How to Develop a Word Game App Like Wordle?

How to Develop a Word Game App Like Wordle?

Word game app development—an opportunity to craft a digital haven where word enthusiasts can embark on an enchanting journey of linguistic exploration.  

In recent times, the demand for word game apps has experienced a remarkable surge, captivating the attention of word enthusiasts across the globe.   

Why is this genre of apps witnessing such a meteoric rise in popularity?   

The mobile app business has long been dominated by word game apps, but the global pandemic saw a significant increase in installs that helped push mobile gaming to a whole new level. With pandemics across the world forcing countries to go into lockdown, more people turned to word games as a means of entertainment, leading to an impressive amount of revenue generation.   

Word games — because they have a broad appeal, appealing to both young and older demographics. They are educational tools for children, helping them develop language skills, spelling, and vocabulary. For adults, word games serve as a form of entertainment, stress relief, and mental exercise.    

With the demand for word game apps on the rise, there is ample opportunity for enthusiasts like you to embark on this creative journey.   

Today, if you are thinking of word game app development, you are fortunate enough!   

According to Statista, by 2027, the total revenue in the word games is predicted to expand by 9.23% annually (CAGR 2022–2027), with a market size of US$3.94 billion. 

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Or, read this blog to know the features that you should include while developing your word game app and how to develop the app that could lead the competition.

  • Word games provide a stimulating environment for mental exercise and skill development. They challenge players’ vocabulary, spelling, pattern recognition, and cognitive abilities. 
  • By crafting captivating experiences that challenge, inspire, and entertain, enthusiasts can meet the growing appetite for word games and contribute to the enrichment of players’ lives through the power of words. 
  • Word games cater to a wide audience, transcending age barriers and cultural boundaries. From young students honing their spelling skills to professionals seeking a mental workout, these apps cater to diverse individuals with varying levels of linguistic proficiency.

Apps like Wordle

Out of all those wordy or puzzle games listed on the Google App Store or Play Store, apps like Wordle are becoming more popular today!  

Do you know why?

Apps like Wordle offer an engaging and addictive word-guessing experience. These apps will provide your players with a delightful challenge as they attempt to decipher hidden words within a set of given letters. The appeal lies in the simplicity and accessibility of the gameplay, making it suitable for players of all ages and linguistic abilities.  

The word game app uses different game modes, like timed challenges or levels of increasing difficulty, to make it more engaging and keep players motivated. Additionally, to ensure a balance between challenge and support, apps like Wordle frequently provide hints or power-ups to assist players in their word-solving endeavors.  

Social connectivity is another crucial aspect of apps like Wordle. Many of these games offer multiplayer options, enabling players to compete against friends or strangers in real-time word battles. Moreover, these apps often integrate leaderboards or achievements, allowing players to showcase their word-guessing skills and compare their progress with others.  

To keep the gameplay fresh and captivating, apps like Wordle offer a library of word puzzles or regularly update their word databases. They even offer customization options, allowing users to personalize their gameplay experience.  

The success of apps like Wordle can also be attributed to their intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, available on various platforms like mobile devices (iOS and Android) and web browsers. Their cross-platform synchronization and cloud-saving features enable players to seamlessly switch between devices without losing their progress.  

Word game apps are a source of entertainment and a valuable educational tool, making them popular among parents, teachers, and language enthusiasts.   

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Features to Include in Word Game App Development  

Word Game App Development - Key Features

For your word puzzle game app development, you can consider incorporating the following features to enhance the user experience:  

Word Puzzles

You can design a variety of word puzzles with different levels of difficulty, including an assortment of word lengths, themes, or categories. Ensure that the puzzles are engaging and challenging and provide a sense of accomplishment upon completion.   

Power-Ups or Boosters

You can also include power-ups or boosters in your app, like Wordle, that players can earn or purchase to aid them in their word-guessing endeavors. These power-ups could help reveal letters, remove incorrect options, or provide additional hints, adding an extra layer of strategy and excitement.  

Multiplayer and Social Features

This will enable your players to compete against friends or other players in real-time multiplayer mode. Implement leaderboards and achievements in your word game app to foster friendly competition and provide a sense of accomplishment. You can also incorporate social sharing options to allow players to share their progress, high scores, or challenging puzzles with their social networks.  

Word Dictionary

Integrate a comprehensive word dictionary within your puzzle game app to provide definitions, synonyms, and related words for the puzzles. This feature can serve your users as a helpful reference tool and facilitate their learning.  

Progress Tracking

Try incorporating a tracking system within your app that could track your players’ progress about completed puzzles, high scores, and achievements. This will allow your players to track their progress and challenge themselves to improve while keeping them inspired to keep playing.  

Also include daily challenges or rewards to your app like wordle to encourage regular engagement of your users. These can be in the form of bonus puzzles, extra hints, or special prizes for consecutive logins or achievements.  

Tutorial and Help Section

Provide a tutorial or help section that could guide your new players through the game mechanics and rules. This ensures your users can quickly understand how to play and enjoy the game without confusion.  

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Ensure cross-platform app development, i.e., your app should be compatible with multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and web browsers. This enables players to access the game on their preferred devices and seamlessly switch between them while preserving their progress.  

Further, you can implement push notifications to remind players about daily challenges, new puzzles, or events within the game. This will maintain engagement and keep users informed about the latest updates.  

Also, make sure your app works in offline mode, allowing your players to access and play the game without any internet connection.   

Remember to consider your target audience and their preferences when selecting and implementing features. Regular updates and user feedback analysis can also help refine and expand the feature set over time, ensuring a captivating and enjoyable word game app experience.  

Now, let’s hop on to the development process of an app like Wordie.

Word Game App Like Wordle

How to Develop an App Like Wordle?

Word Game App Development - Process

Planning, execution, and hard work go into making a popular app like Wordle.  

Although creating a popular mobile app for playing word games that is both fun and engaging can be a tricky task but if done rightly, it can lead to great success. You can contact us directly if you do not want to go through the below hectic steps. Else, let’s start. 

For word game app development, you need to follow these general steps:   

Plan the App

Define the scope of your app, target platforms (e.g., iOS, Android, web), and the technology stack you’ll use (e.g., programming languages, frameworks, libraries). Consider whether you want to create a native app or a cross-platform app. Also, you should know who your competitors are, what difference you can make, and your target audience.  


Once you are clear about your motive behind developing an app like Wordie, start with the design. Hire a dedicated UX/UI designer who could create a user interface (UI) design that is visually appealing and intuitive for users. Use wireframing or prototyping tools to create mockups and iterate on the design until you’re satisfied.  


Install the necessary tools and frameworks to start building the app. Depending on the platform you’re targeting; you may need to set up IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) such as Xcode (for iOS) or Android Studio (for Android). If you are not that experienced in puzzle game app development, prefer hiring a developer from a reputed firm like us that could help you create the app just like you wanted. 

Develop the core gameplay mechanics, including generating a random five-letter word, handling user input, checking the correctness of the guesses, and providing feedback.  

If you want to include features like leaderboards, user profiles, or word history, you’ll need to design and implement a database to store and retrieve data. Choose a database technology that suits your needs, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, or Firebase.  

Test and Debug

After the development phase of your word puzzle game app, test it thoroughly to identify and fix bugs or issues, if any. Perform functional testing, user testing, and compatibility testing on different devices and operating systems.  

Then, based on user feedback, make the necessary changes to improve the overall user experience. Add the above-mentioned features to improve the game’s engagement and user retention.     

Remember that word game app development requires programming skills and familiarity with the chosen platform and technologies. So, if you are not that techie expert, look out for enterprise mobility services to get the best of your desired app.  

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Game App Like Wordle?

The cost of creating a game app like Wordle can vary depending on several factors. Here are some cost considerations to keep in mind:  

Development TeamDevelopment Team

The size and expertise of the development team you choose will affect the cost of your Word game app development. Rates can vary significantly based on location, experience level, and the specific skills required for your project. Hiring a team of experienced developers, designers, and testers will generally result in higher costs but can also ensure a higher-quality product.  


The cost will vary depending on the platforms you choose to develop for. Developing for a single platform, such as iOS or Android, may be more cost-effective compared to developing for multiple platforms simultaneously.   

Features and FunctionalityFeatures and Functionality

The cost will be influenced by the specific features and functionality you want to include in your game. Advanced features like multiplayer capabilities, social integration, cloud syncing, and in-app purchases will require additional development time and resources. The price will also depend on the complexity of the graphics, animations, and overall visual style you envision for your game.  

Further allocating resources for testing and quality assurance will also contribute to the overall cost. The ongoing maintenance, bug fixes, updates, and potential future enhancements to keep the game app relevant and enjoyable for users will also define the cost.  

It can be challenging to give you the exact cost without knowing about the full project requirements and specifications. So, to better know the exact price depending on your individual needs, connect with a leading app development company like us. We will provide a full cost analysis and assist you in understanding the investment required to produce a gaming app like Wordle.

Word Game App Development

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