How to Develop a Job Portal App like Indeed?

Updated on Jan 16th, 2024

How to develop a job portal app like Indeed?

“Hello, This is Suzi. Am I speaking to the HR personnel of XYZ company?”

“Yes Suzi, Rhea this side. How may I help you?”

“I am a talented job seeker who is exploring opportunities. Do you have open vacancies that you can enlighten me with?”

“Suzi, I’m afraid we don’t have open positions as of now. But, we’ll keep you posted.”

“Thanks, Rhea!”

And that’s how Suzi wasted another precious 5 minutes of her life finding a suitable job.

But wait… You need not be afraid. It was long long ago. All you now need to do is power on your smartphone, connect it to the internet, launch a recruitment portal and get going.

Trust us, it is as easy as it sounds!!!

With mobility empowered by the most powerful tool called the internet, the world has undergone drastic changes in the way people do their jobs, access information, connect with each other over instant communication, and share multimedia. Finding jobs best suited to your expertise is no exception to this.

Besides, these job portals also enable talent acquisition and recruitment teams to enable improved processes and decrease the turnaround time significantly.

As a result of this worldwide popularity, surveys found our that as high as 62% of the candidate’s listed online career channels as the top source for researching jobs. Additionally, 86% of the recruiters say that using ATS (Application tracking software) has enabled them to hire faster (Source).

Given this amazing hype on the recruitment and job portals, entrepreneurs looking for new ideas are increasingly taking interest in joining hand with top-rated mobile app development companies and web developers to bring their apps to the market. If you are one of these brainstormers, here’s how you can your empower your mobile app to compete with the industry leader,

Let’s get started then!!!


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Before We Go Further, Let’s Dig Deeper to Know Indeed Better

Indeed claims to be the top-rated job and recruitment portal across the globe. Talking in the terms of numbers, it boasts of connecting with over 25 crore unique visitors every month who gain free access to over the largest job database increasing at the pace of 9.8 jobs per second (Source).

In other words, Indeed is an employment-related metasearch engine that offers free access to millions of jobs from thousands of company websites and job boards to help job seekers find the opportunity they need and the recruiters find the right talent. Available in 50 countries and 28 languages while covering 94% of the global GDP, Indeed’s website traffic accounts to double the traffic of the next leading job site.

Now that we are pretty inspired with the success of Indeed, here are the must-have app features to eye on while starting with the planning of job portal app development.

Must-Have Features to Consider during Job Search Mobile App Development

Just like any other app, a recruitment mobile app will also have bifurcated user roles to offer ease to each type of the user. These mainly include:

  • Front-end users: Job Seekers and Recruiters
  • Back-end user: Admin

What Features will Add Value to the Applicant’s Experience?

Okay, sooner you get, sooner you’ll understand how to find a solution. Job seekers are not fond of filling in long and complicated forms. Who has time, anyway?

Thus, it is vital that you employ a variety of solutions to your mobile app to capture applicant information with minimum friction. Here are some of the options that you can consider in achieving ease-of-use and structured data collection:

#1. CV Creation Options

Well well well, the most important thing, CV, is the first step applicants come across. Thus, it must be pretty adjusting for them to take a leap forward. Think of incorporating multiple means of CV posting like direct upload, import from other sources, or build a CV within the portal.

#2. Intuitive Job Search

One of the core features of any recruitment portal is Job search. Once you are done with CV creation feature, it’s now the time for enabling great job search features in your application. This also includes providing intuitive filters based on keywords, location, job roles, salary range, and a lot more.

#3. Application Flow

Who would love to go through 1000s of unnecessary steps before applying for a job? At least we don’t and so happens with your users. Make sure applying for a job is hassle-free with one-tap job application facility. The feature should be able to share the applicant’s profile directly with the recruiter without added steps unless the applicant opts to make changes prior to submission.

#4. Job Alerts

There can be multiple lookouts for this particular feature. For instance:

  • A job keeper might look forward to job postings in one of the organizations that is his dream company.
  • An applicant that wants to stay updated on job postings in terms of vacancies that match his expertise.
  • Someone who has certain filters to be applied and wants to receive job updates based on the same.

No matter which category does your user belong to, you must take care to incorporate Job Alerts feature along with the application. That way you won’t only prove that you care for them, but also win a great spot in the list of their favorites.

An added virtue of push notifications will be an amazing thing to do.

#5. Bookmark Feature

At times, we scroll down to find potent options for our friends rather than ourselves, or we come across something that we would love to consider but not at the moment. Bookmark features are for our such friends.

What Features Make Recruiter Panel?

#1. Manage Job Posting

Of course, that goes without saying job posting is what recruiters use the channel for. Give them an easy to use dashboard wherein they can post open vacancies with a detailed description of experience required, salary bar, expertise desired, etc.

#2. Job Editing

Well, posting the jobs is not enough. At times, you’ll also need to make some changes. Adding job editing feature will provide this privilege.

#3. Job Invites

Once the candidates have been shortlisted, it’s now time to invite them or check their availability for the interview or plan further steps of the process.

#4. Email Jobs

Well, critical positions need to be addressed immediately. Dropping an email to the candidate rather seems to be a better option rather than others. Integrate an option in the mobile application to ensure that recruiters can reach out to the candidates’ email inbox if the need be.

#5. Search for the Resumes

Okay. All of us know the problem we face when we are thrown with random choices to opt from. So is the case with the recruiter. Sort this problem out by enabling resume search option while going for job search portal mobile app development.

#6. Resume Download

Of course, recruiters will enrich their database with the shortlisted resumes. And download feature is to help them with the same.

What Features should the App Hold for An Admin?

#1. Manage Job Ads

Well, of course, there will be lots and lots of ad campaigns running across social media platforms and networking channels. How about have an interface that makes their management easier?

#2. Employer Profile Management

Eliminating the chances of fake job listings is as important as enabling genuine ones. The rights rest with the admin who can verify the employer and make sure that the details are handy and up to the minute.

#3. Candidate Profile

Managing candidate’s profile ultimately comes under Admin roles. Make sure that you provide the user with a well-structured interface, making required information accessible under fingertips.

#4. Job Seeker and Employee Statistics

Well, now that you are done with the launch of the platform, it is also vital to track breakthroughs and people benefitted by your portal.

#5. Interview Scheduling

The ease provided by in-app interview scheduling cannot be overlooked. Make sure you give your users liberty to schedule interviews easily without the need of manual setup via email/ call coordination.

What Advanced Features will Help You Give an Edge to Your Job Listing App?

#1. In-app Communication

Okay, communicating via email, calls, etc. is cool, but then nothing can beat the convenience offered by in-app messengers. As a job seeker, a user will be happier if given a dashboard wherein he can directly connect with the recruiter to explore and discover the opportunities or probably take a follow-up. Similarly, it’ll be more rewarding for a recruiter to get in touch with the candidates directly rather than following a long approach.

#2. Payments

Going for in-app purchases is good but the benefits multiply when you combine the feature with payment gateways. You can also offer some of the advanced features and offer limited period offers over certain services. You can combine the benefits like net banking, credit and debit cards, etc. with your payments screen and

#3. Cloud Management

Integrating the cloud with your mobile app offers plenty of benefits while managing the data in the most secure way. This not only makes the data well-managed but also ensures that data can be easily monitored and accessed.

#4. Job Questionnaires and Fields

Okay. Testing a candidates eligibility in terms of subject matter expertise is through a part of later processes, but what if you get the liberty before. Not only does it prove to be time-saving for both the users, but also get the candidates acquainted about the role, besides getting them aware of what they can expect in the upcoming tests.

#5. Applicant Tracking

Applicant tracking is one of the most underrated aspects that companies fail to consider while going for recruitment mobile app development. Nonetheless, they are pretty important from the recruiters perspective as well as the job seekers’ viewpoint. Applicants can benefit from them get a quick snapshot of the number of candidates that stand on a particular level in the hiring funnel. Besides, it helps the HR teams to drill-down to the required stage and scans through the candidates.

Applicant tracking feature, thus, streamlines the process while enabling real-time feedback in profiles and catering to the bottlenecks.

Launch a Job Listing and Recruitment Mobile App with Matellio

Now that you are ready with the basic layout of the mobile app that fits your business, it’s time to hire expert mobile app developer and get the plan into action. As a recruitment portal development company, matellio can help you with their time-tested expertise in the domain. With experience in developing top-notch mobile and web apps related to employment, we help you make the most out of the booming market by finetuning your idea and going above and beyond the expectations.

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