How to Develop a Cash Advance App Like Brigit?

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023


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Cash advance apps are the fastest ways to get the cash that is best intended for one-time crises. These apps have become increasingly popular in current years due to their convenience and accessibility.

You need the money in advance; you get the money in advance!

Just a few taps and the cash is in your account; no need to go through the lengthy application process anymore.

This is what is generating the demand for reliable loan apps like Brigit.

If you are thinking of igniting your business in the same way, we, a leading mobile app development company, are always here to help you through the top-notch development process.

Let’s start with the basics first.

What Is Brigit?

One of the most well-known personal finance apps with over 3 million downloads with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Designed by a financial technology company, Brigit helps people to manage their finances, avoiding any overdraft fees. The app analyses the user’s buying patterns and bank account balances to predict if they are about to overdraw their account. If the app detects a probable overdraft, it sends the user an alert and offers to transfer funds to their account to avoid the fee.

Users can request a cash advance of up to $250, which is repaid with a small fee on their next payday. The app charges a monthly subscription fee for access to its services, which ranges from $0 to $9.99, depending on the level of service.

Brigit aims to help its users improve their financial health by providing them with tools to manage their money more effectively and avoid costly fees.

You can also go through another very common cash advance loan app like Dave, for a more detailed analysis.

Why Is There a Need for an App Like Brigit?

If you have a low income, are trapped in a lot of debt, or perhaps are depressed under many financial responsibilities, you undoubtedly know what it’s like to have your account balance near zero. It becomes practically difficult to break that paycheck-to-paycheck cycle.

You can either pay late fees on your bills or risk being charged an NSF (non-sufficient funds) fee by your bank. Because of which, you can end yourself visiting a check-cashing service to ensure that you have money to pay your rent and other important payments on time. In the worst-case scenario, you take debt from credit cards, payday, or title loans to cover regular needs.

If we talk about the estimations, approximately 100 million Americans—close to one-third of the country’s population— rely on their next payday to make payments on things like utilities, rent, loans, and credit card payments, as well as buying essentials.

Quite a gigantic and extremely disheartening statistic. Isn’t it?

To make it worse, organizations like payday loan lenders take advantage of and provide unfair loans to debtors in an attempt to keep them in a vicious cycle of debt. That’s a payday loan trap! It can financially ruin someone and put them in a hole that may take quite a time to dig out of. Debt can be vital for these people living paycheck to paycheck.

Is there a better method to bridge the financial gap between when you need money and when you get paid?

This is where apps like Brigit come to the rescue – a better and less expensive choice for all workers, even those with modest earnings.


Essential Features of Brigit

Without a cash advance app like Brigit, one would be forced to accept the conditions of their bank and therefore pay back overdraft fees that sometimes are crazily high. If a credit card has a lot of payments associated with it, the card balance can easily fall below zero; and if this happens a lot with time, you might be astonished how much money goes down the sinkhole. Brigit comes in handy here.

Brigit offers several features to help users manage their finances and avoid overdraft fees. Let’s go through some of them in detail:


Account Monitoring

Brigit uses predictive technology to monitor your account balance and transaction history. Account monitoring is a feature in the Brigit app that helps users avoid overdraft fees and manage their finances more effectively.

The app will send you alerts if it detects that you are at risk of overdrawing your account based on your spending patterns and upcoming bills. You can customize these alerts to your preferences and set thresholds for when you want to receive notifications.

It also analyzes your transaction history to identify recurring expenses and areas where you can save money. This feature can help you identify subscriptions or memberships that you may have forgotten about or highlight areas where you can cut back on spending.

Cash Advances

If you need a little more money till your next payday, you can request an advance of up to $250 from Brigit. The cash advance is repaid automatically from your next paycheck, along with a small fee.

Brigit’s cash advance feature is designed to help users avoid costly overdraft fees or other financial emergencies. The app uses sophisticated algorithms to determine a user’s eligibility and repayment ability based on their income, expenses, and other factors.

Budgeting Tools

With this feature, you can track your expenses and inspect areas where you can cut back. You can establish spending restrictions for various categories and receive reminders when you are approaching your limit.

The tool provides insights into spending habits and will allow you to track your expenses over time. Users can personalize their budget categories and set their own budget limits. It will also help you to trace areas where you are overspending and propose ways to cut back, such as canceling subscriptions or reducing dining-out expenses.

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Credit Score Monitoring

Brigit allows you to track changes in your credit score over time. The app will provide you with way-in to your credit score and report, which is regularly updated. It will also notify you whenever your credit score or report changes, such as a new credit inquiry or late payment.

Also, you will get specific tips for boosting your credit score, like reducing credit card balances or paying bills on time.

Bank Account Analysis

This functionality aims to help you gain insight into your spending habits and discover areas where you may save money. The software syncs with users’ bank accounts and analyzes your transaction history, dividing spending into multiple categories. It also delivers personalized insights and recommendations for improving your financial health, such as lowering wasteful expenses or increasing savings.

Users can obtain a better understanding of their money and make informed decisions to attain their financial goals by using Brigit’s bank account analysis feature.

Brigit offers a range of features to help users manage their finances, avoid overdraft fees, and improve their financial health. Further, if you are thinking of getting any such app, we will help you create not the exact but the best of the app with all additional features included for your enterprise mobility services.

How to Develop a Cash Advance App like Brigit?

Now that you’re aware of all the aspects that must be included, let’s go over some tips to let you get started with the development. If you want to bypass all of the tedious procedures, you can contact us immediately; our team of proficient will assist you in designing apps like Brigit with personalized services. Let’s start!

Developing a cash advance app like Brigit requires careful planning, development, and implementation. Here are some key steps to consider:


Conduct Market Research

The first step in building a cash advance app like Brigit is to conduct market research. You must discover the requirements of potential users and appreciate the challenges they are having. This will help you develop an app that meets their needs and provides a viable alternative.

One method of conducting market research is to survey potential clients. Studying the competitors is part of the market research process. Examine the features, pricing, and user evaluations of the cash advance applications available on the market, such as Dave, Brigit, and others. Research on successful and unsuccessful functionalities in the cash advance app market will provide you with vital information.

Identify Target Audience

Once you have quite a knowledge of the market, it is necessary to establish who your target market is. What purpose do you want your app to serve? What are their financial requirements? Do they get paid on a regular or occasional basis? Knowing your target audience’s demographics, economic level, and spending habits will allow you to create an app that suits their demands.

Design and Development

Now that you know what people want, let’s begin with the development process. You can hire a group of developers for AI development services, including a user interface with features and functionalities like cash advance requests, account monitoring, budgeting tools, bill payment reminders, and credit score monitoring.

Test and Launch

Once your app has been developed, it’s time to test the app to check and fix any bugs or glitches. Launch the app on relevant app stores and promote it through marketing and advertising campaigns.

Further, collect user feedback and continuously improve the app’s features and functionalities accordingly to meet user needs and preferences, and do not forget to put the necessary security measures.


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