How to Develop an Augmented Reality App like IKEA for your Interior Design Business?

Updated on Dec 15th, 2023


The practice of interior design has been around for centuries, and over time it has developed to be more effective and accessible. The augmented reality app like IKEA kreativ is one of the newest developments in the field. Many industries, including interior design, have been transformed by artificial intelligence (AI).

AI-powered interior design apps can aid architects, interior designers, and homeowners more quickly in creating stunning and valuable interiors.

AI interior design apps like IKEA kreativ can assist professionals and homeowners in more quickly creating stunning and valuable places.

Using AI and machine learning algorithms, these apps analyze and interpret data from numerous sources, including pictures, videos, and 3D models. Through the data, the computers can spot patterns and trends that can guide designers in their choices.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the use of AI in interior design and how to develop an AI interior design app like IKEA kreativ?

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  • Developing an AR app like IKEA for your interior design business requires expertise in AR development, 3D modeling, and user experience design.
  • Integrate AR technology into the app by using AR development tools like ARKit, ARCore, or Vuforia.
  • The app would allow users to save their designs and share them with others.
  • The app would use real-time rendering to show users how different furniture, decor, and colors would look in the space, taking into account lighting and shadows.

IKEA Kreativ: Quick Overview!

Anyone who has ever visited Ikea knows the experience of exploring the aisles. Since 1943, the largest furniture store in the world has been a symbol of the sector because of its vast blue buildings and yellow signs.

The business now enables buyers to picture Ikea products in their homes using cutting-edge technology. The Ikea kreativ app allows users to scan their area, create it, and bring things into their homes using virtual and mixed reality room design technologies.

Customers can check out if they are satisfied with the design by adding everything to their online shopping cart. Or, they can add anything to a shopping list and go to the store to pick it up. Many shops are constantly looking for innovative and effective strategies to draw in more consumers and boost sales.

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How IKEA Kreativ Work?

The application uses computer vision, multimodal vision algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and mixed-reality 3D graphics. Users open the Ikea mobile app, activate the kreativ Scanner, and take several pictures to create a “wide-angle, interactive reproduction of the area, with correct proportions and perspective.”

Next, using AI algorithms, the virtual scene may be cleared of any existing furniture and replaced with options from a catalog that can be moved around and rotated to match the available space. The updated design can be shared with family or friends to get feedback or stored in a customer’s account for later adjustments. Thanks to cloud storage, access to saved virtual rooms is made possible from anywhere with a network connection. Items determined to fit well after a virtual design exercise can be added to the basket, and the ordering procedure can be finished.

Digital transformation services, including technologies like artificial intelligence and many others have undoubtedly transformed the interior design industry. Now, let’s move forward and discuss,

How AI Works in Interior Design Apps?

Machine learning algorithms are the basis for how AI-powered interior design apps work. These algorithms examine the user’s interests, tastes, and spending capacity and use that information to provide recommendations. The algorithms can also analyze interior design photographs and spot patterns and trends.

The algorithms’ recommendations will be more accurate the more data they have. Because of this, many AI-powered interior design apps request a lot of information from their users, including their preferences for colors, materials, and furniture styles.

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Role of Augmented Reality in Interior Design App like IKEA Kreativ!


Homeowners, architects, and interior designers now have more ability to make wise choices and produce attractive designs thanks to AI-based interior design apps like IKEA kreativ. Let’s explore the top use of AI in interior design apps:

Space Planning

Space planning is a crucial component of interior design, and AI-powered applications can assist designers in making more effective and practical rooms. These apps can evaluate a room’s measurements and recommend furniture that maximizes the space. This is especially useful in cramped areas where every inch counts. Space planning algorithms enable designers to produce effective and practical layouts by saving time and minimizing errors. Users can experiment with many design possibilities by altering these layouts with various furniture alternatives.


It is possible to customize the interior design process with AI-powered apps. To produce a unique conceptual design, these apps can make use of information about the user’s preferences, tastes, and spending capacity. Homeowners can build a plan suited to their individual preferences and requirements.

3D Visualization

AI-driven interior design apps like IKEA kreativ may provide 3D renderings of designs, enabling users to see how their room would look before making any modifications. This can be especially useful for homeowners who find it challenging to picture how a design idea will turn out in the end. Designers can connect with clients more efficiently by using 3D visuals. Users may see how their designs will appear in virtual environments using 3D visualization, which enables them to make wise decisions and prevent expensive errors. Additionally, this technology allows designers to test many design possibilities and make adjustments in real-time.

Color & Material Selection

AI-based interior design apps like IKEA kreativ can make picking the proper color and materials for a space more accessible. By analyzing the user’s tastes, these apps can recommend color schemes and materials that match their preferences. Also, they can offer digital samples of materials, enabling customers to visualize various options in their settings before choosing one.

Furniture Setting

Users may virtually arrange furniture and other accessories in their rooms using AI to preview how things will appear before making any purchases. Augmented reality and computer vision technology make this possible. Before making purchases, users can experiment with various furniture configurations and envision how the finished design will seem.

Interior design apps can deliver a more personalized and efficient user experience with AI. These apps can provide specialized recommendations and design solutions to their customers using machine learning, computer vision services, and other AI technologies. AI can help people make wise design decisions while saving time and effort. We may anticipate even more ground-breaking uses of AI in interior design as the realm of technology develops.

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Top AI Technologies in Interior Design!


By enhancing accessibility, efficiency, and personalization, AI-based interior design apps like IKEA kreativ have transformed the interior design industry. AI-based interior design apps are changing the design industry by enabling users to create attractive ideas easily. The leading AI technologies include:

Machine Learning

AI-powered interior design apps’ fundamental building blocks are machine learning algorithms. The user’s tastes, style, and budget are among the variables these algorithms assess and use to generate recommendations. Additionally, the algorithms can analyze interior design photographs and spot patterns and trends.

Natural Language Processing

Computers can now comprehend human language thanks to a technology called natural language processing (NLP). By utilizing natural language processing services, interior design applications enable users to express their design concepts in plain English. Users can specify their design preferences, and the app will give recommendations based on those preferences.

Augmented Reality

A augmented reality (AR) technology projects digital graphics over actual environments. Apps for interior design use this technology to let users see how their creations will appear in actual spaces. Before purchasing, users can utilize augmented reality to preview how furniture and accessories would look in their room.

Virtual Reality

Users can experience a simulated environment thanks to virtual reality (VR) technology. Apps for interior design take advantage of this technology to let users preview their creations in a virtual setting. Users may walk around their products in virtual reality and make modifications in real-time.

Computer Vision

Computers can now analyze and comprehend images and videos thanks to computer vision. With the use of computer vision services, users of interior design apps may submit photos of their interiors and get suggestions based on those photos. By examining the images and patterns the user chooses, computer vision also enables the app to comprehend the user’s preferences. The information is then used to generate customized design suggestions and recommendations.

These technological advancements assist in streamlining the design process, automating some design-related tasks, and offering tailored suggestions and recommendations. As AI development services evolve, we may anticipate even more fascinating advances in AI-based interior design.

As you’ve seen the role and technologies empowering AI-based interior design app like IKEA kreativ; now, let’s move forward and discuss,


Top must-have Features of Augmented Reality App like IKEA Kreativ!


The following are some potential features that such an app could have:

  • 3D Modeling – With this functionality, users should be able to build and modify 3D models of their rooms or other areas in a virtual setting.
  • Furniture Selection – This AI interior design app feature will let users choose and arrange furniture and decor pieces from a library of ready-made 3D models or add their own.
  • Layout Planning – This feature allows users to experiment with different room layouts and furniture arrangements to find the best configuration for their space.
  • Social Feature – Make sure your custom AI interior design app like IKEA kreativ must provide social and sharing tools that let users submit their creations on social media sites or share them with friends and family.
  • Collaboration – The app would be perfect for professional designers and their customers if it had a collaboration functionality that allowed numerous users to work on the same design project.
  • Realistic Materials – To aid users in visualizing how their room will seem under various lighting circumstances, this functionality will mimic actual lighting and material textures.
  • Push Notifications – Among the most crucial features of the AI interior design software is push alerts. These can inform customers about new products, discontinued items that are back in stock, sales, discounts, and other information.
  • AR Integration – Users may use their mobile devices to overlay virtual furniture and décor items on top of their actual environment utilizing the app’s connection with augmented reality (AR).
  • Customization & Catalog – Users of the app can alter the colors, textures, and other aspects of furniture and home design products. Also, the app offers customers a thorough selection of Ikea products from which to choose. Customers can select items from various categories, including furniture like sofas, beds, tables, and chairs.

As we’ve discussed top must-have features of AI interior design apps like IKEA kreativ; now, let’s move forward and discuss,

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How to Develop an AR based Interior Design App Like IKEA Kreativ?

Building an AR based interior design app like IKEA kreativ can be a difficult and complex task, but it is possible to succeed with the correct strategy and resources. The following actions can be taken to build an augmented reality app like IKEA kreativ:

Data driven Business DecisionsDefine Scope & Collect Data

Establish the app’s scope before anything else. Determine the essential elements, such as 3D room modeling, furniture choices, color schemes, lighting, and material selection; you want to include in your app. Also, you need data to train an AI algorithm. Get information on various lighting configurations, color schemes, furniture types, and interior designs. This information can be acquired manually, through image processing, or scraping.

Artificial-IntelligenceChoose the Right AI Development Services

Augmented reality app development services are offered by businesses or organizations that focus on building AI applications and solutions. To build a custom Augmented reality app like IKEA kreativ, you need to hire a company providing the best AI development services. Examine the proposals you get from the AI development businesses, then pick the one that best suits your requirements, spending limit, and schedule.

Moreover, you can use staff augmentation services. Adding AI professionals, engineers, or consultants to a team’s skills is AI staff augmentation. This strategy enables companies to develop and deploy AI applications without having to invest heavily in building and maintaining an in-house AI development team.

ai-mlBuild AI Model

After gathering your data, create an AI model to assess the information and generate forecasts. Based on user preferences, this model ought to be able to identify trends in the data and offer interior design possibilities. Once the AI model is established, you may start working on the app. You must design a user interface that enables people to enter their choices and observe the AI algorithm’s output.

Launch and ImproveTest/Launch/ Maintain

Once the app is built, extensively test it to make sure everything works as it expected. Get user feedback and use it to improve the application. Launch the app on App Stores if you are satisfied with it and employ marketing efforts to promote it to draw customers. Finally, maintain and update the app frequently to keep it abreast of the most recent developments in technology.

Looking to Develop Augment Reality App like IKEA for your Interior Design Business


Real life and virtual reality are becoming more integrated into everything from events to home design. The IKEA kreativ app is an excellent example of how virtual reality is influencing our everyday lives and the potential it can provide for improving our quality of life. Users can alter the size and color of products using AI technologies.

Your users will have excellent virtual app experiences thanks to improved user engagement; if you want any assistance in building a custom mobile app development like IKEA kreativ, contact Matellio. Experts at Matellio would love to assist you!

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