How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Budgeting App Like Personal Capital?


In this era, becoming financially literate is very significant in order to maintain your savings and income and keep track of your expenditure. Learning about different finance tools will help you differentiate between good and bad financial advice. There are different stages of finance wherein personal finance helps you manage your day-to-day financial requirements and also helps in planning the financial aspect of your future. 

This blog will discuss the budget app, just like a personal capital app. We will offer you crucial insight into this topic, which will benefit you and your business.

  • The personal capital app is one of the best budgeting applications for enhancing personal finance app development services.  
  • Any financial process becomes faster and can be easily maintained through the budget app. 
  • Offering saving charts, paying any bill, tracking the credit score, and many other features can be included within the budgeting app to make it the best. 
  • Not one or two, but there are multiple factors affecting the development cost of the budgeting app, which include but are not limited to the size of the application, features added, and operating platform. 

What is Personal Capital App? 

Before moving further with the detailing of the topic, let us talk about a personal capital application. It is a budgeting application and investment tool that helps track your expenditure and wealth linked to your bank accounts, loans, mortgages, and credit cards. The personal capital finance app includes a money-tracking dashboard that breaks down your investment portfolio. It helps in finding all your financial activity in the past. This application has proved to be one of the best in its field. By the end of this blog, you will have a basic idea about creating an application similar to this one for your use. 

Benefits of Including Budget Application Within Enterprise Solutions 


Budgeting is one of the vital processes for every individual as well as enterprise. It helps create a spending plan that is essential to strategize your upcoming projects in terms of budget. In simple terms, budgeting helps ensure that your organization has enough money to plan the vital things required.  

Before developing a budgeting app similar to the personal capital app, you need to understand the benefits of this idea. So here we have jotted down the perks of having a budgeting app for your enterprise, and they are: 

1. Makes the Financial Process Faster 

A well-developed budgeting application can link yours directly to your bank account. It saves extra time in looking at the transactions made as the record of debit and credit cards can be automatically recorded and tracked in a few clicks. There is no need to maintain any file or folder to note every transaction made, as the application will do this accurately for you. 

2. Offer Easy Accessibility 

When you build an application like a personal capital budgeting app, it helps in making every step easily accessible. Users need to install the application on their smartphones, and with a few clicks, they can check every bit of their transaction. The savings, expenditures, and limits of spending can be seen in detail through the application. 

3. Well-maintained Financial Accounts 

It is easier to decide on any upcoming project or plan than have in-depth insight into the budget. Finances must be studied carefully so that every incoming and outgoing that can hinder your financial goals can be tracked in no time. But applications like the personal capital app can offer you a well-categorized spending record. This way, you can check various streams utilizing the money from the budget.

4. Helps in Setting Priorities 

It is vital to keep your financial goals clear and plan accordingly. It is why mobile app development companies focus on various financial components while designing budget apps. With the budgeting application, you can keep an eye on every source of income and expenditure. The application provides clear visibility about the transaction, which ultimately helps to intake better decisions related to budgeting. 

Must have Featured within Budgeting Apps like Personal capital 


The budgeting application helps in tracking income and expenses. With the help of this app, users can see these transactional data and compare it to the different periods of time or any other categories. The spending can be witnessed along with the stream it is spent on. It helps in adjusting the budget smartly and achieving the financial plans. There are different features within the personal capital app; if you wish to design something similar, then learning about these features will benefit you. 

1. Bill Payment 

The application should help you by making your bill payment easy. There are times when people have multiple payments to tackle, and this feature can be resourceful for them. The payment can be done sitting anywhere without trouble and will be secured.  

2. Saving Chart 

One another vital feature that must be within your apps like personal capital is a chart displaying the savings. It helps you to keep a clear vision of every movement of your money. With this, managing the saving goals becomes achievable. 

3. Balance and Transaction Tracking 

One can have multiple accounts to manage or various transactions to make. Under such scenarios, it becomes really hard to keep up with the balance of different accounts or track multiple transactions. Every payment can be tracked with this feature in your budgeting app, just like the personal capital app. The balance within the accounts, along with the savings details, can be accessed easily.  

4. Credit Tracking 

Another significant feature you must integrate within your application is the credit tracker. It can help in monitoring the credit score you have. Keeping an eye on your credit score will inform you about your financial health. It is one of the vital data needed within any enterprise solutions to make accurate decisions for different projects easily.   

5. Investment Assistance  

It is always beneficial to tag along the investment process on the platform where one can witness every financial asset record. A budgeting application can also support a different aspect of wealth management. Adding a feature that will offer investment-related assistance to the user based on their savings will be beneficial.  

6. Document Management 

It is one of those unique features that will help you achieve a budgeting app similar to a personal capital budgeting app. Managing documents related to financial assets can be one of the most responsible things to do. With this feature, this responsibility can be taken with ease and security. All the documents and informative data can be stored safely.  

7. User-Friendly Layout 

Choosing a feature that supports a user-friendly layout to enhance the user experience is a wise decision. The budget application needs to be intuitive. Otherwise, it can discourage users who will not regularly use it. So, the application must support the functions like transferring money between internal and external accounts, creating customizable budget plans, setting personal financial goals, and much more must be included within.  

8. Security 

It does not matter how easy or best the application is developed; it will only succeed if it touches the security benchmark. Any data related to financial services are sensitive and should be handled with utmost care. A budgeting app, like a personal capital app, uses the highest security and so you need to make sure that the application you develop has the same. The app should not make users vulnerable to hackers or cyberattacks. 

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Mobile App Development 


It is estimated that the future of almost every industry will behold mobile apps. It is believed that the cost involved in developing any mobile app, like personal capital is only proportional to the developers devoting their time. But this is only one component of the development cost as multiple other major factors affect the same. Below we have mentioned some of the vital factors influencing the development of the mobile app. 

1. Operating System of a Mobile Device 

When you desire to develop a budgeting app similar to personal capital, its development will also include personal capital app cost. The customization of your application will vary depending upon the platform used for app creation, such as iOS and Android.  

There are some significant differences between iOS and Android application platforms. For instance, the programming language used in creation will look different. Java can be used for Android, whereas for iOS, coding in Swift will work.  

If aiming for an Android application, the development cost is a bit higher if you need comprehensive compatibility across different devices with varying screen sizes. The price for the application development can be minimized by using a cross-platform framework.  

2. Size and Type of the Application 

Another factor that will influence your budgeting app development, similar to a personal capital budgeting app, is the size you want it in and the type it will serve. Now for the type, you are clear you need it to be a budgeting application. 

Developing an app can be done with different sizes, and the process will fluctuate accordingly. Small, medium and large are the three levels of complexity that mobile apps have. Small apps are the best if you wish to have a limited number of features that uses standard UI elements. 

There will be no extra expenditure for API integration or back-end coding. If you are targeting a medium app, it will let you have standard payment methods with a user interface, even if it is built for a single platform. Based on the functionality, these apps can include numerous small-sized applications within.  

Large applications are also complex as they have more features than others. These offer multi-language support and also support third-party integration. Customizations can be done in various stages as per the requirement. So mobile app development with large sizes will cost more.  

3. Features and Functionalities  

You can believe that a huge chunk of development cost depends upon the features you want within the application. Just like how you hire for fintech software development services, you must consider third-party service integration for your mobile application. The back-end infrastructure, content management system, and other technologies are required for app development. Depending upon your choice, these factors can decrease or increase the cost of budgeting app development. The application can serve only the basic requirements, but adding more features will elevate both the development cost and the application’s performance. 



Upgrading the system that can help automate the entire process of recording every bit of financial transaction and then help in budgeting is the demand of this era. Budgeting apps can connect with your financial accounts, import transactional details, and keep them organized. After learning about the factors which can influence the development cost of the budgeting app, like the personal capital app, it’s time to drag out a ballpark figure for the cost estimation. Per the expert’s suggestions, the best budgeting app can cost between $50,000 and $300,000.

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