How to Develop a Cloud Kitchen App like Blue Apron?

Updated on Feb 8th, 2024


Cloud kitchens have become a game-changer in the quickly changing food delivery and dining industry. Restaurant owners now have a creative method to reach a wider audience and grow companies with these virtual kitchens, also called ghost kitchens or delivery-only restaurants.  

A well-known cloud kitchen app that has won over foodies’ hearts and palates, Blue Apron is one such success story. We are here to walk you through the complex process, step by step if you want to build a cloud kitchen app like Blue Apron. 

So, let’s get started! 

  • Design an intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy navigation and a seamless user experience. 
  • Implement features that allow users to customize their meal plans based on dietary restrictions, preferences, and portion sizes. 
  • Offer flexible subscription plans, allowing users to choose frequency, skip weeks, or cancel easily, giving them control over their orders. 
  • Incorporate a feedback system to gather user reviews and suggestions, helping you improve the app and the overall service. 
  • Prioritize the security of customer data and payment information to build trust and comply with privacy regulations. 

Cloud Kitchens: Brief Overview! 

Centralized cooking facilities known as “cloud kitchens” are used by different food businesses to make and transport your goods for online purchases. Cloud kitchens, in contrast to typical restaurants, primarily provide delivery and takeout services instead of dine-in options. Cloud kitchens are becoming increasingly popular because of the rising demand for convenience and the growth of online meal-ordering platforms. 

By 2027, the size of the global cloud kitchen market is anticipated to have grown to $118.5 billion, with a 13.5% compound annual growth rate during the forecast period. 

cloud kitchens estimation

Source: GrandViewResearch

The Blue Apron Cloud Kitchen App: What is it? 

Over the years, Blue Apron has experienced tremendous growth in popularity as a meal kit delivery business. It provides clients with an easy method to cook and savor chef-designed meals in the comfort of your own homes. With the app, users can select your preferred recipes, get pre-portioned items, and follow detailed instructions to prepare delectable meals at home. 

Why You Must Consider Developing an App Like Blue Apron? Top Reasons and Benefits! 

Now that you have a clear picture of Blue Apron, let’s explore why you should consider developing a cloud kitchen app like Blue Apron. 

A Booming Market

Convenient eating experiences are in high demand, and the food delivery business is flourishing. Building a cloud kitchen app like Blue Apron allows you to enter an industry with tremendous room for expansion. 

Changing Consumer Preferences

People are looking for more individualized and healthful dietary alternatives. With an app like Blue Apron, consumers can personalize your meals, accommodate nutritional requirements, and take advantage of the ease of having materials delivered right to your homes. 

Enhanced Cooking Skills

Your application has the potential to be a beneficial tool for anyone who wants to get better at cooking. You encourage customers to try new recipes by giving them high-quality ingredients and simple-to-follow instructions. 

Premium Ingredients

The high caliber of ingredients offered by Blue Apron is one of its main selling points. You may draw in a discriminating customer base prepared to spend more for the finest by providing premium ingredients. 


Cloud kitchens are a green choice since they minimize food waste and your adverse effects on the environment. Your app’s sustainability feature could serve as a differentiator. 


Meal preparation and grocery shopping should be addressed due to the fast-paced nature of modern living. By bringing everything a consumer needs for a dinner fit for a restaurant right to your home, your app can take care of this issue. 

Community Building

By bringing together food enthusiasts and encouraging them to share your dishes, Blue Apron promotes a feeling of community. You may replicate this feature, building a community of devoted and active users. 

Business Opportunities

Your app can serve companies in addition to individual users. Providing lunch kits to events and companies might be a profitable way to grow. 


Must-Have Features on a Cloud Kitchen App like Blue Apron! 

You want to ensure that your cloud kitchen app development, like Blue Apron, stands out in the crowded field of food delivery and culinary experiences. These are the most cutting-edge features that will distinguish your app: 

Secure-Payment-GatewaysSecure Payment Gateways 

Give your customers a worry-free way to make payments. Put strong security measures in place for the payment gateways in your app to protect users’ private information from intrusions and breaches. 

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Multi-platform-CompatibilityMulti-platform Compatibility 

Make sure your cloud kitchen app like Blue Apron, is available on all devices and is the life of the party. Make it compatible with iOS and Android seamlessly so that everyone can enjoy the culinary adventure. 

Improved Delivery Routes Improved Delivery Routes 

Provide clients with happier experiences and quicker delivery. To minimize delivery times and increase customer satisfaction, use sophisticated routing algorithms to help your delivery crew choose the most effective routes. 

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Inventory Control Inventory Control 

Maintain order in your kitchen’s activities. To keep a consistent supply of supplies and prevent any unforeseen shortages that might interfere with your culinary creativity, use real-time inventory management. 

Nutritional-InformationNutritional Information 

Provide thorough nutritional information for every meal to appeal to health-conscious diners. Assist people in making well-informed decisions that align with their dietary requirements and objectives to promote a healthy eating experience. 

Cloud Kitchen Analytics Cloud Kitchen Analytics 

Discover the secret to success with Cloud Kitchen Analytics’ data analysis. Gather and analyze important consumer behavior information, well-liked menu items, and new culinary trends to help you make informed choices that will improve the functionality and general user experience of your app. 

Voice Search and Commands Voice Search and Commands 

Hands-free navigation adds some spice to the user experience. Include voice search and instructions so that users can browse the app and place orders with ease. This is ideal for multitasking food aficionados and busy cooks. 

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Augmented Reality Menu Preview Augmented Reality Menu Preview 

Preview your augmented reality menu and give your customers a taste of what is to come. Include an increased reality function that lets customers try a few dishes, improving your decision-making process with a dynamic and eye-catching visual experience. 

Predictive OrderingPredictive Ordering 

Simplify the ordering process and anticipate your consumers’ needs. Using data analysis to forecast your next orders, you can improve consumer ease overall and guarantee a flawless purchase process.       

Chat Messenger Chat Messenger 

By offering a dedicated chat option, you can improve client happiness and support. Enable clients to easily place orders, ask questions, and get help by having in-the-moment chats with experienced customer service representatives. 

Review and Ratings Review and Ratings 

Encourage openness and trust by using client comments. Give consumers the option to rate products and discuss their experiences, fostering a reliable community that helps buyers and sellers make wise choices. 

Analytics Analytics 

Use data’s potential to propel company expansion. To facilitate well-informed decision-making and strategic planning, provide extensive analytics choices, including measurements on sales success, website traffic, and customer involvement. 

Customizable Menus Customizable Menus 

Permit customers to alter their orders as they see fit. Give them the tools to customize their eating experience to their tastes, from changing portion sizes to choosing toppings. 

Real-time Order Tracking Real-time Order Tracking 

Instill confidence and suspense. Enable clients to follow their orders in real-time, taking them practically from the kitchen to the doorway of their delicious meals. 

Advanced Search and Filters Advanced Search and Filters 

Make it easier to find new delicious foods. Incorporate intelligent search and filter features that facilitate consumers in finding their ideal meals by using criteria such as cuisine, dietary requirements, or specific components. 

AI-Powered-RecommendationsAI-Powered Recommendations 

Your consumers will be delighted by your tailored recommendations. To improve their eating experience, you use AI capabilities to provide personalized food recommendations based on their prior orders and preferences. 

Catalog Management Catalog Management 

Effective catalog management may simplify corporate processes. Give company owners the ability to add, edit, and manage meal listings with ease. You may also choose to manage meal categories and turn on/off listings, which will streamline the management process as a whole. 

Matellio is a top provider of enterprise mobility services committed to making your dream cloud kitchen app development a reality. The professionals at Matellio can assist you in smoothly integrating these cutting-edge capabilities, guaranteeing your app’s success in the fast-paced world of cloud kitchen apps, thanks to our expertise in technological consulting services. 

Make your cloud kitchen app unique by utilizing Matellio’s experience. Allow us to bring your app from conception to completion so that consumers will have a fantastic experience. 


How to Develop a Cloud Kitchen App like Blue Apron? 

Developing a cloud kitchen app like Blue Apron might be an endeavor. The need for cloud kitchens and online meal delivery is growing in the current digital era. You can make a successful app with an excellent cloud kitchen app development team and the appropriate strategy. Now, let’s get started with the actions you must take to make it happen! 

1. Market Research 

Doing in-depth market research is an essential first step in creating a cloud kitchen app. Determine the target market, the competitors, and the best site for your kitchen by doing a market analysis. One of the best providers of corporate mobility services, Matellio, can help you obtain insightful market data to make wise judgments. 

2. Concept and Branding 

When you have enough market data, consider how your cloud kitchen app would look. Determining your menu options, branding approach, and unique selling features are the tasks of this phase. Develop a unique brand identity that appeals to your target audience and enables you to stand out. 

3. Choosing the Right Tech Stack 

You need the correct tech stack to build a robust clout kitchen app like Blue Apron. This involves choosing the proper databases, development tools, and programming languages, such as: 

Front-End & Backend DevelopmentReact, Angular, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React Native, Swift, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, Django, Express.js, Flask 
DatabaseMySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB 
Cloud HostingAWS, GCP 
Payment IntegrationStripe, PayPal, Braintree 
Maps and Location ServicesGoogle Maps API, Mapbox 
Analytics and MonitoringGoogle Analytics, Mixpanel 

Matellio, a top enterprise mobility services provider, can help you make the right choices for your app’s tech stack. 

4. Design and User Experience 

Excellent user experience is essential to your app’s success. You want people to be amazed by your app when they open it. Smooth navigation combined with a clean, user-friendly design may make a difference. It’s all about developing an enticing user experience—imagine quickly swiping between various cuisines and salivating over colorful food photographs! 

5. Start App Development 

To develop your cloud kitchen app, collaborate with Matellio, a reliable source of technology consulting services. We have the know-how and background required to realize your idea. We can ensure a flawless and user-friendly app that meets your client’s expectations by utilizing state-of-the-art technology and industry best practices. 

6. Testing and Quality Assurance 

Thorough testing must be done on your app before release. Matellio, as a top mobile app development services provider, provides excellent quality assurance services to find and fix any errors or problems. This stage ensures that your app works flawlessly and offers a top-notch user experience. 

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Building a cloud kitchen app like Blue Apron is challenging yet worthwhile. In the fiercely competitive food delivery industry, you can make a profitable cloud kitchen app that stands out with the correct technological stack, professional advice from Matellio, and a well-considered business plan. To obtain a competitive edge, remember to concentrate on your target market, create a varied menu, and deliver excellent customer service. 

Contact Matellio, the leading provider of enterprise mobility services and an authority in technology consulting services, if you’re prepared to take on this thrilling endeavor. Our experience and skills would be beneficial in building a cloud kitchen app that can compete with the finest in the industry. 

Build your ideal cloud kitchen app; get started now and watch your company grow to new heights! 

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