Must-Have Features to Develop a Health and Nutrition App

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Power ON the idiot box or flip through the magazine pages, it is more likely for you to come across something or the other on how to ensure prime health. A lot can be attributed to the fact that global consumers are now taking charge of their health parameters. The availability of on-the-go expert assistant and intelligent monitoring powered by smart devices has turned the healthcare industry upside down. With the power of mobility, the trends are only expected to get better with time.

Tech-savvy health-conscious users are now turning towards this combination more than any time.  Health and fitness app usage has increased by 330% and is expected to explore new heights. With Fitbit topping the list of top healthcare apps, healthcare and nutrition apps are the talk of Gen Z town, making it a perfect arena for the tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to look forward to.

Now that you are exploring the health and nutrition app development realm, let’s help you find out the features that it must have.

#1. Registration and User Profiles

Registration is one of the most common features that you’ll come across while accessing a mobile app regardless of its type. It not only open doorways for users to use the mobile application but also helps the mobile app owners to deliver best-in-class services.

When it comes to health and nutrition app development, user profiles make up one of the essential features. While you are discovering the options during mobile app development, you must ensure to garner maximum and the most relevant set of user information in every way. Highlight the data that you will need. This includes notable things of the user’s lifestyle like resting time, the workout duration, etc., body features like weight, measurements, health records like the diseases, preferred diet, food allergies, and many more including fitness goals.

A rich database will enable you to suggest a customized plan to each user thus augmenting your loyalist base.

#2. Dashboard and Food Logging

Is it enough to show your users what they should be consuming? Changing places with them, we sincerely feel, NOT. We can be suggested a plan, but we also need an ally who would motivate us to pursue it and someone for sharing our achievements. Just why we look for gym partners.

Thus, incorporating an intuitive dashboard to share our achievement of staying on the plan is indeed a fantastic option to add. That way even you can stay updated on your user’s performance and offer them expert guidance when they lose the track. And of course, they deserve the pleasure received on consuming exact the calories they were needed to.

In a nutshell, there are two aspects to implementing this:

  1. An Engaging and User-friendly Interface that would allow users to fill in the data, and enjoy a great view of the progress statistics.
    Pro Tip: While making the dashboard, make sure the design is appealing and contains only as much of the information as needed.
  2. A robust food directory that includes the cuisine types, their dishes, the nutrient information, etc.

Have the both sorted and you are all set.

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#3. Integration with Fitness Trackers

Image Courtesy: JournalBit

“Hey Amanda, according to your fitness tracker, you have walked 5000 steps already, just 5000 more to go. Don’t lose the impulse.”

That’s nothing but a message displayed on the notification window of Amanda’s smartphone. Something that really motivates her to keep moving towards her goal.

And that adds another feature to eye on during health and nutrition app development. Surveys indicate that fitness tracker users are snowballing over recent years. And hence, integrating them with your mobile apps will help you to input exercise information automatically. Additionally, you can also enable the users to check health statistics like blood pressure, heart rate, etc.

As another aspect of consideration here, it is also vital for your mobile app to ensure support to a wide range of fitness tracking products. While Apple Watch, Fitbit, Jawbone, Samsung Gear are ruling top positions in this league, the market is expected to expand in coming years.

#4. Push Notifications

Push Notifications can be referred to as a sure shot way to augment user engagement and retention. They keep the users motivated throughout the fitness journey by sending calls to action or their progress on the current goals. You can have great push notifications prompting users to log their meals or probably, remind them of their water intake time. You can expand your plan to include push notifications for convenient food logging wherein they can simply enter their log as push notification input and get going.

#5. Barcode Scanner

Image Courtesy: AptGadget

A fitness freak friend of ours was walking by the departmental store nearby and came across an idea of having a barcode scanner that displays before you all you need to know about the nutrient value of the product.

And yes to admit, it really sounds exciting to know that the food you have been ignoring assuming it to be unhealthy can actually help you stay fit. On the other hand, the other product which we always took home expecting to be the most nutritious actually degrades your health. Don’t let your users suffer from this.

Barcode scanning can provide the users with the much-needed information on what they are consuming. All they need to do is launch mobile applications’ bar code scanner and direct camera towards the bar code. Thus, this combination of rich database and informative dashboard would ensure that users can make an informed decision on what they are consuming.

#6. Develop Health and Nutrition App with Power of eCommerce

Suggesting what to eat is cool, but have you ever thought of also telling them where to buy it?

Well, we did it for you. Exactly when we saw one of the users exploring markets to find a product only to know it’s not available there. This health and nutrition app with a kick of eCommerce will help you earn some brownie points. Users would simply love having doorstep delivery of the health-boosting products. That way, you can also show them that you actually care about them and thus, winning you their love.

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#7. Diet Plans and User Goals

What should be my nutrient breakup? How often should I eat in a day? What should I be eating? How much water do I need to intake?

Just some of the questions users can bombard you with. And yes, we said “can” because we believe you won’t let them. After all, that’s what your app aims to provide — a comprehensive Health and nutrition mobility solution.

Once the user has registered his interest and insights in the mobile app, they demand assistance to reach the desired level. Moreover, the diet plans need to be upgraded to meet real-time goals. While the first stepping stone for someone would be to enhance cardio endurance, the second can be to lose weight. To ensure better results, you are needed to provide users with personalized diet plans helping them reach their goals.

#8. Engaging Statistics

“6 Down, Just 3 More to go”.

Well, this is nothing but a motivation message displayed on the screen of a health and nutrition app talking about 6 kgs of weight the user has already lost and 3 kgs which he needs to lose now.

But that’s not it. The app he uses has been carefully crafted to provide him with the well-integrated graphs and statistics that let him view everything about his weight loss journey under a single screen. From the day-to-day calories intake to the energy burned every day, details are available at the tip of fingers. Can think of something else here? Get that implemented during the phase you pursue health and nutrition app development.

Image Source: MyPacer

#9. Live Expert Consultations

Joining hands with experts can really transform your app’s experience drastically. It can serve you with various purposes by helping you understand the industry better. After all, you would know the consumers better than them.

Besides, this extra feature can also add value to your revenue model. Users would love the combination of technology and expertise under single application and would not mind spending a few bucks for the same. Users can conveniently discuss the health concerns and get expert guidance on workout regimen and diet plan.

#10. Social Media Sharing

Social media has been trending for a long time now as users enjoy sharing significant achievements with worldwide friends. This trend is more meaningful when it comes to the fitness ecosystem. At least, that’s what leading social media platforms look like. Scroll through the newsfeeds, and you are more likely to come across something that talks of a friend who is close to achieving his fitness goals, or someone who is flaunting the perfect workout.

The pride you get by boasting your fit body is something incredible. And that’s what social media sharing option in the health and nutrition app would help you with. Users can directly share the updated body statistics or the pictures of a healthy meal suggested by you, or anything else.

It also has a perk to offer you in terms of indirect marketing. Once the users comes across your app multiple times, you’ll are more likely to end up on their smartphones.


With health and fitness industry in its full bloom, now is the time when you could be making your mark in the industry with top-notch health and nutrition app development. Surveys that indicate the potential of a similar application to charm the users have already stated the destination world is heading to.

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