How to Develop an AI Art Generator App Like Wonder AI?

How to Develop an AI Art Generator App Like Wonder AI?

Do you want to invest and create something similar to the Wonder AI app for sustaining your business growth? Well then, go ahead, as it will be one of the fruitful decisions. The power of artificial intelligence is not hidden from anyone. Almost every business catering to different industries is using this next-gen technology as a ladder to climb the path of success.

By investing in an AI art generator app like Wonder AI, you will be able to offer your users a creative and unique platform for generating mesmerizing artwork. Within this cutting-edge application, deep learning algorithms and machine learning techniques are utilized. These help in analyzing and understanding different artistic styles, compositions of artwork, and patterns used within.

By investing in this iOS or Android app development project, you will be offering diverse artistic expressions to your target customers so that they can explore and experiment further. It is the reason why the global market of artificial intelligence is at a boom.

In 2022 the global AI market was valued at $454.12 billion and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 19% and hit around $2,575.16 billion by 2032.

This next-gen technology is emerging as the pillar of digitalization for many businesses; through this blog, you can explore its various aspects for AI art generator app development.

  • Your idea of investing in developing an AI art generator app, like Wonder AI, can be successful if you make the right choices for developing the same. 
  • Wonder AI app is an art generator app driven by AI’s power and can let users transform their artwork in different styles. 
  • Artwork animation and AR, AI-based art critique, cross-domain AI art generation, and more are some essential features you must consider incorporating within your application. 
  • Understanding the target audience and researching the latest trends, hiring the best app development company, choosing the right tech stack, and more are crucial steps you must follow.

What Is Wonder AI Art App?

The Wonder AI art app is a remarkable application that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to create awe-inspiring artworks. This app uses deep learning algorithms to transform your ordinary photos into stunning pieces of art that emulate the styles of famous artists or produce entirely original and captivating compositions.

If you are taking inspiration from the wonder AI art app development and then considering creating your art generator app, it can be fruitful investment. Whether your target audience is an art enthusiast looking to explore different artistic styles or a professional artist seeking inspiration, your app can be their creative companion.

The app can allow your users to experiment with various filters and effects, enabling them to tailor the artwork toward unique visions and preferences.

Types of AI Art Generator Apps

AI Art Generator App Development-Top Features

You would have a rough idea about what kind of application you want to develop, and integrating the basic and advanced features for its enhancement is the best way. Here we have offered you more clarity by mentioning some of the major features that you must consider incorporating within your art generator app. These features will also help you to develop something similar or even better than the Wonder AI art app.

Features for Users Features for Administrative
Customization Options  User Management 
Style Transfer and Filters  Data Privacy and Security 
Sharing and Social Integration  Content Moderation 
Tutorials and Help Resources  Monetization and Payments 

Now we have mentioned some of the advanced features that will help you in developing an enhanced version of this application. You can always choose the best app developers and get customized versions of these features to suit your app idea and target audience.

Artboard Artwork Animation and Augmented Reality (AR) Support

Your users can take their AI-generated art to the next level with captivating animations and immersing it in the real world through augmented reality! It is possible when you consider integrating this exciting feature of artwork animation and AR in your AI art generator app.

It will bring the static art pieces to life with movement, adding a dynamic touch to the creations. With AR support, the artwork can superimpose onto the physical environment, allowing your users to interact with their art in innovative and interactive ways.

Whether it’s an animated painting or a 3D sculpture floating in the real world, this feature opens up endless creative possibilities and sets your app apart with cutting-edge experiences.

AI Based Art Critique and AnalysisAI-Based Art Critique and Analysis

It is very vital to receive constructive feedback and valuable insights on the artwork so that it can always have scope for improvement. With the feature of AI-based art critique and analysis, your AI art generator app, like Wonder AI, will offer virtual art mentors, helping to refine your user’s skills and enhance their artistic expression.

The AI algorithm analyzes various aspects of the artwork, such as composition, color usage, and brush strokes. After analysis, it can provide thoughtful critiques to guide your users toward improvement.

Cross Domain AI Art GenerationCross-Domain AI Art Generation

Step into a realm of boundless creativity with the feature of cross-domain AI art generation! It is one of the remarkable features that enable your AI art generator app to transcend traditional artistic boundaries. Your users can witness AI-generated art not only in visual form but also explore its manifestations in other domains like music, literature, and even architecture.

Art Style CustomizationArt Style Customization

By integrating the features of art style customization, you can allow your users to embrace artistic freedom like never before! You can develop an application that lets your users tailor the generated art to their precise preferences, ensuring that their artwork reflects their unique vision.

From choosing specific color palettes to fine-tuning brush styles and texture intensity, your users will have the power to curate art styles that resonate with their creative spirit. By offering this personalized touch within your app, you can help your users to make each artwork their masterpiece.

Add These Exclusive Features Within Your AI Art Generator App like Wonder AI

Steps to Develop AI Art Generator Apps like Wonder AI

Let us begin with one of the most significant and awaited sections of this blog, where we will be talking about some of the crucial steps involved in developing your art generator app like Wonder AI.

Application development can be complex with so many steps involved, but with the right enterprise mobility services and assistance from experts, you can make the development process a piece of cake.

Here we have mentioned some of the major development steps following which you can make your development cycle more effective.

Understand Your Target Audience

The first thing you need to do is understand who your target audience will be. Your users will be the ultimate reason you are investing in this project, so you need to be precise about the needs of your target audience. If you want to create an application that is user-centric and engaging, then you must have answers to the questions like:

  • Who is your target audience? 
  • Why do they need such an application? 
  • What are the latest trends that you must consider?

Learning about your target audience will be beneficial for you to develop unique selling points for your AI art generator app. Now researching this core can be tiring as you need to pick the relevant data. So, you can always choose to get help from the experts of Matellio, and you will have clean data that is relevant to your project.

You also need to do a competitor analysis, as it will give you an idea of how to be unique in the market. To attract your target audience, you need to offer them something different from what your competitors have served. Studying the strategy, goals, and other essentials related to a similar project of your competitor will keep you a step forward than them.

Hire Mobile App Developers

When you have clarity about your project goals and understand your target audience well, it’s time to invest in the team that can turn your ideas into reality. You will require a team of experts to develop something similar to the Wonder AI app.

It is where you need to leverage the services offered by an experienced app development company. You will enjoy multiple benefits if you hire developers from an experienced mobile app development company like Matellio. For example:

  • You can easily eliminate the pain of finding and hiring different resources for several project requirements. A reputable app development company always offers a wide array of resources, including (but not limited to) consultants, UI/UX designers, app developers, testers, deployment engineers, cloud professionals, DevOps engineers, etc., to fulfill your project requirements.  
  • You can easily get the required services under one roof. The experts also follow the best methodologies, which help you eliminate rework and surprises and offer you more time to market your product.  
  • You can easily hire dedicated developers at flexible pricing models. Some leading companies also offer need-based scaling services that help you increase or decrease your development team anytime throughout app development.

However, if you consider setting up an in-house team, it will make your development process a bit more complex. You would be required to have the entire setup from scratch that is needed for AI art generator app development. It will extend your project development timeline and will be heavy on your budget side.

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Select the Suitable App Development Platform and Tech Stack

Now you have got an experienced team of experts as your development partner, and they can guide you to choose the best app development platform. You need to understand that this decision is altered by different factors, such as trending app platforms, target audience preferences, and more.

Well while researching the latest market trends and advancements, you will also get an idea about the popular platforms that are preferred by your target audience. You can choose that particular platform, whether iOS or Android, or for the best, you can opt for cross-platform app development.  

With the cross-platform, you will be able to reach the audience from all the platforms from a single app. Moving further, you need to analyze the resource you need for your project, and it can be done after you select the tech stack. To help you with the same, here we have listed some of your AI art generator app development:

Category Tech Stack
Programming Languages  Python, JavaScript 
AI and ML Frameworks  TensorFlow, PyTorch 
Image Processing  OpenCV, Pillow 
Frontend Development  React.js, HTML5, CSS3 
Backend Development  Node.js, Express.js 
Database  MongoDB, MySQL 
Cloud Services  AWS, Azure 
API Integration  RESTful APIs 
Version Control  Git 
Deployment & DevOps  Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD tools 
Authentication & Security  OAuth, JWT, HTTPS 
User Experience & Design  Adobe XD, Sketch 
Testing  Unit testing frameworks, Selenium 
Analytics & Monitoring  Google Analytics, similar tools 
Payment Integration  Stripe, PayPal 
Collaboration Tools  Slack, Trello, Jira 

AI Art Generator App Like Wonder AI Development

Develop, Test, and Launch

You have clarity about your project objectives, target audience, and right tech stack and have got the best AI development company as your partner; it’s time to develop. But now the question arises of which development methodology to choose for getting the best results. Choosing an agile methodology for your app development will be a wise decision.

Agile methodology mitigates the risks associated with long development cycles. Delivering working increments of the app on a regular interval can help in identifying and addressing risks or usability issues within the app.    

So, it will not be wrong to say that agile methodology promotes transparency and accountability within your development team. You and your developers will be on the same page when it comes to your AI art generator app development process. You will be able to break the entire development process into sprints and can even suggest changes at any sprint if you want without affecting your overall development time.

Further, you must not ignore the testing process of your application as it will help in detecting the bugs that were left unidentified during the MVP or other development processes. At Matellio, we offer unit testing, security testing, compatibility testing, and others to ensure that your application is flawless. Once everything is ready as per your desire, it’s time to launch your application for your users.

Factors to Consider Before Generating AI Art Generator App

How Can Matellio Be Your AI Art Generator App Development Partner?

After scrolling through the entire development process, you will be sure about partnering with an experienced development company, as it will ensure the success of your AI art generator app like Wonder AI.  

  • Matellio can be your choice as we are a leader in mobile app development, and you can trust us to be your development partner. We hold expertise in various next-gen technologies like AI and can offer the best digital transformation services to your business.  
  • Our experts have worked with different businesses catering to different industries, which has given them immense experience. They can now easily handle your project and deliver high-quality applications matching the current market standards. 
  • We make sure to follow robust security regulations to keep your data safe. With us by your side, you will not be worrying about your timeline or development cost.     

If you have any kind of doubt regarding the development cycle, want to learn about the development cost, or need consulting services to align your ideas, reach out to our experts by filling out this form.


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