How to Develop a Lending App Like Solo Funds: Features and Process

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

How to Develop a Lending App Like Solo Funds: Features and Process

In the digital era, everything can be accomplished online. And yes, that even includes boring banking chores. Gone are the days when one had to assemble loads of paperwork to apply for a loan. A peer-to-peer finance app like Solo Funds brings the convenience of paperless loan applications to your fingertips. 

Indeed, there are many other apps like it. Yet Solo Funds stands out because of its great user experience and efficient loan approvals. It connects borrowers directly with lenders, bypassing the bureaucratic red tape and bringing a whole new level of simplicity to the borrowing experience.

But guess what? You stand a chance in this competitive realm. P2P lending apps like Solo  Funds still have multiple downsides. They’re majorly associated with its borrowing limitations.

So, if you have a business plan ready to overcome these challenges, we have news for you! According to reports, the global P2P lending market is booming, with a projected value of USD 804,200 million by 2030. This is not just a number but an opportunity for someone who wants to build an outstanding peer-to-peer finance app like Solo Funds.

Wait, there’s more. You can easily transfer your app development hassles to a reliable vendor. All you have to do is find an expert mobile app development company. If you hit it right, your journey toward creating a stellar peer-to-peer finance app like Solo Funds will become a smooth sail.

Want to know how? Dive into this blog and maximize the benefits of your investment for your app-like Solo Funds development.

  • Peer-to-peer lending apps ease loan processing with the convenience of paperless transactions right to your fingertips. 
  • P2P apps offer direct investment opportunities with higher interest rates. 
  • Solo Funds is a popular peer-to-peer lending app with good features for borrowers and lenders. 
  • Consider features like competitive interest rate offerings, AI analytics, chatbots, and more while developing an app like Solo Funds. 
  • The various steps involved in the development process are researching, ensuring regulatory compliance, selecting an appropriate business model, and more.

What is a Peer-to-Peer Lending App, and How Does it Work?

Firstly, these apps use cutting-edge technologies to run. They are platforms where borrowers can request loans, and investors can lend based on creditworthiness.

P2P apps offer direct investment opportunities with higher interest rates. But there’s no paperwork or formalities. They’ve even eliminated the need for traditional banks or stock market investments.

However, P2P apps charge higher interest rates than banks. Still, as they’ve made crowdfunding easy, the stakes of a borrower seeking an app like Solo Funds are higher than them going to the bank.

Now, let’s come to the how it works part.

Investors create accounts and deposit funds to be distributed as loans. Conversely, the loan applicant submits a personal profile and gets assigned a risk category determining their interest rate.

But here’s where it gets interesting: the applicant can analyze and accept offers, sometimes even breaking up their requests into multiple chunks to get various offers. Also, the software can handle money transfers and regular payments.

And the best part? It can all be automated, or lenders and borrowers can negotiate directly. It’s a simple yet effective system, and people are flocking to these hassle-free online borrowing options for personal and small loans. However, this can favor your business idea only if you rely on reputable android app development services.

About Solo Funds

It’s one of the most popular peer-to-peer lending apps. So, before developing an app like Solo Funds, understand how it works.

First, users sign up on the app as borrowers or lenders. As a lender, they can assess the risk factors tied to a borrower’s loan, like their credit rating, to set your interest rate and terms.

Borrowers submit loan requests, stating why they need the funds. These requests go live on the app for investors to explore. Investors browse the available loan requests, review borrower details, and choose the loans that fit their investment goals.

Solo Funds ensures smooth repayment by providing borrowers with clear monthly payment dates. Overall, it’s a user-friendly platform that connects borrowers and investors effortlessly.Develop an App Like Solo Funds

Consider These Features Before Developing an App like Solo Funds

Key Features of App Like Solo Funds

As told earlier, there’s no 100% efficient peer-to-peer lending app. We’ve assessed some pros and cons of the top apps and summarized a few features that can make you stand out in the finance industry. Explore these with your vendor to know what fits best for your app idea.

Saves Time and MoneyFocus on Cost and Time Efficiency

While creating a peer-to-peer lending app like Solo Funds, saving time and cost should be your top priorities. Think about ways to cut short the loan application process. Pave the way for transparent and affordable transactions.

When your users have a seamless user experience, you will stand apart in the competitive finance industry. But remember to work closely with your vendor to explore how to make lending a breeze and fit those ideas into your business process.

Predictive-Analytics-to-Strategize-Better-for-Demands-and-SupplySet Competitive Interest Rates

You can either go interest-free like this app or set competitive interest rates while creating a peer-to-peer lending app like Solo Funds. It will make borrowing easy, making it a viable option in the crowded P2P app market.

Moreover, this feature can motivate borrowers to repay their loans on time. They prioritize repayment when they get a good deal and maintain a positive credit history.

Competitive interest rates will also encourage lenders to use your app. It will reduce the risk of default and make the lending ecosystem stable. So, ensuring competitive rates will be a win-win for borrowers, lenders, and your business.

Security and Compliance

Though not really a feature, security is pivotal for a peer-to-peer lending app like Solo Funds. You want users to feel confident and trust that their data is safe.

So consider advanced encryption techniques to secure sensitive data and follow regulatory requirements. It will not only protect your users, but you’re also staying on the right side of the law. And guess what? It can make your app stand out, as many similar apps do not pay attention to compliance.

Credit Score Integration

Want to make sure lenders can trust borrowers? Integrate credit scoring systems!

Lenders need to know if borrowers are reliable with their debts. With this feature, lenders can assess a borrower’s creditworthiness and make informed decisions. It eliminates taking risks blindly.

And the best part? It boosts your app’s credibility. Lenders feel secure, borrowers get a chance to prove themselves, and trust grows. These consequences will increase your chances of becoming an industry leader with credit score integration.

Testing-and-Quality-AssuranceRating and Reviewing

Add options to rate and review lenders and borrowers when building an app like Solo Funds.

This is another way to boost trust and create a loyal user base. Also, you can ditch the mainstream reviewing style. Display a brief overview of each user’s credit history and ratings and establish a reputation system. This allows participants to assess the reliability of potential loan partners and aid in smart lending and borrowing.

NLP based ChatbotLive Chatbots

You cannot miss chatbots if you want your platform to be interactive and engaging. Plus, they’re great for customized support.

If your vendor can play by their tech rules, you can optimize your app’s chatbot to a level to respond in a highly personalized way. Make them adept at giving proper assistance and real-time guidance throughout the loan application process. This way, your P2P lending app will have robust support and also ensure a seamless user experience.

Predictive AnalyticsAI Analytics

This is an empowering feature to create an app like Solo Funds.

AI analytics is like a super spy that gathers valuable insights into what’s happening in your app. So, by integrating them, admins can dive deep into user activities, uncovering patterns and preferences.

With this knowledge, you can supercharge the user experience. Spot trends, find improvement areas, and make smart decisions for future enhancements. So try harnessing the power of these data insights and watch your peer-to-peer lending platform soar to heights.

Easy-payment-solutionSeamless Payment Solutions

Want to make your app like Solo Funds stress-free? Provide convenient and secure payment options right within your app.

How? Ensure your vendor integrates reliable payment gateways that ensure smooth loan disbursements and repayments. This feature lets users easily handle their financial transactions without jumping through hoops. Additionally, they can boost security. Trusted payment gateways can give users peace of mind, knowing their money is safe.


How to Develop an App Like Solo Funds: The Steps

It’s time to answer the big question. Here are the steps to consider for developing an excellent P2P lending app. Don’t forget to discuss them with your development partner on the sidelines.

ResearchStep 1: Research

It’s all about getting a solid grip on what’s already out there in popular P2P apps. After all, you want to stand out and make improvements crucial for your business.

So, take a close look at the existing apps. Figure out questions like:

  • What can add value? 
  • What new to introduce in the market? 
  • Are features cater to popular demand?

But it’s not just about the apps themselves. You also need to consider your target market and audience. So also consider:

  • Who are you catering to?  
  • What are their pain points?  
  • Are they searching the internet for an app like Solo Funds with specific features?

Understanding your audience is key to creating an app that hits the bullseye.

And here’s the fun part: analyzing the market doesn’t just benefit you. It helps the investors too. It gives them insights into the project’s strengths and weaknesses and paves the way to pace up the development process.

Ensure Compliance with Laws and StandardsStep 2: Ensure Compliance with Laws and Standards

It’s a crucial step to secure your customers’ personal information about funds and assets. So, you better consider the following aspects:

  • First-up Authentication

It’s all about verifying identities and enhancing security. Your vendor can implement various methods for proper authentication while creating an app like Solo Funds. It could be two-factor authentication, face recognition, or fingerprint scanning.

  • Next, Encryption

You would want to ensure that your app uses secure server connections and has robust data-breaching structures. Encryption is like a secret code that keeps all the sensitive information locked away from unauthorized access.

  • Last but Not Least, Legal Compliance

It’s essential since your app handles payments and holds funds and private information. So, operate within the legal framework and protect your users and your business.

Select-a-Business-ModelStep 3: Select a Business Model

Let’s talk business models for your P2P lending app like Solo Funds. You’ve got some exciting options to keep the cash rolling.

First up, ensure to choose cross-platform app development. Then, focus on advertisements and subscription plans, where you can make money while offering value to your users.

You can also go with a commission-based model. Every time a loan gets executed through your app, ka-ching! You earn a piece of the action. So, get creative and choose the business model that gets your business pumped.  

Select-a-Reliable-Development-PartnerStep 4: Select a Reliable Development Partner

Once you complete your business research, it’s time you lock the deal with a reliable software development company. Remember, your vendor should have a good reputation in the field. Plus check they’re flexible and offer support services as well.

When you finalize your development team, collaborate closely with them on each and every phase of your project progression. But first, share with them your target audience and features you’d like to add in your software.

Define-User-Journey-with-Relevant-FeaturesStep 5: Define the User Journey with Relevant Features

This is where the real work is done. You want to create an app like Solo Funds that blows your target audience’s mind, right? Well, here’s the deal.

  • Registration Should Be a Snap.

Ensure it is super quick and easy for users to sign up. Consider letting them join through their social media profiles for ease. 

  • Next, Profiles!

Give users the power to customize their profiles, add personal info, and track their activity within the app. It’s all about that personal touch and making users feel connected.

  • Keep It Simple.

When it comes to the loan application process, simplicity is key. Ensure it’s straightforward and user-friendly. No one wants to deal with complicated forms, right?

  • Provide a Loan Calculator.

This little gem helps users understand payment possibilities and connect with lenders. It’s like providing a financial wizard in your app like Solo Funds.

  • Ensure Users Have In-App Payments.

Give users the convenience of paying off their loans directly within your app. For ultimate flexibility, ensure users can connect with different payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, and online banking.

  • Keep Users in the Loop with Notifications.

Confirm that users get regular updates on payments, outstanding amounts, and exciting new offers. It’s all about staying connected and keeping things exciting.

Work-on-UI-UXStep 6: Work on UI/UX

You want users to fall head over heels for your app, right? Well, a beautiful UI is the way to their hearts. So, ensuring it’s vibrant and easy to use is super important. Think of colors and designs that resonate with your underlying business idea.  

And, of course, keep it user-friendly. Nobody wants a cluttered app. So, when finalizing the design for your app like Solo Funds, ensure it’s simple and intuitive. For this, you can- 

  • Keep a simple design that’s easy to navigate. 
  • Keep it visually appealing with infographics and stunning images.  
  • Add elements like a chatbot, a direct-call/mail option, resources that guide investment, etc.

Prefer MVPStep 7: Prefer MVP

An MVP focuses on essential functionalities, saving time and resources while allowing you to gather user feedback and identify areas for improvement. 

The beauty of an MVP is that it helps you attract early adopters who believe in your vision and are willing to try your app like Solo Funds. Their feedback is invaluable, guiding you toward making the necessary tweaks and enhancements. It’s an opportunity to learn from your initial users, enhance the app based on their feedback, and generate revenue.


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