How to make an app like fantasy football?

Updated on May 15th, 2021

How to make app like fantasy football?

Fantasy sports app development is a buzzword in the digital realm that aims to deliver users with out-of-the-box sports enjoyment. Worldwide users love the idea of fantasy sports not only for its experience but also for its ability to offer unbelievable perks in terms of sign-up bonuses, cash prizes, and lot more. Thanks to the growing inclination of users to the fantasy apps, the revenue of fantasy sports in the USA crossed 25.04 million USD in the year 2018 itself (Source). With entertaining benefits to the users and promising profits to the investors, the areas of fantasy sports app development has been one of the most popular ones among both the streaks. Let’s explore it even more and get to know what it takes to make an app like Fantasy Football.

But first of all, why should you invest in the Fantasy Sports Industry?

Millions of the young sports enthusiasts are now hooked up to fantasy sports and the numbers are not expected to go down any time sooner. According to one of the sports federations, fantasy sports users base will cross the mark of 100 million by the year 2020. Besides the benefits of entertainment, fantasy sports apps enable the users to brag their opinion and test it regardless of how varying it is as compared to other users. No wonder the industry amounted to 7 billion USD at the beginning of 2019. Making it amazing for the entrepreneurs to explore the possibilities, enterprises are coming up with various ways to tap into the largest market. While some attract users with amazing sign-up deals, others make hefty profits by attracting huge traffic.  No matter what monetization strategy you take up, this aspect of the sports app development is worth exploiting and is not expected to go down for years to come.

What is a Fantasy Football App?

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Fantasy football is a mobile app that turns real-time games into points for the fantasy team. Available across Android devices, it offers great features like:

  • Create a league and compete against other NFL fans in the public league.
  • Manually draft the players live in-app or take expert advice on the same.
  • Pick your starting lineup, or let the Optimize Lineup feature do the work.
  • Analyze matchups and see when your players are on the field with Next Gen Stats.
  • Watch all of your team’s highlights, refreshing all game, so you’ll never miss a play.
  • Catch up with official stats, news and injury updates, direct from NFL experts.

What Features to consider during Fantasy Football App Development?

1. User Registration/ Log In

Obviously one of the must-have features. You can make the best use of social media sign up options besides the conventional ways to get the users on-board. Additionally, it is vital to have options for referral code so that you can leverage word of mouth marketing.

2. Landing Screen

The first screen that welcomes the users every time they launch the app is Landing Screen. Here, the display will take up options like list of matches combined with filters that users can choose from. Some of the filters that similar apps generally take up include:

  1. Matches
  2. Sports type (Football, in this case)
  3. Match type (Upcoming match/ ongoing match/ live match/ results)

The match listing functionality on the same dashboard will help the users choose among the options. It will generally include options like Tournament Name, Team 1 (Name and players), Team 2 (Name and players), and match timings. The aim of this screen is to help users find the matches they can be a part of. Once chosen, the screen will navigate to the contest dashboard.

3. Contest

As the name suggests, Contest Screen is for the users to grab a comprehensive view of the match details. Users can browse through the choices while setting up smart filters like Entry Fee Range, Winning range, Contest Type, Contest name, Contest Size, etc. Users should also be able to get a view of contest details including Contest Type, name, fee, winning amount, winners count, team count, etc. This feature will enable users to choose the desired contest that they can join.

4. Join Contest

As apparent from the name, Join contest enables the users to pay the entry fee and be a part of the contest. An in-app wallet feature will serve a great purpose here. You can either think of integrating one already present in the market or have an ewallet app development team work for you. In either case, the aim is to provide the user with maximum options to choose from. Make sure you don’t bind the user to pay via a particular method like net banking/ credit card/ etc.

5. My Contest

A well-synchronized My Contest screen will help the user to see the list of contests he is a part of. Not only this, the screen will feature the joined contestants and can also view and edit the team players.

6. Create Contest

Creating a contest is another important feature to consider during fantasy sports app development. However, it does not have to be a tough task for the users. Enable them to create contests in single tap after filling in necessary details like Contest Name, Total Winning Amount, size of Contest, Allow multiple teams, Entry fees, Join Contest, here contest creator need to join the contest first, before creating). You can also think of adding options to get new players on-board through this screen.

7. Profile Options

The options to update profile will help the users to view and make changes to their profile. But that’s not where the relevance ends. It should also give the users insights into their engagement with the app. For instance, you can think of displaying the reward points, account details like available balance, user’s winning amount, user bonus, etc. It should also feature options to view transaction history, manage the payments, add and withdraw money, etc. On that note, the ewallet integration comes handy here too. With this, the profile also allows you to know your rankings, and check the referrals and earn via them.

8. Push Notifications

Push notifications allow you to ensure maximum engagement on your application. You can get the users to use the app and exploit the features to the maximum by informing them of critical details. These can include contests of the kind they participated earlier, matches that might interest them, or getting to play with their friends. Options are endless. All you gotta do is analyze how your users are going to love it and begin.

9. Live Scores

Of course, does that even need “WHY”. We all love to stay updated on our team’s progress, or at least know our position in them. Thus, getting a live feature on your app will help the users to see scores for the ongoing matches.

10. Match Highlights and Game Analysis

Users undoubtedly love to play. But that does not overshadow their love for highlights and game analysis. After all, leveling up the game is always amazing and this feature adds value to it. Thus, ensure to get the feature for your app besides other ones.

11. News and Featured Articles

Sports enthusiasts are eager to stay updated on what happens in the realm of their favorite sports. And thus, something to keep them hooked to your mobile app is the News and Featured Article functionality.

How to make an app like Fantasy Football?

Now that you’ve finally made up your mind to put a step forward in the Fantasy Football App Development while figuring out the important features, you can finally kick start your mobile app development journey by joining hands with Matellio’s expert fantasy sports app developers. As a fantasy sports app developer, Matellio is constantly striving to create exceptional fantasy sports solutions. With an experienced team, we have multiple brands across verticals to launch best-in-class mobile apps. We, thus, have acquired deep acumen to engage your target market with a great fantasy sports app.

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