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Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

App Like Truecaller

This is a big big world, and so increase the chances of coming across someone who ruins your day like anything. It can be someone who does it on the face, or it can be someone bothering you by buzzing your frequently or calling you up. It gets even worse when you have no idea about who it actually is. But hey, that was long ago before one of our innovators thought of caller ID applications.

Yes, sharing a vast market base comprising of millions of users, caller ID mobile apps have garnered significant popularity in recent years. Now users can discover the unknown callers,   discover them, and even report or block them in a few taps. Today, we are helping some of the budding app-preneurs who are looking to make it big in this industry following the route of caller ID app development, listing out some primary features that you should think about.

Inspired by the undisputed king, Truecaller, these features do not only add value to the application but also help you land up into user’s smartphones. After all, that’s all we want. So, let’s get rolling then!!!

But, First of All… Inspiring Statistics and Trends By Truecaller

Develop an app like Truecaller? Why?


  • It has an active user community comprising of 100 million people.
  • It accounts for over 250 million installs
  • Trucaller holds a scalable database of 3 billion searchable numbers.
  • It identifies over 460 million spam callers each month.
  • Truecaller dialler is used to make 500 million calls every month.

And many more…

We’ll one day dedicate another blog for the same. But meanwhile, here are some striking features offered by Truecaller to add to your checklist while you develop a caller ID app.

#1. Profile creation

The first one on our list of must-have features is the profile creation, also recognized as Sign Up by many of our friends. With an easy to use interface, Truecaller encourages you to be the owner of your information and design your profile the way you want to. With a wide array of information, a user can make the most of this feature by adding their photograph, Name, Address, Website, and even the social media friends to stay connected.

Alternatively, you can choose to Sign Up via Facebook. The app automatically extracts all the data from the User’s Facebook profile making the task easier. Perk here is that it also extract your friends profile active on Truecaller. So every time, they wave you a Hello, you’ll have a great interface showcasing their picture and details.

#2. Caller Identification

The core feature of Truecaller is to help you identify the callers you have no idea of, before even picking up the call. The easy to use and well-integrated caller ID of Truecaller enables the users to look up names, addresses, and other information about the caller. In short, everything you might be interested in.

#3. A Robust Dialling Interface

Trucaller is not just a synonym for Caller ID mobile app. It also features a robust dialing interface that lets you access all the functionalities your phone’s as your phone’s native dialer. Thus, allowing you to dial a number, search through your contacts, and a lot more. Here are some of the benefits offered by Truecaller’s dialler:

  • Dialler combined with caller ID to identify anyone calling you
  • Block spammers and telemarketing callers
  • Recognize unknown numbers in the call history instantly
  • Call recording to record important calls and save them to phone’s memory
  • Share location, emojis, and status in a flash via Flash Messaging integrated with dialler
  • Backup call history, contacts, messages and default settings to Google Drive

#4. Video calling

You thought it was just about voice calling? But that’s not the case!!!

Calling via Truecaller also extends to video calling. Thanks to efficient integration with Google’s Duo, this app enables you to make video calls on the go. So next time you got see your friends or call them up to share what are you up to, all you got to do is tap the user’s icon and select Video Call, and it will automatically take you to video calling screen powered by Google Duo.

#5. Smart Messaging Features

Identification benefits of Truecaller also extend to the messaging screen, thanks to the intuitive messaging features that come integrated with the Caller ID application. The Search features incorporated alongside makes effective use of the scalable database to identify the contacts you receive messages from or the new ones you send a text message to. This smart messenger extends the following features to the mobile app:

  • Recognize unknown SMS senders automatically
  • Block the spammers automatically
  • Block senders by name and number series
  • Automatic message filters
  • SMS classification
  • SMS backup to Google Drive

#6. Payment Features

The next one on our list of features inspired by Truecaller is “Smart and Secure Payment.” A user can create a unique Virtual Payment Address (VPA) in the Truecaller application and use Unified Payments Interface (UPI) to send and receive money instantly. Additionally, it also provides users with a great interface to carry out prepaid and postpaid recharges. If you, too, are aiming to offer customers with an efficient payment system while attempting caller ID app development, here is what to include:

  • Highly safe and secure payment interface
  • Instant money transfer round the clock
  • Instant number recharges and bill payments
  • Manage all the bank accounts on a single screen
  • Bank-grade transaction security

#7. Offline Identification Features

Been through the instances where you couldn’t identify someone just because you were in low connectivity area? So did we and that’s what makes an addition to our list of must-haves. After all, we won’t let users suffer from what we did.

The offline availability of the caller ID application.

Similar to Truecaller, once a number has been identified, you don’t really need an internet connection to recognize it the next time the user receives a call from it. Do you?

#8. Search Number

Thanks to the Search bar integrated as a part of Truecaller interface, users can search for the numbers quickly. All you need to do is enter the number as Search field in the dedicated bar and have the information at the fingertips.

Not only this, but users can also enter the address and names of people to access the publicly- available information.

Thus, another feature you can think about during caller ID app development is the in-built Search bar to make it convenient for the users.

#9. Instant Messaging

In addition to in-app messaging and calling features, Truecaller also lets you access great Instant messaging functionality. That is, users can connect with fellow app users for free. Woohoo…

Continuing with the mainstays, users can auto-switch between SMS and chat, keeping conversations at one place.

So what do they need? The same feature in your app, of course…

#10. Smart Notifications

Well, ever requested an OTP from Bank? Of course, we all have. And what does the message contain? Loads of information even though all we are concerned with is, the NUMBER.

But Truecaller’s smart notification feature is here to the rescue. Applying intelligent methodology, it lets you filter the information exactly how you need it. It presents before you instant and glanceable notification for transactions and bill reminders.

Thus, you can have a comprehensive system implemented here that is capable of scanning through the incoming messages locally on the phone by the time you pick it up to check. Having this feature will let you offer a great deal of experience to the user by highlighting relevant information like OTP numbers, transaction amounts, or payment alerts.

#11. Delete Profile

Okay, it does happen at times that we wish to discontinue our profile on specific platforms for some time or maybe more. While it is understandable to get disheartened seeing users leaving, there’s absolutely no point in not having them aboard just because they feel they won’t have a chance of leaving.

Thus, something like Truecaller, you need to add this feature while aiming to develop a caller ID app like Truecaller. Make sure you do not make the process lengthy for the users, and rather give them liberty to delete the profile in a few clicks.

For Everything Else, You Have Matellio…

Of course, laying out features is not just enough. Additionally, you are aiming to develop a caller ID app like Truecaller, not the clone of it. That requires you to dig deeper into the market and recognize where else do the users face issues. Helping you with a bright look on target users, it also enables you to establish business goals. The findings here would, in turn, will allow you to make a smart choice between mobile app platforms.

Too much of technicality right? That’s what we are here for.

In an ever-growing Mobility market, Matellio is a leading Mobile App development studio that caters to the client’s diverse business needs with a keen focus on quality. Our decade-long experience in developing applications across different platforms enables us to offer our clients with distinguishing benefits in terms of standard-focused methodology and process that brings significant results. With a global presence and proven track record in delivering high-end top notch solutions, Matellio ensures timely and on-budget delivery to clients across geographies to give you an extra edge.

So what keeps you waiting, let’s connect over a call and get started.

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