How to Develop an App Like Emmersion AI?

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

How to Develop an App Like Emmersion AI

Imagine living in a community where communication between people from different parts of the world is simple and smooth and where language issues are a distant memory. AI-based language assessment app like Emmersion AI is developed with this in consideration.

This cutting-edge technology evaluates and assesses a person’s language skills using artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), allowing for a more precise and practical assessment of language ability.

These days, demand for such app is rising quickly. The market is seeing a large influx of business owners and entrepreneurs.

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss AI-based language assessment app development. We’ll also discuss significant benefits, key features, and critical development steps to turn this idea into reality.

  • Language assessment apps have been shown to provide accurate assessments of language skills, making them an effective tool for language learners and teachers.
  • Some language assessment apps provide an online community, enabling users to connect with other language learners, practice their skills, and receive additional support and resources.
  • Emersion AI provide a platform for continuous learning, allowing users to track their progress over time and continue to improve their language skills.

So, let’s start with,

AI-based Language Assessment App: Quick Overview!

App that employs artificial intelligence (AI) to examine and assess a person’s language abilities is referred to as AI-powered language assessment app. This app is developed to examine and comprehend written, spoken, and other kinds of communication from individuals.

Language learners, teachers, and recruiters who must rapidly and properly evaluate language proficiency can all benefit from this kind of app. In contrast to manual assessment techniques, AI language assessment app allows users to save time and resources while receiving data-driven and objective assessments of their language proficiency.

Presently, there are many AI-based language assessment app in the market. Amongst them, one of the most prominent ones is Emmersion AI.

Let’s move forward and quickly discuss,

Emmersion AI: What & How It Works?

Emmersion AI is an automatic and dynamic language assessment engine that can quickly certify a person’s proficiency in speaking, writing, and grammar in 10 global languages. Organizations and individuals can increase their productivity and success by improving their capacity to communicate with the outside world. It makes use of state-of-the-art technology to provide its customers with access to certified native language coaches and top-tier learning materials.

Emmersion has a substantial and committed user base spread over several countries and more than a dozen sectors. In addition, Emmersion offers an API so that users may easily integrate the platform with their existing app solutions.

Emmersion AI uses deep learning techniques to examine the dynamics and patterns of human speech. These algorithms then make use of this data to produce more compelling responses. In order to answer in a way that is more meaningful, Emmersion AI also makes use of sophisticated Natural Language Processing services techniques to comprehend the meaning of words and phrases. This improves the quality, effectiveness, and productivity of users’ interactions with automated systems.

Apart from above mentioned, some other benefits of language assessment app like Emmersion AI are:

  • By automating the process of assessing and grading language proficiency, language assessment app can save time and effort compared to manually. As a result, productivity and effectiveness may increase.
  • Language assessment app can collect and store language proficiency data, giving valuable insights into the language learning process. This data can be used to monitor development, pinpoint areas for growth, and create individualized learning app.
  • Language assessment app can lower the costs related to manual assessment, such as manpower and resources, by streamlining the assessment process. It can also decrease errors and save time, resulting in significant cost reductions.
  • People can evaluate their language ability from the convenience of their homes or places of employment thanks to language evaluation app that is accessible 24/7.
  • App for assessing language competency can be created that uses artificial intelligence and algorithms to grade language proficiency better precisely than a human examiner could. This can support ensuring the objectivity and impartiality of assessments.

Moving ahead, let’s discuss,

Top Features of AI-based Language Assessment App Like Emmersion AI!

Top features of AI based language Assessment App like Emmersion AI

The following are some features that must consider while developing AI-based language assessment app:

  • Speaking Skill Assessment – This functionality aids in analyzing a person’s language proficiency. This kind of evaluation is made to determine the speaker’s overall communication abilities and fluency, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. People who use a speaking skill evaluation function can get individualized feedback on their communication skills and monitor their development over time. Additionally, companies can utilize this capability to evaluate many people’s language skills, saving time and costs compared to manual evaluations.
  • Writing Skill Assessment – This functionality allows users to assess a user’s language writing skills. This kind of evaluation is used to gauge a person’s grammar, words, spelling, and overall writing proficiency. The functionality may analyze the user’s writing and offer feedback on several performance measures, such as grammar and spelling, using natural language processing (NLP) and other technologies.
  • Check Grammar Skills – Language assessment app that examines a person’s ability to utilize grammar in writing or speaking includes a critical feature called “check grammar skill.” Natural language processing (NLP) and other technologies are used by the feature to analyze text or speech and spot grammatical problems. Once the text or speech has been analyzed, the functionality will give feedback on any grammar mistakes, including punctuation, sentence structure, verb tense, and other issues.
  • Quick Assessment – In this functionality, the user may be required to carry out a number of tasks, such as answering questions, completing blank sentences, or speaking. The feature will then analyze the user’s performance using natural language processing (NLP) and other technologies, assigning a grade or score based on the user’s linguistic proficiency. It offers an efficient method for assessing language skills without the need for a drawn-out and time-consuming evaluation process.
  • Text-to-speech – AI apps like Emmersion AI now must include the functionality to translate text into audio in a wide range of voices and languages. This functionality also provides an ability to quickly interpret the text extracted from audio or voice. 
  • Cheating Prevention – By providing a fair and safe assessment environment, this functionality strives to assure the authenticity of test-takers work. This functionality includes several supporting elements, like plag detection, real-time proctoring, screen recording, random questions, time limits, and many others, to provide a cheating-free assessment environment.

Moving ahead, let’s discuss,

Leverage Best in Class Features in Your Language Learning App like Emersion AI

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How to Develop an App Like Emmersion AI?

How to Develop an App Like Emmersion AI?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to build an efficient language assessment app like Emmersion AI:

Define Goals

Establishing the objectives and scope of your project reveals your intentions for the project and your identifying your desired result. Setting up a realistic plan to attain your goals is easier when your goals are well-defined and outlined, as opposed to beginning with vague thoughts about what you want to accomplish with your project.

Build a Team

Putting together the ideal AI development services entails more than just hiring individuals who will work together to advance your project.

Make sure you are familiar with the team’s roles before making a hiring decision. The following roles are required to build AI app:

  • Front-end developers
  • Back-end developers
  • QA testers
  • AI app developers
  • Project manager
  • UI/UX designers
  • Business Analyst

Keep in mind that building a team that is the proper match for the project and your company is essential because app development and collaboration can run anywhere from a few months to several years.

Choose the Right Tech Stack

This is yet another crucial step in the mobile app development process. Tech stack can make or break app success. You must be very careful when selecting the technologies for AI-based language assessment app like Emmersion AI.

As the top AI app development company, below we’ve listed some technologies that you can use to build a app product like Emmersion AI. Take a look!

  • Tensorflow
  • PyTorch
  • Keras
  • Darknet
  • C#

Design UI/UX

During this design stage of the project, the team decides on the design and building of the app solution. To achieve the team’s objectives outlined in the requirements collecting phase, this may entail developing design papers and coding guidelines and discussing the tools, procedures, runtimes, or frameworks necessary.


This stage is often referred to as the programming phase. Putting app design into practice begins with writing code in the appropriate programming language and effectively creating error-free executable applications.

Do Extensive Testing

Bugs can severely affect app and even lead to its removal. Using testing or quality assurance ensures that the implemented solutions meet the required standards for functionality and quality. Unit testing, running integration and end-to-end tests, testing and evaluation, and reporting or locating bugs or defects in the app solution can all be included in this process.

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How much AI app development like Emmersion AI will cost in 2023?

Well, defining the cost of developing an app like Emmersion AI depends on various factors:

  • App complexity
  • App functionalities
  • Number of technologies used
  • Region Hired AI development services
  • Platform used

Apart from those mentioned above, some more factors directly impact the cost of AI app development.  

But don’t worry, if you want to know the cost of building an AI app like Emmersion AI, then consulting with a top AI development service like Matellio will be beneficial as they have the SMEs to evaluate your project.

Looking to Develop a Custom Lanuage Learning App like Emersion AI?


We hope you enjoyed reading our blog on building AI apps like Emmersion AI. Last but not least, developing an AI application like Emmersion AI demands technological proficiency, originality, and strategic thinking. You can establish cutting-edge app that offers genuine value to your users and makes you stand out in a crowded market with the appropriate strategy. 

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