How to develop On-Demand Car Wash App Development?

Updated on May 15th, 2021

How to develop On-Demand Car Wash App Development?

According to statistics depicted through Bacancy Technology, it is observed that the car wash industry generated revenue of eight thousand eight hundred and eighty-two million dollars approximately in the US in 2018. This figure is also predicted to scale up to a figure of nine thousand and fifty-one million dollars approximately in 2019. And it is also observed that car wash app development has contributed to these numbers.

The next question which comes to the mind is, ‘What is the on-demand car wash app?

The answer to this is that this particular application shall provide car wash services to the customer or client who has ordered for this particular service through the car wash application. The client or the customer has to raise a demand for such a service, where the service provider sends in mechanics for the car to be picked up, washed, and dropped back.

Here is a list of the best 5 car wash apps in the USA


spiffy car wash app

This car wash app is a three-year old venture which has its goals set on being environment-friendly by saving water and replenishing the used water. Also, according to a research article on Forbes, it has been found that Spiffy uses water of approximate five to fifteen gallons to wash the vehicles as compared to residential premises and washing centers.

Features of Spiffy:

  • Navigation or GPS
  • Client feedback and reviews
  • Payment gateway systems like PayPal


Wype car wash app

The unique feature of this particular car wash app is extensive use of technology in a way that less water is used for cleaning the dirt of the vehicles and limited resources are used to wipe off a car and making it spic and span resembling a new vehicle.

Features of Wype:

  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • GPS and navigation
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Payment through payment gateway


Washos car wash app

This particular application enables a certain user to order a car wash facility from the app in approximately just ninety minutes. The application also provides a feature of scheduling a certain car wash approximately thirty days prior.

Features of Washos:

  • Scheduling
  • Compatible with iOS versions of nine points three and higher
  • This particular car wash application can be downloaded for free
  • Enables flawless car wash services throughout the week including Sundays
  • App Store rating of an approximate of four point seven


Dinowash car wash

This car wash application is a professional car wash service which provides a time-bound and fast service in a matter of minutes.

Features of Dinowash:

  • GPS or Navigation
  • Compatible with iOS
  • Supports all payment gateways like MasterCard and PayPal
  • Enables delivery of food to clients from restaurants when accessed through ‘Yelp’
  • Enables image uploading by clients


Qweex car wash app

The unique feature of this application is that a certain user can schedule a car wash appointment through the GPS of their phone and also the time when the wash has to be done. The wash people make sure of the right place and the right time for cleaning.

Features of Qweex:

  • GPS and navigation
  • Accidental insurance cover of approximately a million dollars in case of any hazard.
  • Compatible with iOS
  • A step by step tracking feature of the washing process
  • Supports payment gateway

The process of car wash app development

This involves the inclusion of three panels for the smooth and hassle-free functioning of the mobile application. These panels include the client panel, the admin panel, and the detailer panel.

And hence, the features of the car wash app development include

  • Registering, signing-up, or logging in This particular feature is common for the customer panel as well as the detailer panel. This means that the front end is for the client and the back-end is for the detailer.
  • Requesting for the service and use of GPS and navigation: The client shall request for a car wash service through their phone by enabling GPS and location in such a way that the vehicle can be located by the detailer. The front end shall include placing the request by a certain customer and the back-end shall help the detailer in locating the vehicle to fulfill the client’s need.
  • Choosing the service and relative push notification services: The client here shall choose a service or package for the car wash and receive a push notification from the detailer in return that their service can be fulfilled or shall be canceled due to some technical errors.
  • Availability of technician or related personnel: The customer panel should have this particular option in order to enable the service request from the car wash company.
  • Rejection and acceptance of services: This option or feature should be on the detailer’s side such that they can ensure whether a particular service can be ensured or not.
  • Payment Gateway: This particular option is applicable for the client as well as the detailer in a way that the client pays and the vendor receives the payment keeping the service relation healthy. Also helps in receiving the money from the admin.
  • Verification of work done: A step by step view shows whether the car wash or service has been completed or not.

Features of the admin panel

  • Technician registration: This enables all the technicians of the car wash company who shall service various clients shall be registered with their contact details.
  • Schedule and time management: The admin is the one which actually monitors the performance metrics of the detailer while fulfilling the client service.
  • Payment, reviews, and ratings: All the client related transactions pertaining to payments, reviews of the services provided and rating on the Play Store are managed by the admin.


Here are some on-demand car wash application and features of car wash app development which shall help in designing a robust application for a car wash startup. Many such startups have invested in such startups and have grown to become global pioneers in environment protection and saving an important resource like water which otherwise was wasted by other competitors present in the physical form.

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