AI Grading System- Features And Cost Of Development

Updated on Apr 15th, 2024

AI based Grading System

With the growth in artificial intelligence technology, the global needs, both for customers and businesses, changed drastically. What once were sci-fi concepts began becoming a reality, and the AI grading system is no exception. Today’s AI-based grading software has become a global trend due to its smart and cost-effective capabilities. 

Generating quick results for thousands of students simultaneously while maintaining accuracy is the foremost benefit of these AI grading systems. Besides that, the elimination of external manipulation is also achieved as the AI grading systems are human-independent. 

But, Why Do We Need an AI Grading System?

Although the advancement in digitization and AI advancements in education are sufficient to validate AI grading systems, many other reasons prove the importance of these smart grading systems.

1.Manual Grading is a Tedious Task

The first and foremost reason that makes the AI grading system important for the education industry is the tedious manual operations. If you have ever worked in the education sector, you might have experienced how difficult it is to manage hundreds of students’ marks and then assign grades to them based on multiple factors. Not just that, but entering the marks and then preparing the complete report also consumes many time and resources.

Hence, with an automated grading system, you would not need any human resources to complete the task, which means the tutors could focus on other worthy operations that could enhance your overall educational system.

2.Automated Grading Systems are Accurate

Another critical factor that facilitates the popularity of the AI grading system is that it is accurate and efficient. It is no surprise that humans make mistakes. We cannot work as efficiently as machines, and that too smart machines.

Hence, why not utilize that efficiency in allotting the grades to the students? That’s where AI grading systems come to play! With intelligent grading systems, the tutors could automatically allow the grades to thousands of students simultaneously and without any mistakes.

3.Time and Cost Savings

As evident from the point mentioned above, the AI grading system offers complete automation. Hence, the time and cost of manually entering the marks and preparing the grades to reduce drastically. Not just that, but the use of human resources also reduces, making AI grading the most time and cost-efficient solution for the education sector.

4.Elimination of External Manipulations

Many a time, it is seen that the external manipulations decrease the reliability of the grading system. The students then no longer believe the allotted grades, and a lot of time and cost is wasted to reschedule the examinations. Hence, with an automated grading system, this situation is eliminated very easily. Using an AI grading system eliminates human involvement and thus, becomes a reliable option for grading. 

5.Need for an Automated Solution

Finally, a majority of the educational institutes also use AI grading systems to enhance their brand value. We all live in a digital era, and people today like to have smart and unsupervised solutions that make their work easy. In such a scenario, the educational institutes, to attract more students, implement these smart solutions in their premises. Thus, the market for AI grading systems is increasing exponentially today!

All those reasons made AI grading systems a profitable venture for startups and investors. Today, leading educational companies have invested in custom AI grading systems to bring more profits and innovation to their brand. What are you waiting for? 

Features of an AI Grading System

You need to consider a few things to make your custom grading system a hit in the market, and features are one of those crucial factors. 

Hence, as a leader in AI development, we have listed some of the basic and advanced features that you could include in your AI grading system.



Data Entry The teachers/admin could enter the raw marks of t students directly into the software either manually or using their voice commands.
Import/Export Data could be exported/imported to excel sheets for the better convenience of the users.
Task Allotment The tutors could allot/receive different tasks directly from the software to multiple students seamlessly.
Grading Tools The tutors could perform various operations like dropping a grade, assigning values to different tasks, readjusting the grade limits, and so on with this feature.
Report Sharing The grade report could be easily shared with the parents of the wards through email or normal text. 
Smart Suggestions The system analyzes the grading patterns and then suggests possible ways of enhancing the grades in the future.
Print Report  The grade report could be easily printed in the desired format using this option.
User Management The admins could manage the users (parents/teachers/students) using this functionality
Past Records The AI grading system is capable of storing the past records of multiple students in an organized way. 

Apart from all these features, there could be many more that can make your AI grading system a hit in the market. Hence, the best way is to get an expert consultation from a reputed enterprise AI solutions company

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Cost of Developing a Custom AI Grading System

So, we are at the most waiting section of our article – the cost of developing an AI grading system. The cost of AI development usually depends on features and business needs. However, there are many more critical aspects like design, consultation, customization, and so on that directly impact the overall cost of development.

Let’s explore some of the crucial ones in this section!

  • Expert Consultation

Expert consultation is the most vital component of AI software development that could affect both the cost and the future of your AI grading system. You may have all the knowledge of your project; however, there are certain critical aspects like reliable AI trends and advanced features that could be best decided with expert consultation. Hence, always choose a e-learning software development company that offers AI consultation services. You could even opt for an experienced software engineering firm that offers free consultation services

  • Project Management

To efficiently manage your project and your engineering team, you will need an experienced and reliable project manager. That person should have complete knowledge of your business needs and have the best and cost-effective solutions to satisfy those needs. Hence, the cost of hiring such a project manager also impacts your overall development cost.

  • Design and Development

Besides features, the design and your development team also impact the success of your AI grading system. You need to have the most simple yet engaging design for your AI solution as if your audience won’t access your solution; then there’s no point in developing it.

Moreover, if you opt for a freelancer or unreliable technical team, they would have no idea of the latest AI trends and most promising tech tools. That would once again restrict your AI grading software from becoming a hit in the market. Hence, the best way is to hire professional developers from a reputed and experienced AI development firm. 

An experienced firm will not only offer your unique and quality design and development services but will even provide flexible hiring models to reduce your overall cost of development.

  • Testing Services

Testing has always been a critical part of custom software development, and the AI grading system is no exception. If you aim to launch a smooth and user-friendly AI solution, then detecting the smallest of the errors becomes crucial. That’s where testing services come to play!

With testing, you could detect all the bugs that were left unidentified during the development process. Moreover, if you opt for automated testing, you will not even need a human-assistance to detect errors from your AI grading system.

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As evident, the cost of developing an AI grading system depends on multiple factors. So, the best option would be to request a free quote from our experts to get an accurate estimation of your project. AI experts would analyze your business requirements and offer you the most accurate cost of your AI grading system development. 

How Can Matellio Help?

With years of experience in AI software development, we, at Matellio, could satisfy all your business and individual needs in no time. Whether you want to create a custom AI mobile app or an enterprise AI solution, our certified and skilled developers always strive to deliver a quality AI solution catered to your specific needs. That’s why leading businesses worldwide have trusted us and have recognized us as the most trusted AI partner time and again.

Hence, you could also become a pioneer in your niche by partnering with our AI experts. Reach us today, and share your business requirements to develop the most efficient AI grading system. Utilize our free consultation service, and bring your idea into a reality.

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