable employee wellness program solution. You must determine the tech stack that fits your app and your goal the most. Choosing the platforms for your app will act as one of the major determinants of its success.

4. Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) is not a mandatory step in creating corporate health and wellness solutions. This step is when the bugs are detected and the problematic findings are done and dusted. Employee wellness app developers even go over the user experience of the app in order to confirm if the project is up to the mark. 

5. Release and Maintenance

Now that you have accelerated your employee wellness app to its completion, your next step is to hit the release work. Releasing your project is an accomplishment but it does not put an end to your work. To make sure that your app is fulfilling its purpose and helping employees the way it is devised, it is imperative to make sure that it undergoes consistent updates and maintenance.

How to Monetize Your Corporate Wellness Software?

Monetizing is a significant part of the employee wellness app development project. While developing an app, you must have a picture of how this app is going to operate profitably for you. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to consider for the implementation monetization of your project. Let’s take a look at the options.

In-App Purchases

In-app purchases are the most preferred monetization model. You can offer different services under this option, whether it is a segment of courses or a customized lifestyle program including diet, routine and recipes.


A free downloadable app mainly contains fundamental features suitable for beginners. However, you can provide advanced features such as personal training, workout videos, diet plans to your premium account users. The freemium monetization model is helpful to reach your target audience as it delivers free health tips for your end-users.

Paid Apps

The most seamless way to monetize your corporate wellness app is the paid model. Note that the price of your wellness app should be based on the features offered in the app, availability across multiple platforms, the content and other such factors.


Ads work effectively toward a monetization strategy given that they lure customers and also invite collaboration with other businesses.


The subscription model varies from weekly and monthly basis to quarterly, half yearly and yearly payments. You can offer users the option to opt for a plan that goes with their feasibility.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Corporate Wellness App?

Estimating the accurate cost of employee wellness app development can be tricky work. The wellness app development cost depends on a tray of factors including the type of app you are opting for, the level of complexity and features.

As you come across this part of your project where you have to determine and set a budget for your project, the below-mentioned factors are a few common checkpoints to consider:

  • Operational specifications 
  • Resources hired 
  • Integrations 
  • UI/UX 
  • Platform 
  • Technical stack
  • QA
  • Geolocation of the employee wellness app development company 

In this process, your corporate wellness software development company will help you determine the figure. The company should be able to draw all the considerations based on a variety of factors and quote a price that doesn’t upset your requirements.



On-demand healthcare apps aim to fulfill goals surrounding both physical and mental wellness. Today people are well aware of the significance both have in life and they are eager to indulge in activities that promote overall fitness.

The outcome of this awareness is noticeable in the rise of employee wellness apps. These apps allow employees to get involved in physical activities, increase productivity and healthy habits which ultimately promotes a sense of motivation to be present and efficient at work.

Corporate wellness solutions must feature the features that are currently gaining most attention such as personalization, goal setting, real-time tracking, interactive games, and integrations.

Matellio can help you leverage the idea of an employee wellness program with an app into bringing positive change. With edge-cutting solutions and effective implementation of innovative strategies, the team will deliver your project exactly the way you want. 

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