Digital Transformation Consulting – A Complete Guide

Updated on Feb 9th, 2024

Digital Transformation Consulting - A Complete Guide

Digital transformation is emerging as a big window of success for businesses. At the same time, it is also challenging. While companies are willing to spend on digital transformation services, they do not always have the time or expertise to leverage this concept. That’s when digital transformation consultants come into the picture. They help businesses beat the challenge by building a digital strategy and incorporating the power of digital technology across their enterprise.  

The worldwide spending on digital transformation reached US$1.3 trillion in 2020, with an increase of 10.4 percent every year. The global digital transformation consulting market size and share revenue are anticipated to hike from US$5 Billion in 2020 to US$11 Billion by 2026, with 7.5% of annual CAGR growth during the forecast period 2021-2026.   

With the market navigating digitization and technology, the competition will only grow fiercer. The challenge is the lack of awareness among most organizations. When that’s not the case, companies lag due to the lack of an expert team required to implement. 

If this idea came to your mind and you are wondering how to get your hands on it, then you are at the right place. This article will help you to take a mindful step by explaining what this service is all about and how to bring it to your business.

  • Digital Transformation Consultancy (DTC) is the assortment of services that assist companies in developing a digital transformation strategy for their business and implementing it to accomplish their goals using digital technologies.   
  • The global digital transformation consulting market size and share revenue are anticipated to hike from US$5 Billion in 2020 to US$11 Billion by 2026, with a 7.5% annual CAGR growth.  
  • Worldwide digital transformation spending reached US$1.3 trillion in 2020, with an increase of 10.4 percent every year.  
  • Digital transformation consulting offers services like developing strategies, process automation, planning, and implementing digital applications and data analysis.

What is Digital Transformation Consultancy?  

Digital Transformation Consultancy (DTC) refers to the amalgamation of services that helps companies create a digital transformation strategy for their business and work up to it to boost their market standing using digital technologies. A Digital Transformation Consultant (DTC) reads through different processes, tech infrastructure, people, and organization of a company and creates a roadmap to power their performance and create a scope for sustainable long-term improvement.

The role of digital transformation consulting focuses on the following areas:

  • Mapping out a digital transformation strategy for companies considering short, and long-term goals.  
  • Create a roadmap to achieve recognition and high ROI.  
  • Utilize digital tools to eliminate the manual processes and help a company accomplish the goal efficiently while saving money.  
  • Detect the changes that are required for the people and operations.  
  • Formulate ideas for building digital products to enable the company to fuel its reach to the bigger market and have a presence across multiple platforms.  

Digitization is burgeoning daily, and companies are adopting the digital transformation strategy route and technology to ensure sustainability in the competitive market. Digital transformation consulting services offer businesses the knowledge and expertise required to leverage digitization.

Digital transformation consultants play a major role for companies in building a successful route to achieving goals. With expertise in the field, user perspective, and additional workforce, digital transformation consultants add value to the company’s business operations.

Digital Transformation Consultancy Services

Let’s now explore the different digital transformation consulting services that help companies encompass every aspect of implementing digitization.

Digital Strategy Development 

A digital strategy is the component of digital transformation that steers your business in the right direction. So, you must ensure that you have the right expertise to create this strategy. This service involves a detailed review of the company’s corporate strategy, which allows consultants to spot the areas that could enjoy the benefits of digitization.

Then it comes to creating a roadmap. A roadmap is essential to outline the strategy. A digital transformation consulting company helps businesses to understand the powerful areas where digitization could be implemented. It then tailors a digital strategy that tunes with the company’s business goals. This service lays the foundation for the company’s digital journey ahead.

Process Automation   

Companies automate their operations to gain efficiency in workflows and reduce costs. A digital transformation consulting company helps them to identify the relevant areas which could be digitized. It helps them accomplish the maximum value of process automation. With the help of a digital transformation consultant, the routine workflows of your company achieve a whole new level of efficiency and accuracy, and we go hand in hand with the fast-evolving business environment.

Digitized Processes  

A digital transformation consulting company assists companies in gaining advantage from the irreversible patterns driving end-to-end operating models. Since today’s business environment is more competitive than ever, organizations aim to adjust their working models and implement a dynamic, cross-functional operational model.

With digital transformation services, companies become able to gain more efficiency, as well as accuracy in their operational processes. A digital transformation consultant will back you and guide you throughout the process of analysis, planning, implementation, and deployment of the digital transformation.

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The Role of Applications

Since we are discussing various digital transformation consulting services, it is to be noted that digital applications are one of the major ones among them. The app development services assist clients in planning, creating, implementing, and maintaining enterprise applications across their operations. Digital applications bear many benefits for organizations, including flexibility in planning, increased innovation, and course, cloud-driven advantages.

Furthermore, digital applications are built with the motivation that comes from the idea of increasing the value of a business. This service also stresses working up to the capabilities to level up to the market demands, which can be ensured by adding new features. A digital transformation consulting company guides you on every stage of your app development processes and helps you unleash the true digital power of your organization.

The Role of IT   

IT modernization is one of the most important aspects of any organization, and businesses devote their focus to investing in it. It takes a team of highly professional people who carry the required set of skills to develop an IT modernization program. You must create a descriptive business analysis, plan, and execution to efficiently fulfill this process.

Data Visualization and Analytics  

When companies incorporate data visualization and analytics, they are exposed to new and more innovative tactics to take their business to the next level. Data visualization and analytics allow them to fetch data in a seamless and cool-headed way, making it easy for them to read. As a result, companies become able to make more significant arrangements.

A digital transformation consulting firm helps companies work up to the right information and processes in the relevant areas to find their most powerful and weakest areas. That allows them to compose strategies for the future more accurately and efficiently.

So, these were some of the most vital digital transformation services offered by digital transformation consulting companies. Now, we will read about how to ensure you are partnering with the right firm to boost your business growth.

Digital Transformation Services

How to Select the Right Digital Transformation Consulting Company for Your Business?

A digital transformation unfolds terrific advantages for a business. When you partner with a digital transformation consulting company, you are trusting them with a full-proof plan to amp up the success of your business. So, you must be careful enough while strategizing about how you should find the right partner.

Let us now discuss the factors that you must keep in mind when finding a digital transformation consulting partner:

They Understand Your Business Goals  

The right digital transformation consultant is interested in your business and is keen to understand how it works. That will work as a stepping stone for them to move towards planning and developing ideas to transform your business digitally.

The digital transformation partner you choose must be able to wrap his head around your business goals and the process you follow.

Moreover, he should also be understanding of the technologies you incorporate and be willing to find the ideal ones that would cater to your business with improved operational efficiency.

Expertise in Technology   

When choosing a digital transformation consultant, it is best to spot the one who can dive deep into the technical depth of your business operations. You should look for a product engineering company with expertise in rendering the digital transformation you are looking for.

They are the ones who understand the reasons why your business is failing the next move towards the competition. They can identify the weaklings and define rock-solid digital transformation strategy and execution plans aligning with your current business goals. It involves:  

  • Developing a product portfolio  
  • Validating the areas of shortcomings and defining solutions  
  • Accelerating the enterprise software development/enterprise app development process  
  • Planning to improve customer engagement and satisfaction  
  • Studying the market needs  
  • Powering the current market standing

Expertise in Adopting Futuristic Tech  

Choosing the right digital transformation services company is challenging for organizations planning to embark on a digital transformation journey. For starters, companies should understand that it is far different from choosing an enterprise software development company to build a solution.

While you are on your way to choosing the partner, you should look out for their expertise in leveraging futuristic technologies like advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more.

Enterprise AI solutions are the powerhouses for automating repetitive tasks, minimizing the manual workload, and enhancing the turn-around time for your business. To manage these new and specified solutions, you must have expertise in handling real-time and complex projects. So, the idea is to find a partner who does not shy away from working as a digital leader and has experience in adopting emerging technologies.

Transparent Communication   

This one goes without mentioning, but we will put it here anyway. Communication amongst different teams is one of the most crucial metrics to decide the pace and success of a project. It is extremely important to keep everyone and everything in order.

When choosing a consulting partner, you must ask them about the methods of communication they follow. That will help you have a strong idea about your partner’s ways of working, and you will be able to find out whether they align with your plan or not.

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Relevant Industry Experience  

Digital transformation has a lot to do with the industry you are doing business in. There are challenges from time to time, and it significantly affects the operational process. Thus, working on the process with the help of digitization becomes essential to preventing failure. When searching for a digital transformation consulting company, you should also focus on their industry experience.

You should also try understanding your potential partner’s mindset and approach toward digital transformation for their clients. Assess your partner’s case studies and find the top clients similar to your industry. It will help you communicate effectively.

Client-Centric Engagement

Another crucial factor to remember when going through the list of your potential business transformation partners has to be this. Make sure you scrutinize general factors like the level of determination your potential vendor has to support your business during challenging times and if they are fine with stepping out of their usual way of working to achieve your project expectations.

You should also conclude if your potential digital transformation company is ready to stick to its pre-set working process. What was their attitude towards the task of delivering outstanding results to their previous clients? Are they all set to take up the role and responsibility when you need them the most? You must be mindful of these questions as they will help you make the right decision.

The Take on Business Values  

Synergy is the leading factor in partnerships. When it comes to your digital transformation partner’s work ethics, approach, priorities, and operational processes, make sure they are in sync with yours. Before you gear up, you must ensure that you are both moving in the same direction for your digital transformation project.

Sharing the same business values is a factor that goes a long way, and when it is there, the chances of unwanted disruptions are diminished. So, it is vital that your partner knows, understands, and keeps your goals for digital transformation in high regard.

Know that this is the key to establishing an ideal digital transformation strategy for the business and helps you accomplish your goals. For starters, you can communicate your transformation goals to your potential partner and ask them to create a plan. That will inform you whether they can stand in your realm.

Digital Transformation Consulting Company

Finding the Right Digital Transformation Consulting Partner  

You cannot define the best digital transformation consulting company in a specific arrangement of words. It rather depends on the business and the industry you are in. The right way to perform digital transformation consulting alters from business to business. Every company has its unique goals and requirements along with challenges.

So, the key is to find a partner who understands your business values and goals and is willing to deliver the best digital transformation services and solutions to meet your business goals and industry-specific requirements. You must consider certain factors when finding a digital transformation consulting partner experience, expertise in your industry, and portfolio.

Furthermore, your partner should be agile, creative, and understand your values. If you are confused about where to find the perfect digital transformation services company expert in next-gen technologies and digital transformation strategy, then Matellio is there to help you.

Our team has skilled and experienced digital transformation consultants with expertise in different industries who can analyze your digital transformation challenges and develop innovative and futuristic solutions to overcome them. Reach out to our experts today to understand how it works and share your word.

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