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Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

Stripe is a tool that online businesses use to process payments. It offers features such as recurring billing, fraud protection, and chargebacks. Aside from that, it also provides an easy-to-use interface to customize the experience for each customer type. The best part is that different applications are compatible with it. They are available at various price points, so there’s something for everyone. Check out this blog post if you’re looking for more information on how stripe can help your business grow.

OSI Affiliate Software

OSI Affiliate Software is the premier referral marketing suite. Any company, regardless of size, can use OSI Affiliate to refer customers and convert them into new clients, partners, sales leads, or buyers. Their affiliate software offers more than just a CMS; it also integrates entire social networks allowing for SEO optimization and revenue measurement tools that make life easier for both the company and its affiliates.

Mention Me

Mention Me is a referral marketing service that allows brands to easily create and distribute personalized content to their customers on social platforms.

Mention Me simplifies the process of posting branded messages with personalized links, mapping them out across social networks, ensuring they have appropriate graphics, scheduling post-publishing analytics for engagement and conversion rates, and facilitating cross-network conversations.


Flashy is an email marketing automation service for WordPress that allows you to re-engage your blog’s subscribers and make them active visitors again.

Flashy will remember any user who has visited your site such as anyone that has visited the Drum Set Lab site in the past 24 hours by saving their IP address, making it easy for you to know who is a returning visitor with a few clicks. You can also send customized emails based on how many times users have visited your site or when they visit. All this goodness means happier readers, which equals more traffic for you!

Click Meter

Clickmeter is a link analysis service that allows you to compare how clicks on ads or websites compare with every other regarding conversion rates. This helps marketers determine any differences in click-throughs and conversion rates with the different links they have sent out. This gives similar results as Google Analytics for URL-level data analysis, but this provides a more straightforward interface for marketers and account managers interested in comparing different marketing messages inside their own company.

Social Seeder

Social Seeder is the next generation of referral marketing. Employee Referrals play a vital role in your company’s success, and Social Seeder helps you mine these referrals with game-changing accuracy. You deserve the most accurate, engaging, and effective referral campaign possible – click on “Create Your Campaign” for step-by-step instructions!

Rocket Referrals

Referral marketing is the process of acquiring customers for a company by rewarding current customers with discounts, rewards, or other incentives in exchange for stories about their experiences, who then go out and do similar things that work well also in Hunting Bow Lab. It constitutes word-of-mouth which is how new consumers come to know about products. Wal-Mart has an established customer referral system that allows existing customers to earn money with each new customer they refer. This system grants incentives to Wal-Marts’ best customers and helps the company market its merchandise across networks. This allows customers to offer the products to their friends and family.

Rocket Referrals is an interesting new approach to age-old referral marketing. It is a breakthrough way of harnessing the power of word-of-mouth by getting those who are satisfied with products or services to talk them up to other potential customers. For example, you’ve probably heard about how much people love their Tesla. People often feel great just being able to talk about how they own one, and it’s as if they’re on top of the world, finally able to share something they like. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could get other people talking about and purchasing Tesla cars? That’s where Rocket referrals come in – for each person at your level that completes his purchase.


First off, it is limited because the customer can only refer their friends using your referral link, which means they cannot post any of their referral links on any other websites.

Secondly, your customers have to purchase something before they can post links and earn commissions on that sale.

Lastly, Associative Limited software enables merchants with a limited budget or marketing abilities to tap into the power of viral marketing and reap massive success with minimal effort required.


IncentiveFox offers Shopify merchants the chance to benefit from these rewards through our simple API integration system. Business owners can set promotional discounts automatically deducted from their total order amount when one of their registered customers successfully refers a friend or family member who makes an order. And this tiered discount structure means that as soon as more customers are guided and more orders come in, your return on investment starts stacking.


Rewards Reach the easy-to-use, cloud-based software from Shopify that lets you run referral marketing campaigns.

Reward Reach makes it ridiculously easy to run a referral marketing campaign – all you have to do is tell your customers about it, and Reward Reach will take care of the rest. 

You have total control over your referral campaign – decide how many points are rewarded and what prizes are available, set up blog posts with embedded links. Hence, people never forget their reward again, and of course, design a great landing page!

360º Referral Program Suite

Genius Referrals is a Shopify referral marketing service built to keep you engaged, increase your sales and grow your customer lifetime value.

They offer the fastest way of getting customers on your Shopify store, partnering with other eCommerce experts that are already successful in their niche markets. They divide these merchants up into four separate categories, which they like to call factions. These include Digital Entrepreneurs (Etsy), Brand Owners (Amazon), Bloggers & Influencers, and Repeat Buyers. Clicking on one of those groups will help you see all the active affiliates available for promotion. 

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