How to Develop an AI-based Travel App?

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023


Artificial intelligence solutions are becoming effective with time and are touching various spheres of multiple industries. Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, and many such industries have started adapting AI-driven solutions as it propels their growth. The travel and tourism sector has begun implementing the best AI technologies to help their businesses perform excellently and ensure travelers enjoy an effortless experience.  

As per the survey, the travel and tourism industry will soon witness a surge in the percentage of people using personalized applications for their travel plans. The blog below will address the concept of an AI-based travel app, the features required within it, the steps to follow, and so much more.   

  • Artificial intelligence has become one of the digital supportive pillars for the travel industry to help them grow with the changing demand of this era.
  • The role of AI-based travel app is not just limited to offering the perk of customization of the travel services but also smoothening down the communication between travel companies and their customers. 
  • For developing the travel application, multiple steps need to be followed, including analyzing the travel market, adding relevant features, and hiring the best team for development.   

What is the Role of AI in Travel Industry?  

Wandering around multiple industries, the roots of AI have also reached the travel industry. The major objective of implementing artificial intelligence is to improve travelers’ experience by offering smooth and non-complex processes to book better tickets and accommodation options. AI-driven solutions have helped travel companies provide customers with the best-customized version of the planning experience. 

The best way to offer this is to develop an AI-based travel app. By offering applications, travel companies assure their users with the best of the feed for their travel options. To understand the relation of AI in travel, here you can witness how AI has influenced this industry:  


1. Price Prediction for Commute and Accommodation  

Artificial intelligence has helped travelers end their confusion over the prices of flights, trains, and hotels. The price prediction AI monitors and compares the fare and then sends the relevant information to the customers, telling them about the best available deals.  

2. Managing Communication Effectively  

Hiring the best Travel app development services can help in enhancing the customer experience by adding AI-driven chatbots to the application. It helps in offering 24*7 support to the customers, which helps them clear up their doubts by receiving the best answer.   

3. Smart Assistant for Your Travel Plans  

Travelling can be made much easier when AI collaborates with its features. It can be merged with digital applications and offers useful data analytics to make smart decisions about your travel plans.   

What Does it Take to Develop the Best AI-based Travel App?   

AI has the potential to enhance the travel industry by making countless operations simple. It can be done by adding automation to these processes, which humans perform. It will reduce the risk of facing errors caused by humans.  AI in travel industry offers the best customized support to fulfill the requirement of travel business companies and their customers. Thus, the customer service offered by that specific company can be improved.   

But how can one think of creating a travel application which is AI based? Or what are the significant steps that must be followed to achieve perfection with these applications? Here we have jotted down a few vital steps that will help you recognize the best ways to develop the AI-based travel app 


Analyze the State Of the Travel Market   

To begin with, you need to analyze the state of the travel market. If you wish to cover every aspect, it is suggested to explore the state of the hospitality market as well. As both of these works together and condition of one can impact the other. The analysis needs to be done by following the specific parameter such as:  

  • Sections in which travelers have more queries  
  • Areas in which the travelers need a complex-free process   

For example, as per the latest market analysis it is estimated that the travel industry using AI is anticipated to propel and surpass $1.2 billion by 2026 with a CAGR of 9.6% within the forecast period of 2021-2026. (SOURCE) 

Once the analysis is done, you are left with the refined versions of data that will help you build up the travel application. This application can include every vital feature of artificial intelligence that will make the life of travelers easy.   

Must-have Features within Your AI Travel App   

Features are one of the most significant aspects that will help your application stand out from the rest positively. Here find the best features enlisted that you must have within the travel application that you develop:  


1. User Profile  

The first thing a user demands is their personal space within any application. That space is what the user profile offers them. It is very vital for recurring users as their time is saved. The application saves their personal information, which ultimately helps them simplify the booking process in the future. With the user profile feature, every important data related to the user and their activity on the application is saved.    

2. Compiling Travel Data  

AI app development companies must consider adding this feature to the application. Different operations are connected with one travel booking. From booking the flight to checking hotel availability, every step is crucial. The data relating to these searches should be aggregated under one umbrella as it will make the entire process smooth and easy.    

3. Travel Search Engines  

Often recognized as the heart of travel applications, this artificial intelligence feature can offer advanced filtering of different searches. The search engines must read the traveler’s requirements as per their search and offer them smart suggestions such as offering the best tours in Iceland which are accurate as per their requirement. It will help represent that your AI-based travel app is well built from its core.  

4. Booking Process  

Once the customer finds suitable travel options with all the customized or relevant options, the very next step is booking. This feature should include a smooth process as the traveler might get frustrated after facing a complex process. To ensure the best outcome, the standard forms with a few common questions can be asked so the sales team can further connect with them.   

5. Overview of Booking   

The next must-have feature the AI travel company should insert in their application is the platform where the traveler can overview the booking. There are times when the traveler wishes to manage or change their schedule post-booking, and the application must support the feature of allowing them for the same. 

6. Payment Process  

After the booking is verified, it’s time to check out by finishing the payment. The application must support the different payment methods secured and easily accessible to travelers.   

All the above features must show travelers that their data is safe and secured using artificial intelligence.      

Differentiate Your AI-Based Travel App  

Now it’s time to add “icing to your cake”; you need to ensure that your product is the best among your competitors. You need not do something big for this; adding a few features to your travel application will help you secure that position.   

  • Adding the feature showcasing the fare prices and alerts when the price drops will help the users set the alerts as per their requirements.   
  • Users can save their time if the team hired for travel app development services builds an application that helps them to learn about the flights accurate timing and availability on specific dates. 
  • Offering tailored deals to the users after tracking their search history and suggesting the packages will help you stand out. This personalization offer will let the users use the smart assistant, and app bags users’ loyalty.   


Hire the Best    

Now, we have stepped onto the last yet most significant step of developing an AI-based travel app. To have the best, you need to work with the best. It means the experts you choose for creating your travel application supported by artificial intelligence should know what they are working upon. If you hire the best developers having experience in building applications laced with the required AI-features, half your task is done.  

In a nutshell, we can wrap up by saying the success mantra of building the best travel application is to plan its features. Well planned customization of an application helps in differentiating your product from others. You must identify the pain points and find their cure by saying yes to the best AI app development company.   

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