What is the best iOS mobile app development platform?

Updated on Apr 23rd, 2021

What is the best iOS mobile app development platform?

According to statistics published on Business of Apps, it has been calculated that globally, there exist approximately nineteen million developers for software. Also, the developers for mobile application development amount to an approximate of eight point seven million worldwide.

Additionally, it is Asia which hosts the largest community of software developers. And their sum measures up to an approximate of seven hundred and sixty thousand developers who have contributed to the mobile app development platform.

Here are some of the top iOS App Development Platforms in 2019

iOS App Development Platforms

1. Verivo App Studio: 

This particular application counts as one of the best platforms for iOS app development due to the tools it has in the provision to improve the configuration of the user interface.


  • Provision of a robust server to support the mobile applications
  • Tools for ensuring a secured mobile app
  • A visual studio which is not coded
  • Use of JavaScript along with HTML5 for ensuring the robustness

This particular platform is in a joint venture with Appery, a yet another platform to provide the best mobile app development platform.

2. Appery:

 Just like juices are extracted from a juicer, mobile applications are extracted from Appery. This is especially because of the fact that it extends support to native applications of iOS.


  • Visual editor provision
  • A unique feature of drag and drop, which allows even amateur coders and design students to work on this platform
  • Supports iOS version 11
  • Cloud database as backend solutions
  • Variety of media plugins

The pricing for this particular platform amounts to an approximate of ninety dollars which can be used to build a maximum of three mobile applications approximately. The next option amounts to an approximate of two hundred dollars which supports the making of seven mobile applications approximately. This pricing is on a monthly basis and the cost for customization of the mobile apps is separate. However, there is a trial version of this platform which comes free of cost.

iOS mobile app development platform

3. Bizness apps: 

This particular mobile development application platform is an advanced version as compared to other platforms. This is a niche platform which caters to developing mobile applications for small and medium scale enterprises.


  • Restaurant coupons
  • Scheduling appointments at beauty salons
  • Navigation services for real estate agents
  • Client feedbacks and reviews
  • Visual editor
  • Unique feature of audio and video playing applications
  • Support of a lifetime

All these features come at a price of approximately two hundred and fifty dollars on a monthly mode if the subscription is on annual mode. Also, there is another plan which costs approximately three hundred dollars on a monthly mode if the subscription is done monthly. There also exists pricing for building only one app, which is approximately a hundred dollars.

4. Appy Pie: 

This platform is the most developer friendly in terms of cost and use. This mobile app development platform has had a history for developing applications for most enterprises which functioned only through their websites.


  • Cost effective  pricing of fifteen dollars approximately every month
  • Customized templates provision for most enterprises
  • Easy and smooth process in just three steps
  • Design opting
  • Feature Addition
  • Ready for publishing

All these features also come at two more options of affordable pricing of thirty dollars and fifty dollars on a monthly subscription

5. Good Barber: 

This particular platform does not really act as a barber though and focuses on applications which fall in the category of PWAs. This platform also supports native applications for iOS.


  • Access to the source code of the mobile application
  • Themes which are visually dynamic
  • Networking features socially
  • Support through chat
  • Variety of plugins
  • Cash management system
  • Podcast support
  • Listings of events
  • Profiling of users

All these features come just for a price of approximately ninety-six Euros on a monthly subscription for iOS. Also, a demo version comes free of cost for this platform for an approximate of thirty days.

6. Appsmakerstore: 

This particular mobile application platform resembles more to a DIY project wherein it is quite easy to use and generates a hassle-free platform for creating the same.


  • Social media integration features for restaurant or nightclubs
  • NFC payment support for medicines, education facilities, and restaurants
  • Google AdSense as the cherry on the top

All these features come at an affordable price of approximately thirty dollars on a monthly subscription if the platform is to be used for DIY projects. Reseller projects cost up to an approximate of ninety-nine dollars on a monthly subscription. And a professional mobile application development package shall cost eight hundred and seventy dollars approximately. There is also a trial version of approximately fourteen days available before the purchase of subscriptions and packages.

7. Mobincube: 

This particular platform provides all the basic features required for mobile app development.


  • Visual or display interface development
  • Unique feature of Admob which enables a merchant to earn a particular share of the money when a particular advertisement is clicked through their mobile application
  • Customized templates
  • Feature of  Drag and Drop
  • Source code of the mobile application
  • Analytical features by Google Analytics

All these features come at various plans

  • Free subscription
  • Approximately three Euros for a monthly subscription of a basic package
  • Prices for advanced versions range from an approximate of ten Euros to an approximate of a hundred Euros.

mobile app development platform


The best mobile development platform cannot be standardized. This is because the business and enterprise vary from their competitor in terms of market holding, products, services, profits, and revenue. But, a particular mobile development platform should be considered best in terms of features, pricing, compatibility with the operating software, and catering to the needs of the client’s enterprise. Hence, a particular platform can be chosen from this list of top iOS development platform in 2019 which shall be affordable for the mobile app developer and also cater to the needs of its clients.

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